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OG School Project Profile and Facts

OG School Project Profile and Facts

OG School Project is a project boy group formed by CUBE and STARSHIP. They are known to be the 13-year old rap geniuses. The members include SMTM’s Jo Woochan, Kpop Star Hunt’s Park Hyunjin and Achillo who are all born on 2005. They were supposed to debut on December 20th of 2017 but was postponed due to a tragedy and was moved to January 5, 2018.

OG School Project Official Fandom Name:
OG School Project Official Fan Colors:

Members Profile:
Jo Woochan 

Name: Jo Woochan (조우찬)
Birthday: January 20, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 164 cm (5’5″)
Company: CUBE Entertainment

Jo Woochan Facts:
-Participated on Show Me The Money 6
-He was the youngest contestant in the show’s history
-Collaborated with Pentagon’s Hui with the song “Wake Me Up” for Hyenas Om the Keyboard
-He has a younger sister
-He appeared in PENTAGON’s Pre-debut “Young” MV on 2016
-He appeared on Jeon Soyeon’s ‘Jelly’ MV
-He said that he is close with Jeon Soyeon and Yoo Seonho. And he also sees Lai Guanlin sometimes (ME&ME)
-He said that in his CUBE audition, he was asked to rap, dance and even sing. (ME&ME)
-He was in a lot of CFs when he was younger
-Even though his looks are cool, he actually has aegyo
(Profile: CUBE TREE (CUBE Trainees) Profiles and Facts)

Park Hyunjin 

Name: Park Hyunjin (박현진)
Birthday: May 24, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Company: STARSHIP Entertainment

Park Hyunjin Facts:
-Participated in KPOP STAR HUNT 6 with Kim Jongseob as BOYFRIEND and won.
-Impressed the show’s judges because of his impressing singing and rapping ability
-Was a former YG Trainee but then terminated his contract to move to Starship
=His favorite number is 6 because he and his partner, Jongseob won Kpop Star “6” (It is stated when he and Jongseob perform on a baseball yard.)
-His favorite drink is chocolate “Jetty” (it was seen on dingo ogz live and it was also on their OGZ MV, the milk that turns into chocolate hihi)
-He can rap, sing and dance
-When he was 4 years old, he was a child model. (many post this on twitter and Instagram)
-He has a 4D personality
-He appeared on Inkigayo together with Jongseob to perform Swing Baby, and the girl they performed with was BLACKPINK Jisoo.
-He collaborated with AKMU, performing BLACKPINK Playing with Fire.
-YG said that he is the next GD (GDragon)
-He can play piano and guitar.


Stage Name: Achillo
Birthday: December 23, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Company: STARSHIP Entertainment

Achillo Facts:
-He is a rapper trainee under Starship Entertainment
-A few days after the band’s debut he was caught into a controversy after someone impersonated him and posted a Facebook comment calling BTS’s RM a “Rap Retard”.
-Achillo’s rap monster controversy was proven false

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Who is your OG School bias?

Latest Korean comeback:

Who is your OG School bias? Do you know more facts about them? Feel free to comment below. 🙂

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  • evening

    my bias is Park Hyunjin but they are all tallented

  • Charlene Cachero

    Bruh, I’m literally the same age as them but look at me, Imma potato

  • Ann Vina

    are you sure they 14 years old(KOREA) . gosh they are so talented rappers. Another dongsaeng kpop idol that completey breaking heart. i’m 19 they ARE 14?!!!

  • YourAss

    Wait they r born 2005? arent they 12/13?

  • Eny

    I’m really sorry about Achillo’s attitude. He calling RM a Rap retard was really disrespectful for a 12 years kid. RM has a hug career behind, which Achillo should at least respect.
    I’m really disappointed because I was interested in this new band and he was my bias

  • dphoeurk

    They’re just a year younger than me I like oppa not Noona UGHH!!!

  • Pearl Amour

    Im questioning my life rn. They r the same age as me and Im just sitting here watching kpop all day xD

  • Danica Marie Go

    sooo im now 4 years older than them i wanna cri

  • ѕтreαм cαllιɴ’ ! 📞

    the namjoon thing is fake, he didn’t actually say it.

  • wenny

    it actually is true. he posted it on his Facebook that RM is a rap retard. then he even replied on his Facebook that is his own opinion and it’s not a big deal if he considers RM as a Rap Retard

  • Angel King

    Technically yes, but in Korea or better yet in their Korean age it is 15. In Korea when you are born you are already one years old and I think they also add another year when it’s new years.

  • Wondergal

    Allkpop is never a reliable source lmao

  • GA JR The Great

    Achillo should be careful of what he says(Or posts anyways), this could damage the image of the group. I’m not trying to be mean or anything, I’m just saying, if you’re a rookie and have little to no experience in the Idol world, you should keep your opinion and thoughts to yourself if you know it’s gonna get you in trouble. But I really do hope for this rookie group to have a successful and bright future. Fighting!

