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JUSTHIS Profile and Facts

JUSTHIS Profile and Facts:

JUSTHIS / 저스디스 is an South Korean rapper whom debuted in 2015 with ‘No One / 노원’.
He’s currently under GROOVL1N.

Rap Name: JUSTHIS / 저스디스
Birth Name: Heo Seung / 허승 / Hur Seung
Birthday: 7th of May, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 168 cm / 5’6″
Nationality: Korean
IG 1: thisisjusthis
IG 2: thisisjusthis2
FaceBook: thisisjusthis
YouTube 2: 허승

– His MBTI is ESTP.
– Born in Seoul, South Korea.
– Nickname: the underground King.
– Family: Parents and an older sister.
– Joined Indigo Music in 2017.
– He left the label Sept. 15 2022.
– Joined RAVI’s label GROOVL1N on Sept. 15 2022.
– He is a vegetarian.
– A fan of the DC Comics.
– Hasn’t smoked in two years, 2019.
– His rap name comes from a dream he had.
– Speaks Korean, English, and a bit of Japanese.
Education: Cheongwon High School and Kukje Univesty of Arts (dropped out).
– His phone might be an Galaxy Z Fold 3.
– His watch is an Galaxy Watch Active2.
– Both an Samsung and an Apple user; AirPods.
– On his 2nd YT channel, he’s considering uploading his daily life.
– Has a history of experiencing migraines.
– Enjoys watching Rick and Morty.
– During the SMTM777 semi finals, he featured on Kid Milli‘s MOMM.
– He also featured on EK‘s Diablo in the quarterfinals on SMTM8.
– Former producer on SMTM9 alongside GroovyRoom.
– Him and GAEKO were featured on Gwangil Jo‘s Thorns on SMTM10.
– He can do good impersonating of other rappers.
– His rap style is known as being aggressive.
– A member of the DOPPLEGÄNGEM crew.
– Also a member of the crews; CommonCold and JUSTHIS & Paloalto.
– The crew CommonCold was formed by Mad Clown.
– The JUSTHIS & Paloalto crew is more of an project.
– He’s a very trustworthy friend, according to DON MALIK.
– According to Kid Milli, JUSTHIS’s the only member in the label whom can confront Swings when he’s angry.
– One of his biggest inspiration in term of rap is Kanye West.
– Fan of Kanye West, GARION, P-Type and E SENS.
– Made an apperance on STRIT‘s YT channel in Nov. of 2019.
– In June of 2020, he went on DF‘s Killing Verse.
– Made an apperance on ‘GQ KOREA‘ in Jan. of 2021.
– An apperance on the YT channel, Mobidic was made in Jan. of 2021.
– Him, Kid Milli, NO:EL and YANGHONGWON released ‘IndiGO‘ in 2018.
– Released an MV for ‘Take It’ in Feb. of 2021 with MUSHVENOM.
– In Feb. of 2021, he was featured on Leellamarz‘s ‘TOO BAD‘.
– Featured on Epik High‘s MV for ‘Face IDwith GIRIBOY, SIK-K.
nafla‘s ‘run! was featured by JUSTHIS in Aug. of 2021.
– JUSTHIS was featured on Skinny Brown‘s track, Make You Mine.

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Latest Release: Take it – ft. MUSHVENOM

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