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BLAST Members Profile

BLAST Members Profile and Facts

BLAST (블래스트) was a 5 member South Korean boy group under Kings Entertainment. The original group members left the group & were replaced for their Japanese debut. Before they disbanded the group consisted of: Jiwoo, Haro, Kain, Zree & JaehoThe group debuted on July 23rd, 2014 with the song ‘Git It Girl ‘. They disbanded in June 2015.

BLAST Fandom Name:
BLAST Fan Color:

BLAST Official Accounts:
Twitter: 블래스트
YouTube: Kings Entertainment
Fancafe: BLAST

BLAST Members Profile:

Stage Name: Jiwoo (지우), formerly Insu (인수)
Birth Name: Seo Insu (서인수)
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist
Birthday: August 31, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Blood Type: O

Jiwoo Facts:
-Jiwoo is a former NTB (Formerly Pure Boy) & D.I.P member.
-His specialty is B-Boying.


Stage Name: Haro (하로)
Birth Name: Park Seonghwan (박성환)
Position: Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
Birthday: July 16, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Blood Type: –

Haro Facts:
-His hobby is Modeling.
-His specialty is Trot.


Stage Name: Kain (카인)
Birth Name: Oh Sangwoo (오상우)
Position: Sub-Vocalist
Birthday: January 5, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 178cm (5’10″)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: O.sang_woo

Kain Facts:
-Kain is a former member of D.I.PMust B, NTB (Formerly Pure Boy), Underdog, and Hi5.
-Kain is a member of the pre-debut group ONE A DAY.
-Kain auditioned for over 40 companies and passed most of them, but he never signed to any because he wanted to see if he could pass the auditions.
-Specialty: Acting, MC & Ballet.
-He used to be a model for online shopping.


Stage Name: Zree (제르)
Birth Name: Shim Kyuhyuk (심규혁)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: January 11, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 179 cm (5’10”)
Blood Type: –
Instagram: kyuhyuk_111

Zree Facts:
-He debuted as a soloist under his birth name, he debuted on August 2nd, 2020 with the song ‘Always’.
-Zree is a former member of the group Hot Blood Youth (H.B.Y), the group disbanded in March 2020.
-Zree won the GOT7 episode of “I Can See Your Voice 4” alongside A.C.E’s Donghun.
-He was a backup dancer for BTS.
-Zree was a former member of Underdog.
-He can do a voice and facial expression impression of Kim Sangjoon.
-His hobbies are Playing the Piano & Football.


Stage Name: Jaeho (재호), formerly Ray (라이)
Birth Name: Jang Jaeho (장재호)
Position: Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: February 27, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 178 cm (5’10″)
Blood Type: O

Jaeho Facts:
-His speciality is Dance.
-Jaeho’s hobby is playing Basketball.
-He’s currently a member of Block Chain.

Former Members:

Stage Name: Daehee (대희)
Birth Name: Jeong Daehee (정대희)
Position: Former Leader, Rapper
Birthday: January 11 1991
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 180 cm (5’10”)
Blood Type: O

Daehee Facts:
-He was a member of the group J2KC under the stage name Danny.


Stage Name: DAL (달)
Birth Name: Park Youngseok (박영석)
English Name: Daniel Park
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: June 2, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 177cm (5’9″)
Blood Type: B
Twitter: 박영석
Instagram: youngseok_park
Facebook: Youngseok Park
YouTube: Daniel park

DAL Facts:
-DAL is a former member of BOi, Allstar & Underdog.
-Specialties: Singing, Choreography, Dance & Sports.
-He can play the guitar.


Stage Name: Chanwoo (찬우)
Birth Name: Park Chanwoo (박찬우)
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: December 7 1995
Zodiac Sign: Sagittaurus
Height: 180 cm (5’10”)
Blood Type: B

Chanwoo Facts:


Stage Name: Jiwon (지원)
Birth Name: Yang Jiwon (양재원)/ Shin Jiwon (심지원)
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: May 16 1996
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 183 cm (6’0”)
Blood Type: A

Jiwon Facts:
-Jiwon is a former member of NTB (Formerly Pure Boy), under the stage name J-One.
-He was investigated for threatening and blackmailing another member in Pure Boys. He also violently abused member Seokyu at the time. These allegations turned out to be false.


Stage Name: Hangang (한강)
Birth Name: Han Jaewon (한재원)
Position: Lead Vocalist
Birthday: April 24th
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 174 cm (5’8”)
Blood Type: –
Twitter: 한재원

Hangang Facts:


Stage Name: Haejeong (해종)
Birth Name: Jang Haejong (장해종)
Position: Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: June 15 1996
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 180 cm (5’10”)
Blood Type: A

Haejeong Facts:
-Haejeong was a member of the group J2KC under the stage name Jay.


Stage Name: B-Crown/B-Clown (비-크라운)
Birth Name: –
Position: Rapper
Birthday: –
Zodiac Sign: –
Height: –
Blood Type: –

B-Crown/B-Clown Facts:

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Note 2: Their Japanese releases are no where to be found.

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