  • Parkdatass Jimin

    actually in Korea you’re just one year older than your normal age so they are 13

  • Riannah M_

    actually Achillo didn’t actually say that allkpop isn’t a very reliable resource for information. Achillo doesn’t have a facebook account it was some kid pretending to be him.

  • quim

    allkpop announced that, but it was a fake news, actually someone used Achillo’s name to post that hateful comment. that person even admitted it.
    some people, really………….

  • YourAss

    achillo doesnt have any social medias.


    Achillo is born December 23 2005

  • Bamie

    No on new year we get one year older

  • Bamie

    That’s weird and disgusting don’t say that about a minor, I’m their age and all of them are older than me and I’m half Korean half black but I don’t say that about them I honestly don’t even like the word Oppa because people use in a disgusting way

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the info, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • jes

    park hyunjin is born on may 24 2005 :’)

  • taehyungie:) 김태형

    If you do the math (current year + year of birth, in this case it’s 2005, then add 1) you will end up with 14. So all three of them are 14 in Korea.

  • dphoeurk

    When you think about it its not that weird. I’m 1 year older than them and I don’t date guys younger than me. I wasn’t using the word oppa in a sexual way and I wouldn’t like the idea of being a noona in a relationship. And it’s cool you’re Korean, I’m Chinese-Cambodian.

  • 혀선 언니

    first of all, why did you even think about dating them? sure your first comment said nothing of the sort but through my limited sight due to the internet’s lack of giving comments emotions, you look like you’re annoyed because they’re younger than you and you think it’s spunk and cute if you date someone older.

  • Bamie

    But why would you say it like that ? When you wrote it out you made it seem you were really upset about that, and no hate I know there isn’t a lot of kpop idols that are young but it makes me feel weird bc of the way people miss use Oppa and it’s werid that’s why I said it was werid and disgusting. Don’t mind me, just my opinion

  • Bamie

    Oh I know, I was telling them we get a year older on new year and yes they are 14 in Korean age

  • Clara711

    Wow… youngest Kpop singers to exist.

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the info, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • Eh Sue

    Woochan😍😍but we’re on the the opposite sides of earth from eachother😭

  • Chrystalyn

    Wtf Im 1 year older than them ahdkabsjsbdjs I feel old😂

  • jes


  • ᴍᴜʟᴛɪғᴀɴᴅᴏᴍᴇʀ ᴀғ

    lmao same 😂😂😂
    I’m finally a “noona” 😂😂😂😂

  • GA JR The Great

    How can you be so sure that it wasn’t him but just anotheri kid pretending to be him?

  • Angel Christine Medina

    I’m just months older than Hyunjin and Achillo lol


    @glinkajimenezakagajr:disqus Every trainees under their companies doesn’t allow to have any social media accounts and also, the one who spread the fake news apologize coz it was fake. Check it out on twitter.


    SAME here! ^_^


    Even though HyunJin, Woochan and ACHILLO don’t literally debut with their own group, I want to give more facts about them 🙂
    HYUNJIN FACTS (my ultimate bias!)
    =His favorite number is 6 because he and his partner, Jongseob won Kpop Star “6” (It is stated when he and Jongseob perform on a baseball yard.)
    =His favorite drink is chocolate “Jetty” (it was seen on dingo ogz live and it was also on their OGZ MV, the milk that turns into chocolate hihi)
    =He can rap, sing and dance
    =When he was 4 years old, he was a child model. (many post this on twitter and Instagram)
    =He has a 4D personality (According to what I’ve watch on their interviews, he is always like 5 years old LOL. But maybe he would change when he grow up. 🙂 )
    =He appeared on Inkigayo together with Jongseob to perform Swing Baby, and the girl they performed with was BLACKPINK Jisoo.
    =He collaborated with AKMU, performing BLACKPINK Playing with Fire.
    =YG said that he is the next GD (GDragon)
    =He can play piano and guitar.
    FUN FACTS (Please don’t mind ^^)
    =I was only a year older than him.
    =He looks like my crush^^
    =He’s favorite foods are snacks. (According to ME&ME Vlive.)
    =His favorite colors are Black and White. (ME&ME vlive)
    ACHILLO FACTS (my baby madclown)
    =He has a group called “Brilliant Chillin Town” (YouTube)
    =He appeared in Show Me the Money6 for just one time. (Instagram, twitter)
    =Even though he looks cute, he performs cooler and swagger than he looks.
    =He’s real name is Hyun Seonoong (I don’t know why he used to be called ACHILLO all the time. It is stated on twitter and on the controversy conversation on facebook.)

  • Kitty TFM

    Nope, G.Story (debuted in 2010, unofficially disbanded soon after) were much younger. Their debut was actually the reason that broadcasting companies added new regulations.

  • Memesol Vernon Choi

    I’m a day older than Woochan loll

  • GA JR The Great

    Ah, thank you then! I wish the best for this extremely young boy group.

