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July 2020 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases

If there’s any song I’m missing please comment so I can add it to the list! 🙂 Any song releases from (V-pop/J-pop/K-Pop/C-pop/T-Pop etc.)

June 20th
•ODEE | ‘Baton Touch (Ft. Don Mills)’ [Comeback]

June 21st
•Kim Nayoung | ‘다른 누구 말고 너야’ [Release]
•CORBYN | ‘MIRO’ [Comeback]

June 22nd
•Seventeen | ‘Left & Right’ [Comeback]
•VOISPER | ‘그날 (The Day)’ [Comeback]
•Maddox | ‘Sleep’ [Comeback]
•Zhoumi x Ryeowook | ‘Starry Night’ [Collab Release]

June 23rd
•GoldenChild | ‘ONE (Lucid Dream)’ [Comeback]
•R1AN | ‘Eh Bebe (prod. New Clock)’ [Debut]
•Ravi | ‘비♡ (Ft. Naeun [APRIL]’ [Collab Release]
•Ash B | ‘Fake Friend’ [Comeback]
•Justin Oh | ‘For a Minute (Ft. Jamie)’ [Release]

June 24th
•A.C.E | ‘Stand By You’ [Comeback]
•Thama |  [Comeback]
•Demian | ‘KARMA’  [Comeback]

June 25th
•Nada | ‘내몸’ [Comeback]

June 26th
•Blackpink | ‘How you like that (HYLT)’ [Pre-Release Comeback]
•Lee Kaeun | [Project Release]
•Taeyeon (SNSD) | ‘Happy (Live Summer Version.)’ [Release]

June 27th
•Quinsha | ‘Can not go’ [Comeback]
•Sik-K | ‘RSVP’ [Release]

June 28th
•Grace | ‘PLANET’ [Comeback]
•ASTRO | ‘아니 그래’ [Comeback]
•Great Guys | ‘In the Summer’ [Release]
•TXT | ‘Eternally’ [Release]

June 29th
•AB6IX | ‘답을 줘 (THE ANSWER)’ [Comeback]
•WOODZ (Cho Seungyoun) [UNIQ] | ‘파랗게 (Love Me Harder)’ [Solo Comeback]
•3YE | ‘YESSIR’ [Comeback]
•Sunmi | ‘Pporappippam’ [Comeback]
•Hwasa [Mamamoo] | ‘Maria’  [Solo Comeback]

June 30th
•Lee Jinhyuk (UP10TION) |  ‘난장판 (Bedlam)’ [Solo Comeback]
•Weeekly | ‘Tag Me (@Me)’ [Debut]
•NiziU | ‘Make You Happy’ [Pre-Debut Release]
•Pentagon | ‘바스키아 (Basquiat)’ [Road to Kingdom Release]
•Woosu (MASC) | ‘THE RAIN [Solo Debut]

July 1st
•N.Flying | ‘Amnesia’ [Japanese Release]
•VERIVERY | ‘Thunder’ [Comeback]
•Zico | ‘SUMMER HATE (Ft. Rain (비))’ [Comeback]
•Shin Yongjae | ‘첫 줄’ [Release]
•Niahn | ‘I WANT ICECREAM’  [Comeback]
•장성규 | ‘WORKMAN (Ft. Sik-K & Jay Park) (Prod. GroovyRoom)’  [Release]

July 2nd
•Kassy | ‘TOCK TOCK’ [Comeback]
•Sandeul (B1A4) | ‘Smile Box’ [Release]
•SAAY | ‘I’m Ok’ [Comeback]
•Jeebanoff | ‘Overflow’ [Comeback]
•ASH ISLAND | ‘ERROR (Ft. Loopy)’ [Comeback]
•Jackson Wang | ‘100 Ways (MK Remix)’ [Release]

July 3rd
•Jooyoung | ‘Love Distance (ft.Heize)’ [Comeback]
•ColdBay | ‘시계바늘 (Ft. Kim Yoonju (김윤주))’ [Comeback]
•P-Type | ‘Babel (Ft. Simba Zawadi & Khundi Panda)’ [Comeback]

July 4th
•도리토리 (Doritori) | ‘따듯한아이스아메리카노 (Hot Iced American) (Ft. Hwan of N.CUS)’ [Release]
•Mac Kidd | ‘TrapBox’ [Comeback]
•Ken (VIXX) | ‘Counting One by One’ [Solo Comeback]
•Groovyroom x Haon | ‘Daylight’ [Project Release]
•E-GIRLS | ‘So many stars’ [Release]

July 5th
•Jiwoo | ‘Antiriver’ [Comeback]
•Stray Kids | ‘Easy’ [Release]

July 6th
•Chungha | ‘PLAY (Ft. Changmo)’ [Pre-Release]
•LEE WOO | ‘이별까지는 생각 못했어’ [Comeback]
•SF9 | ‘여름 향기가 날 춤추게 해 (Summer Breeze)’ [Comeback]
•Irene & Seulgi Sub-Unit [Red Velvet] | ‘Monster’ [Sub-Unit Debut]
•Zico | ‘Cartoon’ [Release]
•George & Sumin | ‘Take care (prod. L-Like)’ [Release]
•eaJ (Jae DAY6) | ‘Pacman’ [Release]

July 7th
•DONGKIZ I:KAN | ‘Y.O.U’ [Sub-Unit Debut]
•Yu Seungwoo | ‘걸을까’ [Comeback]
•(G)i-dle | ‘i’M THE TREND’ [Release]
•EXO-SC | ‘척 (Telephone) (Feat. 10CM)’ [Release]

