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Who’s your MAMAMOO girlfriend?

Who’s your MAMAMOO girlfriend?
Let’s take this quick quiz and see who’s your MAMAMOO girlfriend. Don’t forget to share the result with us! 🙂

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Who's your MAMAMOO Girlfriend? I'm %%personality%%

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Who’s your MAMAMOO girlfriend? Feel free to comment below! 🙂

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  • Ing

    I got Solar!!!! Yayyyy!!!

  • aswooi

    Hwasa!! yess queen!!

  • Multi fandom ❤❤

    I got Byuliie

  • Erjona Dembogaj


  • Wheein! Great quiz xoxo

  • molly

    solar, my bias! 🙂

  • SG Lopez

    hwasa! (bias)

  • Geo-nino montoya

    I got hwasa funny enough I can also cook

  • Stan ExO&TwiCe

    I got Solar! Mah bias

  • Nnenna A Irika

    I got Moonbyul. She’s my bias

  • 2018 S1-T1 13 RACHEL CHEANG QI

    Solar,Mah Bias

  • Rosy

    My bias Wheein uwu

  • Nicole Cervantes

    I got Moonbyul… I think our inner Lesbians are connecting 😂 If she’s my GF, can I at least have an affair with Solar? 😍

  • day6deservesbetter

    Wheein,my bias😔💞💞

  • ɴɪᴋɪᴛᴀ

    Moonbyul <3

  • Shilpa George

    Moonbyul, AKA my lovely bias 🙂

  • ARIAdalidalia

    hwasa ooof yesss

  • kimclapz

    Jung Wheein, my bias 😊💖💖

  • Balsilog

    Solar ❣❣❣

  • Klara A-Lind

    Hwasa 😀

  • Ayan Beker

    omg i got my bias yongsun!


    I think they just make our biases our Girlfriends..

  • Mia


  • Jimin’s Jams

    Hwasa isn’t my bias but hey, she’s my bias wrecker! (yes I got her) <3

  • Gooo G

    Solar?? <3

  • taene

    nope, my bias is moonbyul and i got hwasa lol

  • Multifandom Kpop Girl


  • T-Series fucked PewDiePie

    I just said, I am Moonbyul biased and I love the rapp position and they gave me Hwasa? :))) Well, It’s not like I am dissatisfied ^o^

  • T-Series fucked PewDiePie

    lol, the same

  • Kimchi~

    Moonbyul <3 My bias uwuwu
    I love her so much 😀

  • Julie

    i got Moonbyul and i’m happy because she’s my bias and one and only true love <3

  • ɴɪᴋɪᴛᴀ

    I got Hwasa

  • Moi Pc

    I got my Mochi-cheeked Dolphin Solar☀ uwu😭💜💜

  • Kylee

    I‘m Hwasa

    Your girlfriend is Hwasa! You are in love with her amazing body and
    confidence! You do simple things like go to the beach or go shopping.
    You love to cuddle and do cute romantic things. She’ll always show you
    off to all her friends and family when they hang out. Whether you’re
    older or younger, you would pretty much be raising a child. She’s always
    facetiming you just to see your face. She loves making you laugh more
    than anything, even if it means she embarasses herself.

  • Kookies&Cream

    I got Wheein!! She’s my bias too

    Your girlfriend is Wheein! She tries to do cute things for you like cook for you or draw you something cute, but she always fails. You still think its cute though. You go on dates daily. You usually walk by the lake, relax at the beach, or go shopping for things you don’t need! She likes to sing or dance for you whenever you feel sad. She can be shy at times, but she can always be a little weird.

  • Shan-san

    I’m Solar, Wheein and Moonbyul in other quizzes. Here my gf becomes Hwasa 😂

  • ℓight ⚡️✨

    I got Hwasa and she’s my fave in the group so yesss lol

  • Malachi Plummer


  • Namjoon’s Expensive Girl

    I got my bias Hwasa

  • Shuhua is underatted_fact

    KProfiles: Let me tell you who your girlfrend would be.
    Also KProfles: Straight up asks me my bias n Mamamoo.

  • Park beulmyol


  • Zizi

    I got my bias Moonbuyl