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Han Hyun-min Profile And Facts

Han Hyun-min Profile; Han Hyun-min Facts

Han Hyun-min
(한현민) is a male model of Nigerian and Korean descent. He is under SF Models X Entertainment.

Stage Name: Han Hyun-min (한현민)
Birth Name: Han Hyun-min (한현민)
Birthday: May 19, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 191 cm (6’2″)
Weight: –
Blood Type: –
Instagram: @h_h_m0519
Youtube: Han Hyunmin

Han Hyun-min Facts:
– He was raised in the Itaewon neighborhood of Seoul.
– He is the first Korean model of African descent to walk the catwalks in South Korea.
– A modeling agency discovered Han’s Instagram at age 15 while he was still in school. They arranged a meeting and met at a coffee shop where they asked him to walk and signed him on the spot.
– Education: Osan Middle School, Seoul Bogwang Elementary School, Hankwang High School
– His mom is pure Korean and his dad is Nigerian.
– He said he is afraid of going through immigration because he is bound to seem “suspicious” to airport security.
– One time he was trying to catch a flight home to Korea but security wouldn’t let him pass since they didn’t believe because he had a Korean passport but he did’t look Korean to them. He was detained for almost two hours.
– Despite what many people think he can’t speak English.
– Before he was a model he had never traveled outside of Korea and never been on a plane.
– Time magazine named him one of the 30 most influential teens of 2017.
– When he was in Europe he was surprised no one looked at him twice, because in Korean they do that a lot. “But in Europe, they didn’t look at me twice. They just passed by. There were people on the streets who resembled me. It was a kind of feeling I had never felt before in my life,” Han said.
– He was faced with a lot of discrimination when he was young, and even still now.
– He says he was never a studying kind of person.
– Many say he resembles NCT‘s Lucas.
– He said on the top of his to-do list is to use a PC room for 24 hours straight.
– He says since he gets payed too much he gives it to his parents.
– He says his mom is very tough.
– He has 4 siblings.
– He was an only child until he was nine (he says it’s boring).
– When he goes abroad he tells people to just call him Han because they usually can’t pronounce his – first name. He said it feels awkward to use an English name so he just uses Han.
– He said he studied English for two months but it was really hard.
– His mom would help him the most when he felt down about people starring.

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