July 8th
•Solji (EXID) | ‘오늘따라 비가 와서 그런가 봐 (I Guessed it Rained Today)’ [Solo Comeback]
•Great Guys | ‘RUN’ [Comeback]
•YUKIKA | ‘Yesterday’ [Pre-Release]

July 9th
•Lay (EXO) | ‘蹦 (Boom)’ [Solo Release]

July 10th
•Bibi | ‘Goodbye (I’m good at goodbyes)’ [Comeback]
•Pierce | ‘Winner’ [Comeback]

July 12th
•Chey | ‘GALAXY (Ft. SUL (에슈엘)) (Prod. New Clock)’ [Release]

July 13th
•GFriend | ‘APPLE’ [Comeback]
•3YE | ‘Like This Summer’ [Release]
•EXO-SC | ’10억뷰 (1 Billion Views)’ [Sub-Unit Comeback]
•PK & Kanghan [MVP] | ‘Call Me Right Now’ [Release]

July 14th
•Jeong Sewoon | [Comeback]
•Pink Fantasy Shadow | ‘Shadow Play’ [Sub-Unit Debut]
•CRUSH | ‘OHIO’ [Comeback]
•CSVC | ‘무자비 (無慈悲)’ [Comeback]

July 15th
•TOO | ‘하나둘세고 (Count_1_2) [Comeback]
•BTS | ‘Map Of The Soul 7: The Journey’ [Japanese Comeback]
•Eunji (A-PINK) | ‘AWay’ [Solo Comeback]
•Dreamcatcher | ‘R.o.S.E BLUE’ [Release]

July 16th
•1the9 | ‘Bad Guy’ [Comeback]
•AleXa | ‘Villian’ [Pre-Release]
•XRO | ‘껄렁(Chuckle)/ Welcome To My Jungle’ [Debut]
•Hwasa [MAMAMOO] | ‘LMM’ [Release]

July 17th
•MustB | ‘Realize (깨닫다)’ [Comeback]

July 18th
SSAK3 (Yoo Jaesuk x Lee Hyori x Rain) | ‘In Summer’ [Debut]

July 20th
Seyoung [CROSS GENE] | ‘멍’ [Pre-Release]
•Irene & Seulgi Sub-Unit [Red Velvet] | ‘Naughty’ [Release]
•XRO | ‘칠렐레 팔렐레(Drunken)’ [Debut]

July 21st
•YUKIKA | ‘서울여자 (SOUL LADY)’ [Comeback]
•D.COY | ‘Go Away’ [Comeback]

July 22nd
•Somi | ‘What You Waiting For’ [Comeback]
•SHATEAU(샤토) x SPAX(스팍) | ‘WE’ [Release]
•HYO [SNSD] | ‘DESSERT (Ft. Loopy & Soyeon (G)I-DLE))’ [Comeback]

July 23rd
•Heo Chanmi | ‘Lights’ [Debut]
•Lee Hi |’HOLO’ [Comeback]
•Kyuhyun [Super Junior] | ‘Dreaming’ [Solo Comeback]
•CHIC & IDLE | ‘3!4!’ [Debut]

July 24th
•MONT | ‘무기력 [Comeback]
•BeSweet | ‘그래 난 너를 사랑하고’ [Comeback]
•THE MAN BLK |’Time Turner’ [Comeback]
•N.Flying | ‘STARLIGHT’ [Special Release]

July 26th
•Song Jieun | ‘MIL (Make it love)’ [Comeback]
•BOYHOOD | ‘Retro Love’ [Solo Debut]
•YunB | ‘L.A.F.S (Ft. C Jamm)’ [Release]
•Floria | ‘Chitty Chitty’ [Debut]

July 27th
•Doojoon [HIGHLIGHT] | ‘DAYBREAK’ [Solo Debut]
•Kang Daniel | ‘Waves (Ft. Simon Dominic & JAMIE)’ [Pre-Release]
•ONEUS | ‘Come Back Home’ [Road to Kingdom Release]
•OH MY GIRL | ‘Lemonade’ [Japanese Release]

July 28th
•Soyou | ‘Gotta Go’ [Comeback]
•Ravi | ‘PARADISE (Ft. Ha Sungwoon (HOTSHOT)) [Release]
•June | ‘Anywhere’ [Comeback]
•Junik | ‘Chuck’ [Comeback]

July 29th
•APRIL | ‘Hello Summer’ [Comeback]
•WayV | ‘Bad Alive (English Ver.)’ [Release]
•선재 (snzae) | ‘Home Dance’ [Release]
•WOODZ | ‘파랗게 (Love Me Harder)’ [Comeback]

July 30th
•Eric Nam | ‘Paradise’ [Comeback]
•Jessi | ‘NUNU NANA’ [Comeback]

July 31st
•MONT | ‘붐뱅(BOOM BANG)’ [Comeback]
•KEEMBO | ‘ 99 (GU GU)’ [Comeback]
•S.I.S | ‘Don’t Wait’ [Comeback]
•BLASTAR | ‘길 (ONE WAY)’ [Debut]
•JUNE [PLT] | ‘Beautiful (Ft. Gaho, Moti, 정진우)’ [Release]

Credit: R.O.S.E (STARL1GHT)

Are you excited about any of the July Comebacks/Releases?

Are you excited for any July comebacks? Any releases missed? Feel free to comment below! 🙂

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