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June 2020 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases

If there’s any song I’m missing please comment so I can add it to the list! 🙂 Any song releases from (V-pop/J-pop/K-Pop/C-pop/T-Pop etc.)

May 20th
•Ken (VIXX) | ‘Greeting’ [Solo Comeback]
•Woogie |’Better Ft. Golden’ [Comeback]
•Sujeong (Lovelyz) | ‘Tiger Eyes’ [Solo Debut]
Crush x Joy (Red Velvet) | ‘자나깨나’ [Collab Release]

May 21st
•Yubin | ‘넵넵 (ME TIME)’ [Comeback]
Only One Of | ‘angel’ [Comeback]
Eunkwang (BTOB) | ‘Dear My Dear’ [Pre-release]

May 22nd
•D-Crunch | ‘Pierrot’ [Comeback]
•AgustD (BTS) | ‘대취타’ [Release]
•Mateo (마테오) | ‘미안해 (Sorry)’ [Release]
•Standing Egg (스탠딩 에그) | ‘Friend to lover(친구에서 연인)’ [Release]

May 23rd
•Dindin | ‘DoDoDoDo (돼버릴거야) ft. Wheein (Mamamoo)’ [Release]
•Lee Woo | ‘Because I love you(남자가 사랑할 때)’ [Release]
•BÍCH PHƯƠNG x BIGDADDY | ‘Khui Hè Hết Nấc’ [Collab Release]

May 24th
•Minzy | ‘Lovely’ [Comeback]
•Hwang Inwook | ‘취했나봐’ [Release]
•Muzie | ‘Me Before You(그대를 알기 전에 내 모습으로)’ [Release]

May 25th
•Kim Wooseok (UP10TION) | ‘Greed’ [Solo Debut]
•Baekhyun (EXO) |’Delight’ [Solo Comeback]
•DKB | ‘LOVE’ [Comeback]

May 26th
•Monsta X | ‘FANTASIA X’ [Comeback]
•Park Jihoon | ‘Wing’ [Comeback]
•TIGER JK | ‘kiss kiss bang bang ft. twlv’ [Release]
•ONEWE | ‘End of Spring’ [Comeback]
•Youra | ‘행복은 도피여야 해’ [Release]
•MOON | ‘이 밤이(2NIGHT) ft. Vince’ [Collab Release]

May 27th
•SF9 | ‘Good Guy’ [Japanese Release]
•Roy Kim | ‘Linger On’ [Release]
•Punch(펀치) | ‘Say Yes ft. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)’ [Collab Release]
•Punch(펀치) | ‘안부’ [Japanese Release]
•Shin (Cross Gene) | ‘Trust Me’ [Solo Comeback]
•Sandeul (B1A4) | ‘House of Thoughts’ [Solo Release]

May 28th
•Sik-K | ‘TELL YA!’ [Release]
•Kim Jinho(김진호) | ‘Came to collect them(그거 모으러 왔나 봐요)’ [Release]
•Sunwoojunga (선우정아) | ‘Idle Idle(뒹굴뒹굴)’ [Release]
•BLACKPINK x Lady Gaga | ‘Sour Candy’ [Collab Release]
•MOMOLAND | ‘TIKI TAKA(티키타카)’ [Release]

May 29th
•Moonbyul (MAMAMOO) | ‘Absence’ [Comeback]
•Lee Jinah | ‘Dangerous Dream’ [Release]
•Jvcki Wai x Coogie x Paloalto x The Quiett x 뱃사공 | ‘Fadeaway’ [Collab Release]

May 30th
•Jungwoo Kim (김정우) | ‘City of Lights’ [Release]
•Chungha | ‘My Friend (여기 적어줘)’ [Release]
•Bang Chan (Stray Kids) | ‘I Don’t Want to Admit’ [Release]

May 31st
•Woollim Entertainment (INFINITE/Lovelyz/GoldenChild/Rocket Punch) | ‘Relay’ [Company Collab Release]


June 1st
•TWICE | ‘More & More’ [Comeback]
•Lee Yejoon | ‘안녕과 안녕으로’ [Release]
•DayDay | ‘Test Me’ [Release]
•JUNGKEY (정키) | ‘weekEnd (Ft. jeebanoff)’ [Release]
•JUNGKEY (정키) | ‘I know (Ft. George (죠지))’ [Release]
•Lay (EXO) | ‘Lit’ [Comeback]
•Roa | ‘I Know’ [Debut]
•msftz | ‘bye bye i finally disappear from your life’ [Release]

