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Who’s the best vocalist/rapper in TWICE?

Note: This poll is not meant to create any fan wars at all. All the members are talented and they all deserve recognition. Do not bash at anyone

made by midgehitsthrice

(Credit to chooalte for the original idea)

Who's the best vocalist in TWICE for you?
Who's the best rapper in TWICE for you?

Who is the best vocalist/rapper in TWICE for you? Feel free to state your opinion in a polite manner. Enjoy!

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I like finding nugu (=super underrated) K-Pop artists.
I also like procrastinating for some reason...

I can make artist profiles (singers and even actors or dancers), polls, Who is Who? and a lot more based on your requests and my personal will.

I have a long-*ss bias list, so I don't think it can fit here.

Be nice and enjoy!