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Seungsik (VICTON) Profile, Facts, and Ideal Type

Seungsik (VICTON) Profile, Facts, and Ideal Type

Seungsik (승식) 
is a member of the South Korean boy group VICTON.

Stage Name: Seungsik (승식)
Birth Name: Kang Seung Sik (강승식)
Birthday: April 16, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: South Korean
Representative Emoji: 🐶/🥔
Instagram: @s_sikisiki

Seungsik Facts:
His hometown is Gyeonggi, South Korea.
-Seungsik’s positions in VICTON are as Leader and Main Vocalist.
–Seungsik was named the temporary leader of VICTON when Seungwoo started promoting with X1.  However the position remained permanent when Seungwoo returned.
–His role in VICTON’s ‘family’ is as the mother.
-He has moles on the backside of his neck.
-He can sing harmonies the best out of all the members.
-His favorite VICTON song is “Timeline”.
-In Chan‘s phone, he is saved as ‘Seungsik Pig’s Tail’.
-His nicknames are Mom and Potato.
–He is often teased by the younger members.
–Celebrity he wants to work with: Crush.
–Recently he has been learning how to compose.
-He can do a voice imitation of  Korean rapper BewhY.
-When doing individual Vlives, Seungsik will often sing covers of both Korean and Western songs.
–Seungsik hates cucumbers.
-He is under Play M (formally Plan A) Entertainment.
-In February of 2020, he released a solo song, in partnership with 722 STUDIO, called “I’m Still Loving You”
–One of this hobbies is cleaning his room. (Marie Claire March 2017 Issue)
–When asked about his unique features, Seungsik said, “Compared to my head, I think my neck is a little bit thicker.” (Marie Claire March 2017 Issue)
-He appeared on the 253 episode of King of The Masked Singer as ‘Diary’.
–He likes to eat healthfully and take vitamins. (Marie Claire March 2017 Issue)
–Black is his favorite color.
-He snores a lot.
-His favorite sport is badminton.
-He sang a duet called “Begin Again” with label mate Huh Gak, when he was still a trainee.
-He doesn’t believe in superstitions.
–Seungsik has slept talked before, but he never remembers doing it.
-Sometimes when he is sleeping Seungsik makes a noise similar to crickets chirping.
-He can sing So Chan Whee‘s “Tears”.
Sejun says that when Seungsik is drunk he says ‘I’m the Main Vocalist’ repeatedly, but he denies this.
–He always ends up doing the undesirable chores at the dorms.
–He thinks his most attractive trait is his eye smile.
–Seungsik doesn’t belong to any religion.
-He has sung OSTs for the dramas ‘Find Me In Your Memory’ and ‘My Unfamiliar Family’.
–Before he does to sleep he will: do his skincare routine, fill his humidifier with water, and eat something good for this throat.
–An object he treasures is his training diary; in which he wrote daily during his training period.
–When asked about how he displays anger, he said: “My body becomes stiff. However, I just stand still without thinking anything.” (Marie Claire March 2017 Issue)
–His role model is Yang Yoseob of Highlight.
Seungsik’s Ideal Type: Women who take their academics seriously.

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