June 2nd
•Victon | ‘Mayday’ [Comeback]
•The Solutions | ‘Dance With Me’ [Release]
•ClaD (클래디) | ‘Mon paris (Prod. BIBLEIN)’ [Release]

June 3rd
•Stray Kids | ‘TOP (Japanese ver.)’ [Japanese Release]
•The Solutions | ‘SIGNATURE’ [Release]
•Ji Jinseok | ‘Good Morning’ [Release]
•TXT | ‘PUMA (동물원을 빠져나온 퓨마) [Release]
•Punchnello (펀치넬로) | ‘us (우리) (ft. Meenoi (미노이))’ [Release]
•Chi Pu | ‘CUNG ĐÀN VỠ ĐÔI’ [Release]
•GIDONGDAE | ‘재밌는 놀이(Party Like This)’ [Pre-Debut Release]

June 4th
•OXQ | ‘Me’ [Comeback]
•APRO | ‘Omnibus series 2020’ [Release]
•Choi Yuree (최유리)| ‘Home (동네)’ [Release]
•ERIK | ‘Ăn Sáng Nha (ft. Suni Hạ Linh)’ [Release]
•Rain x pH1 x Sik-K x Jay Park x HAON | ‘(깡) Official Remix’ [Collab Release]

June 5th
•Bang Yedam [TREASURE] | ‘왜요 (WAYO)’ [Solo Debut]
•F.able | ‘Burn It Up’ [Debut]
•M1NU | ‘NABI (나비) (Ft. Skinny Brown, kuzi)’ [Release]
•Chin Chilla | [Comeback]

June 7th
•N.Flying | ‘아 진짜요. (Oh really.)’ [Comeback]

June 8th
•Ha Sungwoon (HOTSHOT) | ‘Get Ready’ [Solo Comeback]
•Eunkwang (BTOB) | ‘아무도_모른다 ‘ [Solo Comeback]
•Super Junior K.R.Y | ‘푸르게 빛나던 우리의 계절 (When We Were Us)’ [Sub-Unit Comeback]

June 9th
•WJSN | ‘Butterfly’ [Comeback]
•E’LAST | ‘Swear (기사의 맹세)’ [Debut]
•WayV | ‘Turn Back Time (超时空 回)’ [Comeback]
•Chungha | ‘Be Yourself’ [Release]

June 10th
•Jun.K (2PM) | ‘THIS IS NOT A SONG’ (Kor ver.)’ [Solo Release]
•DIA | ‘Hug U(감싸줄게요)’ [Comeback]
•Heize | ‘Lyricist’ / ‘Things are going well’ [Comeback]
•Dvwm | ‘콘크리트 (Ft. CHEEZE)’ [Comeback]
•In Sunshin(신인선) | ‘Fresh (신선해)’ [Release]

June 11th
•Momoland | ‘Starry Night’ [Release]
•Sik-K | ‘Daring (Ft. CRUSH)’ [Release]
•NOA | ‘TAXI’ [Japanese Release]
•Choi Yegeun (최예근) | ‘Lucid Dream (자각몽)’ [Release]

June 12th
•JeA (Brown Eyed Girls) | ‘Greedyy ft. Moonbyul (Mamamoo)’ [Solo Comeback]
•Swan (수안) | ‘i like u (좋아해)’ [Release]

June 13th
•Kyla | ‘Watch Me Glow’ [Debut]
•허니지 (HoneyG) | ‘This is the song (이 노래가 그 노래야)’ [Release]

June 14th
•Jukjae | ‘No Thanks (Ft. Zion.T)’ [Release]

June 15th
•Lee Sunhee | [Comeback]
•W24 | ‘좋아해요’ [Comeback]
•Zene the Zilla | ‘ITX (Ft. Changmo)’ [Comeback]

June 16th
•Nilo | ‘About Me’ [Comeback]
•AWEEK | ‘One Four Three (말해뭐해)(1.4.3)’ [Comeback]
•Baek A Yeon | ‘Looking for Love (썸 타긴 뭘 타)’ [Comeback]
Seulong (2AM) x Kei (Lovelyz) | ‘Female Friend’ [Release]

