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Angelababy Profile and Facts

Angelababy Profile; Angelababy’s Facts

Angelababy is a Chinese actress, model and singer based in Hong Kong under Mountain Top.

Stage Name: Angelababy
Birth Name: Yang Ying (SC-杨颖/TC-楊穎)
English Name: Angela Yeung Wing
Korean Name: Yang Young (양영)
Birthday: February 28, 1989
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 168 cm (5’6″)
Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Twitter: @angelababyct
Instagram: @angelababyct
Facebook: Angelababy 楊穎
Weibo: angelababy

Angelababy Facts:
– Angelababy was born in Shanghai, China to a Chinese mother and a Chinese-German father from Hong Kong.
– Family: Parents, younger brother; Keven Yeung Wing.
– Education: Notre Dame College, Canossian Sacred Heart Business College.
– Her Chinese zodiac sign is Snake.
– She speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, the Shanghainese dialect and English.
– Her stage name originates from her first name ‘Angela’ and her nickname ‘Baby’.
– Her father used to have an apparel store in Shanghai which influenced Angelababy to become interested and eventually embark a career in modeling.
– In her early teenage years she moved to Hong Kong to sign her first modeling contract under Style International Management. Her debut in acting was next to follow.
– She has starred in numerous films, television series, variety shows and music videos.
– She can also sing; she has performed singles such as ‘Beauty Survivor’, ‘Love Never Stops’, ‘Everyday’s A Beautiful Story’ (all in 2010), ‘Bottom of the Heart’ (“Love You” OST, 2011), with JJ Lin, ‘Can We Smile Together’ (“First Time” OST, 2012), ‘Today You Will Marry Me’ (“Bride Wars” OST, 2015) with Ni Ni, Chen Xiao, Zhu Yawen and ‘Green Skirt’ (“Love Yunge from the Desert” OST, 2015).
– She is a fixed cast member of variety show ‘Keep Running’ (2014-present), a Chinese spin-off of South Korea’s ‘Running Man’ which made her a household name in China. She has also appeared in other variety shows like ‘King of Glory’ (2017) and ‘Clash of Bots’ (2018).
– She was the youngest person to have entered the Hurun Philanthropy List in 2016. The previous year she had established her own venture capital fund called AB Capital creating overseas purchases from the Chinese market.
– She has also invested in business outside of acting and modeling. She owns a coffee shop with actor Tony Leung Ka-fai, a nail parlour and a lifestyle store.
– She made her Hollywood debut with a minor role in the 2015 film ‘Hitman: Agent 47’.
– Angelababy married longtime boyfriend actor Huang Xiaoming in 2015. They have one son together who was born in early 2017 and is nicknamed Little Sponge.

Angelababy Movies:
China Pilot | 2019 – N/A (Cameo)
See You Tomorrow
 | 2016 – Ah Yu 
Love O2O
 | 2016 – Bei WeiWei
League of Gods
 | 2016 – Lan Die
Independence Day: Resurgence | 2016 – Rain Lao
Kill Time
 | 2016 – Tian Xiaomai
Mojin: The Lost Legend
 | 2015 – Ding Sitian
Hitman: Agent 47
 | 2015 – Diana Burnwood
Bride Wars
 | 2015 – He Jing
You Are My Sunshine
 | 2015 – He Yimei
Running Man | 2015 – Herself
Love on the Cloud | 2014 – Chen Xi 
Rise of the Legend
 | 2014 – Xiao Hua
Temporary Family
 | 2014 – Lui Yuen-ping
Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon
 | 2013 – Yin Ruiji
Crimes of Passion
 | 2013 – Yue Yue
Together | 2013 – Li Shengnan 
Tai Chi Hero | 2012 – Chen Yuniang
Tai Chi 0 | 2012 – Chen Yuniang
Black & White Episode I: The Dawn of Assault | 2012 – Fan Ning
First Time | 2012 – Song Shiqiao
A Simple Life | 2012 – Herself (Cameo) 
Love You You | 2011 – Xia Mi
Love in Space | 2011 – Huang Mudan
The Founding of a Party | 2011 – Xiao Fengxian
Tangled | 2011 – Rapunzel (Voice dub; Cantonese version)
All’s Well, Ends Well 2011 | 2011 – Better (Cameo)
Hot Summer Days | 2010 – Xiao Qi
All’s Well, Ends Well 2010 | 2010 – Princess Pearl of Flowerland
G-Force | 2009 – N/A (Voice dub; Cantonese version)
Short of Love | 2009 – Angel
Trivial Matters | 2007 – Tak Nga
Under The Lion Rock Band Cream | 2006 – Student

Angelababy Drama Series:
My True Friend | Dragon TV / 2019 – Cheng Zhenzhen
City of Desire 
| TBA / 2019 – Lin Li
Entrepreneurial Age | Dragon TV, ZJTV / 2018 – Na Lan
General and I 
| Hunan Television / 2017 – Bai Pingting
Love Yunge from the Desert | Hunan Television / 2015 – Hou Yunge

Angelababy Awards:
2016 33rd Hundred Flowers Awards | Best Supporting Actress (“Mojin: The Lost Legend”)
2014 21st Beijing College Student Film Festival 
| Most Popular Actress (“Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragons”)
2013 9th Huading Awards 
| Most Popular Actress Selected by Media
2013 13th Chinese Film Media Awards 
| Most Anticipated Actress (“First Time”)
2013 Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers Awards 
| Most Charismatic Actress

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