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Bích Phương Profile & Facts

Bích Phương Profile:

Bích Phương is a Vietnamese solo singer under 1989s Productions. She made her debut in December 2011 with the song ‘Chỉ là em giấu đi‘.

Bích Phương’s Fandom Name: Shine
Bích Phương’s Fandom Color:

Stage Name: Bích Phương
Birth Name:
 Bùi Thị Bích Phương
Birthday: September 30, 1989
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 168 cm (5ft 6in)
Blood Type: –
Instagram: bichphuongofficial
Facebook: Bích Phương
YouTube: Bích Phương

Bích Phương Facts
-She was born in Hạ Long, Vietnam.
-She was a judge on the Music Idol contest: “Vietnam Idol Kids 2017”.
-Bích Phương studied at the College of Arts, Culture and Tourism of Ha Long.
-She participated on “Vietnam Idol: Vietnam Music Idol” in 2008 but was eliminated in the top 40. She returned to the show in 2010 and made it to the top 7.
-Bích Phương is one of the first female singers from Vietnam to reach 1 million subscribers on YouTube.
-She was the only Vietnamese singer who attended and performed at the 2019 AAA Ceremony held at My Dinh Stadium.
-She was accused of lip syncing due to having a stranger jump on stage and take the microphone to announce that they lost their child, while announcing that their child was missing her song with the vocals were still playing. These accusations were denied & the organization confirmed that she did not lip sync.
-She won 3 awards & had 7 nominations for the song ‘Mình yêu nhau đi’.

Bích Phương Awards
Consolation Prize -Lesson for Learning Early Childhood Songs (1997)
Album topped the most week of the (2013) Zing Music Awards chart
Top 20 favorite MV YAN Vpop 20 Awards (2013)
Prospective singer of the year YAN Vpop 20 Awards (2013)
Favorite Pop / Rock song Zing Music Awards (2014)
MV that topped the most weekly Zing Music Awards (2014) chart
The most shared song Zing Music Awards (2014) community
The most shared song online community Zing Music Awards (2015)
The MV topped the most weekly Zing Music Awards (2015) chart
MV of the year Zing Music Awards (2015)
Top hit song- “Vâng anh đi đi” Vietnam Gala Top Hits (2015)
Top hit song- “Rằng em mãi ở bên” Gala Vietnam Top Hits (2015)
MV of the year Zing Music Awards (2016)
MV that topped the most weekly Zing Music Awards (2016) chart
MV of the year We Choice Awards (2016)
MV of the year- “Bao giờ lấy chồng” Keeng Young Awards (2017)
MV of the year- “Bùa Yêu” Keeng Young Awards (2018)
Song of the year- “Bùa Yêu” Keeng Young Awards (2018)
Female Singer of the Year- Blue Wave Awards (2018)
Song of the year – “Bùa Yêu” Green Wave Award (2018)
Top 10 most favorite songs- “Bùa Yêu” Green Wave Award (2018)
Top 10 most favorite singers- “Bùa Yêu” Green Wave Award (2018)
Excellent combination- “Love Charm” with Pham Thanh Ha – Tien Cookie – Duong K Green Wave Award (2018)
Best Vietnamese artist- AAA (2019)
Top 10 most popular songs- “Đi đu đưa đi (Let’s Du Dua)” The Blue Wave Award (2019)

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