June 17th
•Stray Kids | ‘God’s Menu’ [Comeback]
•Jung Seunghwan | ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ [Comeback]
•D1CE | ‘너를그린다’ [Comeback]
•NATURE | ‘어린애 (Girls)’ [Comeback]
•Cravity | ‘Cloud9’ [Release]

June 18th
•Weki Meki | ‘OOPSY’ [Comeback]
•Woo Jiyoon | ‘O:circle’ [Solo Debut]
•Mew | ‘I’m Still…’ [Comeback]
•DPR Live | ‘Thirst’ / ‘Zombie Pop’ [Release]
•TWICE | ‘Fanfare’ [Japanese Release]
•Minit | ‘Colors (Ft. HOLYNN & JUNNY)’ / ‘Good For You (Ft. AVOKID & 123)’ [Comeback]

June 19th
•Bandage | ‘Coloring The Life’ [Comeback]
•IU | ‘Into the I LAND’ [Release for a show]
•NCT DREAM | ‘Ridin’ (Will Not Fear Remix)’ [Release]
•Dalmation (DMTN) | ‘Never Forget’ [Comeback]
•BTS | ‘Stay Gold’ [Japanese Release]
•Yuzion x Superbee x Uneducated Kid x Twlv Will | ‘Summer’ [Collab Release]
•Sandy | ‘Love Me More’ [Comeback]

June 20th
•ODEE | ‘Baton Touch (Ft. Don Mills)’ [Comeback]

June 21st
•Kim Nayoung | ‘다른 누구 말고 너야’ [Release]
•CORBYN | ‘MIRO’ [Comeback]

June 22nd
•Seventeen | ‘Left & Right’ [Comeback]
•VOISPER | ‘그날 (The Day)’ [Comeback]
•Maddox | ‘Sleep’ [Comeback]
•Zhoumi x Ryeowook | ‘Starry Night’ [Collab Release]

June 23rd
•GoldenChild | ‘ONE (Lucid Dream)’ [Comeback]
•R1AN | ‘Eh Bebe (prod. New Clock)’ [Debut]
•Ravi | ‘비♡ (Ft. Naeun [APRIL]’ [Collab Release]
•Ash B | ‘Fake Friend’ [Comeback]
•Justin Oh | ‘For a Minute (Ft. Jamie)’ [Release]

June 24th
•A.C.E | ‘Stand By You’ [Comeback]
•Thama |  [Comeback]
•Demian | ‘KARMA’  [Comeback]

June 25th
•Nada | ‘내몸’ [Comeback]

June 26th
•Blackpink | ‘How you like that (HYLT)’ [Pre-Release Comeback]
•Lee Kaeun | [Project Release]
•Taeyeon (SNSD) | ‘Happy (Live Summer Version.)’ [Release]

June 27th
•Quinsha | ‘Can not go’ [Comeback]
•Sik-K | ‘RSVP’ [Release]

June 28th
•Grace | ‘PLANET’ [Comeback]
•ASTRO | ‘아니 그래’ [Comeback]
•Great Guys | ‘In the Summer’ [Release]
•TXT | ‘Eternally’ [Release]

June 29th
•AB6IX | ‘답을 줘 (THE ANSWER)’ [Comeback]
•WOODZ (Cho Seungyoun) [UNIQ] | ‘파랗게 (Love Me Harder)’ [Solo Comeback]
•3YE | ‘YESSIR’ [Comeback]
•Sunmi | ‘Pporappippam’ [Comeback]
•Hwasa [Mamamoo] | ‘Maria’  [Solo Comeback]

June 30th
•Lee Jinhyuk (UP10TION) |  ‘난장판 (Bedlam)’ [Solo Comeback]
•Weeekly | ‘Tag Me (@Me)’ [Debut]
•NiziU | ‘Make You Happy’ [Pre-Debut Release]
•Pentagon | ‘바스키아 (Basquiat)’ [Road to Kingdom Release]
•Woosu (MASC) | ‘THE RAIN [Solo Debut]

Credit: R.O.S.E (STARL1GHT)

Are you excited about any of the June Comebacks/Releases?

Are you excited for any June comebacks? Any releases missed? Feel free to comment below! 🙂

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