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Sibong Profile and Facts

Sibong Profile: Sibong Facts and Ideal Type

Sibong (시봉) is a Korean YouTuber and Singer.

Sibong’s Fandom Name: BongBongs
Sibong’s Official Colors: –

Stage Name: Sibong
Birth Name: Si Bong Gyun (시봉균)
Birthday: July 15th, 1988
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: Korean
Instagram:  @sibongtv
Twitter: @sibongtv
YouTube: SibongTv

Sibong Facts:
-He grew up in Taegu, Korea and lived there until he was 16 years old.
-He has a bad habit of biting his nails.
-He has a sister that (as of 2017) lives in America.
-His nickname has been Sibong since he was a young child.
-He moved to Australia to attend Melbourne College.
-Two years after moving to Melbourne Australia, Sibong became an Australian citizen and as of 2017 had lived there for approximately 10 years.
-He learned his English while living in Australia.
-He majored in hospitality and music.
-He worked in a hotel, hoping to build his career in hospitality, but realized it’s not what he wanted.
-He likes rock music, such as Evanescence and a Korean rock band called EVE.
-He was supposed to debut in a Korean rock band himself, but he gave up the opportunity and eventually started his YouTube channel.
-He can play the guitar, the drums, and the bass.
-He has taught some Korean on his channel, like how to properly pronounce some of the names of the idols.
-When he was asked who his favorite YouTuber was, he said Jiannao Tan.
-He says the hardest thing for him to do is “wake up in the morning.”
-When asked what his favorite food was, he said it was a garlic spaghetti called Ailio Olio.
-He really liked the K-Drama Goblin.
-He is not a big fan of sports, but he does like WWE Wrestling. (When someone asked him about Messy.)
– When asked what he likes to do for fun, he replied: “I play LOL, and watch YouTube.”
– He can speak very little Japanese and Chinese.
-He says he does believe in Aliens and Ghosts.
-When someone asked him to do a dance cover, he said he was bad at dancing!
-When asked if he believes in love at first sight, he said no.  He believes there is an attraction, but it’s not love.
-When asked if he would date himself if he were a girl, he replied: “Yeah why not? I’m super sexy, sexy enough.”
– He loves meeting new people!
-He admitted to having some plastic surgery done on his nose.
-When asked who his favorite BTS member his, he said V
-When asked his favorite BTS song in 2017, he said Spring Day and he even did a cover of it.
-He started a K-Pop project group with Aoora and Donggyun called G.T.I  (Global Tour Idol) that debuted in Indonesia in 2018
– On July 1st, 2019 he released a Music Video called ‘Youth’.
– He is currently in a band called Rattle 88
Sibong’s Ideal Type: He likes girls with dyed hair, and said his ideal type is Park Kyungri from the group Nine Muses.

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