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Which Boy Group Fits The Cute Concept The Best?

Which Boy Group Fits The Cute Concept The Best?
Korean cute boy group concept
Let’s see which of the following boy groups fit the cute concept the best. Please do let us know what you think. 🙂

ASTRO (Hide&Seek)

Seventeen (Mansae)

NCT DREAM (Chewing Gum)

Pentagon (Naughty Boy)

GOT7 (Just Right)

Teen Top (Lover)

The Boyz (Giddy Up)

NU’EST (Sandy)

Boyfriend (Boyfriend)

Stray Kids (Get Cool)

Super Junior (Cooking? Cooking!)

H.O.T (Candy)

Romeo (MIRO)

Snuper (Platonic Love)

Infinite (Nothing’s Over)

B1A4 (Beautiful Target)

BIG BANG (We Like 2 Party)

VIXX (Girls, why?)

TVXQ! (Balloons)

ZE:A (Watch Out)

HALO (Come On Now)

Block B (HER)

Imfact (Lollipop)

SHINee (Hello)

14U (VVV)

BTS (Go Go)

TXT (Crown)

VeriVery (Ring Ring Ring)

MustB (I Want U)

HNB (You are so Beautiful)

M.O.N.T (Will you be my girlfriend)

NCT 127 (Touch)

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Which boy group fits the cute concept the best?

Which boy group fits the cute concept the best? What’s your opinion? Feel free to share it in comments. 🙂

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  • cntrljinsung

    Astro is like THE cute concept kings.

  • Linnea Boqvist


  • YoonTaeKyung

    Chewing gum, Lollipop and Hide&Seek

  • Kenjⁿᶜᵗ

    NCT and ASTRO

  • Kenjⁿᶜᵗ

    NCT Dream and ASTRO for sure

  • Jocelyn Richell Yu

    H.O.T. for sure!

  • Policy

    Lolipop, Just right, Get Cool

  • C-Ch-Chewing Gum!!

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Add 14U – VVV

  • 14U_OnlyU

    please add 14U.
    they are the kings of cute concept. 🙂

  • 14U_OnlyU

    Yes, i hope the add them. people that do these polls should listen to their readers?

  • embrownie101


  • kpoopqueenie

    VVV by 14U has been added to poll! 🙂

  • kpoopqueenie

    14U (VVV) has been added to poll! 🙂

  • kpoopqueenie

    VVV by 14U has now been added to poll! 🙂

  • Little MinYoongi

    I DIDN’T WATCH YET THE OTHER MVs but for me Got7 is more suitable doing darck concept

  • KimFernanda

    Got7, Stray Kids and Imfact <3 I LOVE YOU IMFACT

  • Maria Grace Aroha

    Go ASTRO! I am very happy that ASTRO is gaining the attention and love they deserve. Fighting! <3

  • Maria Grace Aroha

    And synchronization kings hahhaha


    SHINee hello ad just right got7 seventeen masnae THIS WAS HARD

  • Teagan Freeman

    i dont know why teen top, VIXX and TVXQ tried to do cute concepts when their overall concepts are dark/rock/edgy/fantasy, but, i guess they tried… failed by everyones accord! but tried…


    imfact song was gooood toooooooo omg

  • Reema Almanie

    Tbh NCT dream and Astro are the best when it comes to cute concepts

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Eh, have you watched 14U – VVV?

  • Can’t believe people chose over the kings of the cute concept, Seventeen O_o

  • Ontrixod

    NCT Dream for sure

  • Daboijeu

    Skjakjjj they should’ve put keeper by The Boyz 😭😭

  • Hello

    LMAO Chanwoo from Ikon and Moon in from Astro are both in TVXQ’s Balloon as little kids😙😙😙

  • Anggun OIT

    What will they get, if they win?
    can we vote them for multiple times?

    so, there’s no deadline or such things?

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Isn’t Go Go by BTS Also a cute Concept?

  • Zami Hrahsel

    Stray Kids💖💖💖💖💖

  • kpoopqueenie

    It has been added to the poll! 🙂

  • kpoopqueenie

    They don’t win anything, you can vote as many times as you’d like and there are no deadlines. Just for fun! 🙂

  • Linnea Boqvist

    TXT – Crown
    VeriVery – Ring Ring Ring
    MustB – I Want U
    HNB – You’re so beautiful
    M.O.N.T – Will you be my Girlfriend

    Thanks for your hard work woth this poll😊👍🏽

  • Blair Winget

    I can’t find TXT- crown to vote.. but they are on above options

  • kpoopqueenie

    Each song has been added to the poll. Thank you! 🙂

  • kpoopqueenie

    Sorry about that. It has bee added to the poll!

  • moon cat

    verivry-ring ring ring

  • Rose

    I think you should add Touch by Nct 127 https://media2.giphy.com/media/5vYwHanb6y3HWBQIox/giphy.gif

  • juliette😔👊🏻

    There’s no option for verivery – ring ring ring on the poll

  • kpoopqueenie

    It has been added to the poll!

  • kpoopqueenie

    Sorry about that. It has been added to the poll!

  • Kisame Hoshigaki

    Love GOT7-Just Right❤

  • Rena

    I’m glad NCT Dream is winning because they are younger boys, and the style suits them so well. Not to mention, it’s really the only style they go for.

  • Kpop_Winner_YG

    I pick nct dream chewing gum because there concept is mainly cute and young and I
    them the most out of all of them

  • My Hope My Flower

    And here we have everybody who has no clue wth a cute concept actually is…. there’s a difference between cute and fresh or cool concepts and most of these songs/groups are those and NOT cute concepts. Stop asking for songs to be added just so your group can win because they’re popular if it’s NOT a cute concept!

  • Zhaine Clyde Huang

    Just wondering why EXO is not included in the poll.

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Because they don’t have Any songs with a cute Concept.

    Just wondering Why exo-ls only see Kpop as exo. Exo isn’t the only kpop group. But exo-ls think so. They only see exo and drag other groups down

  • Lulu

    Gogo ain’t cute. It’s fucking annoying.

  • hyunjinsland

    1team- vibe

  • roo_0m

    skz because of that fukcing jEONGIN BOy

  • roo_0m

    nvm. it’s touch because i remembered Yuta.

  • roo_0m
  • I Love Taehyun

    I AGREE! exo-Ls say bad stuff about BTS army but they do the same exact thing. Not every thing is about exo, give credit to the underrated Kpop groups as well because they’re trying their best to get money for their company and themselves.

  • Luna

    Mainly Stray Kids

  • rvlv hyng

    nct dream fits the most since they’re still babies

  • rvlv hyng

    I appologize for my co exo-l But isn’t he just asking/wondering why exo isn’t in the poll?

  • I Love Kaihyun

    I dont remember why I commented this or what they commented but I was sour. I’m sorry

  • Maria Grace Aroha

    Am I the only one having a hard time to choose only three when I want ASTRO, Seventeen, Got7, Stray Kids and TXT at the same time?