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Rothy Profile and Facts

Rothy Profile 2018: Rothy Facts
Rothy (로시) is a South Korean solo singer under Dorothy Entertainment. Rothy officially debuted on November 09, 2017.

Stage Name: Rothy (로시)
Birth name: Kang Juhee (강주희)
Birthday: May 06, 1999
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Blood type: AB
Instagram: @Rothy_official
Twitter: @Rothy_official
Facebook: @Rothy.official

Rothy Facts:
– She trained for 3 years.
-Rothy was Shin SeungHun’s apprentice.

– She does a lot of covers.

– Her debut single is Stars

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Latest Korean Comeback:

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  • seisgf

    Her birthname is Kang Juhee according to [https://www.allkpop.com/forum/threads/official-rothy-thread.127428/]

  • Vera

    Her covers are great! I think she’s a talented and pretty girl

  • Noodles

    Sorry for the late reply but, thanks for the info!

  • Nari✨

    I’m now watching M Countdown and Rothy had her stage with her new song Burning, but I’m confused because it said that it is ‘hot debut’..so her previous singles are predebut? Idk…


    Ayeee i was just watching her too

  • Псина

    She is really good, i watched her on M!countdown, but it isn’t hot debut.

  • iluvrothy

    Rothy can play the guitar

  • kpopper97_ _

    I think she only recently had her debut and the other stuff was predebut, because on her recent stages it said ‘hot debut’ or ‘debut stage’ 🙂

  • guest

    she has mole on her nose

  • Dowoon’s Smile

    im p sure burning is her debut single the rest was predebut

  • AID Jay So

    Rothy is best friend with Eunchae(DIA). I like them.

  • zWEn

    Burning was her official debut, Stars was a pre-debut single and OSTs usually do not count as debut (?).

  • You’re right

    Her latest comeback:

  • Amanda David

    Burning is really underrated she has a good voice

  • Mr. Kyle Thiccens

    Rothy’s rainbow was featured in the kdrama romance is a bonus book on netflix
    Absoute bOP.

  • Mr. Kyle Thiccens

    Rothy’s Rainbow was featured in the kdrama romance is a bonus book on netflix
    absolute bop