  • Lala

    Owo, I’m 3 days youngest than Woochan.

  • Mahzabin Naruse

    lmao “I wouldn’t like the idea of being a noona in a relationship” ? So you start stanning a band because you think you can date them? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/af068e5eb771b287321d5009c433c594489ff0d01e0f34bf0ef07292bb4d4d9b.jpg

  • Chrystalyn


  • Chrystalyn


  • seisgf



    Omg! Woochan is 12 days older than me,but look at me still a potato 😂Lol

  • Jung Areum

    Im am still younger then all of them

  • OkxyAmi

    same xD

  • Megha Gopaldas

    can you please add that achillo’s rap monster controversy was proven false

  • angie

    but it already says that someone impersonated him so it’s not his fault o__o

  • Kim Haneul

    lol!! THAT right there about the controversy, that’s how I got into OG School… XD <3

  • Ann Vina

    sorry i meant 14 years old (korea) 13years old international

  • hanjisungsforehead

    yess me too i was born in august of 04 and this is the first time I have ever been considered a ‘noona’. i was always tired of them being too old for me, but now that I am older I feel creepy.. lolollol

  • SplatterXD

    I’m 4 months older than Achillo. Oh my god

  • 안하늘

    i’m a noona now :””

  • Piggy22Woiseu

    THANKS!!! Already have been added

  • Piggy22Woiseu

    You are given credits to the post ^_^

  • I’m weirdd

    Wait what happened it says there was a tragedy (Im not into them… Yet)

  • rayna

    im older than all 3 of them lmao but only by a couple of months

  • Raynanana

    Achillo is born on my exact birthday!! Lol 2005 gen and December 23 born!! Yessss

  • WhiteKimchi

    Im born in 05 too and my birthday is on June 9. Woochan is literally like the same exact height as me. o.o

  • n 🥕

    I thought they’d a 03 liner but I was wrong. I was shocked as they were a 05 liner. These kids are very talented.

  • hayden💗

    i’m 2 years older than them omg

  • Hyungwonsbabe

    Wow I’m a lot older than them TT that’s a first ;;;

  • Kpop girl just wondering aroun

    I was born on may 22 2005 older then 2 of them 😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • Gabby Pham

    I’m older than all of them but they’re the same age as my younger sister

  • Chrystalyn

    Yeah HAHAA😂 I don’t want to be a noona😂 ajsjasjsbs

  • -☆

    They are older than me in 1 yearrrrrrrr kekeke I’ll Stan them

  • Kimchi Cat

    im actually so shook because these guys are the same age as me…and im actually 6 months older than achillo im-
    i totally love and support them tho~

  • Kimchi Cat

    bish same

  • mmakkii


  • Han Mi

    okay I’m 1 year older than them,but they could rap and do some cool stuffs right there. Meanwhile me,I can’t even rap either sing and to make it worse I look like a potato.

  • Wendy_juseyo

    Jo Woochan is one month older than me XD

  • V4 Fukase

    im like 2 years older than them and they’re already succeeding in life omg

  • Kayla Ely

    I’m an 06 liner

    That’s close enough, I’ll stan them

  • Maike W

    They are 5 years younger than me and have already achieved more in their lives than me.. congrats haha

  • Renee Alvarado-Berend

    Achillo’s Instagram is

    Hyunjin is also apart of a duo called BoyFriend under his company

  • its Me Ashley

    OMG ima 05 linner too finally found idols my age and Achillo he 23 days younger then me XD

  • Ivet

    I’m like one day older and one centimetre taller than Woochan and I’m sCREAMING

  • Mickey

    thats sad.

    theyre all 3 years younger than me, going places. and then im here, doing nothing

  • Yan an’s Wifeu

    ….and i’m just sitting here like stale potato chip. (._.)

  • ImnotgarbageImtrashKpoptrash

    I’m like 1 year older than them!!!! I have a chance >< not like with BTS, EXO, and GOT7, i love them, but I'm too young for them. 🙁 FYI I almost have the same height as Woochan omg

  • ImnotgarbageImtrashKpoptrash

    Same girl, SAME.

  • meraki

    is this the time where i learn that the talented people are starting to get near my age. cause i’m 1 year younger than all of them and i still haven’t done anything productive since last week. ;(

  • Renee Alvarado-Berend

    Hyunjin has braces!!

  • Mitzuki Tenpouin

    Gosh… Hyunjin and I have the same birth month, and are the same age…while he is getting a good career, I’m at home doing nothing…

  • 蝴蝶🍇

    Im.. 15 days older than Woochan hehe. They’re amazing im-

    Can Hyunjin accept a noona? 😆😆

    Jk :v

  • Kalina_Min-Yoongi


  • Kalina_Min-Yoongi

    Happy Really Really ReaLLy Early Birthday!!

  • Kalina_Min-Yoongi

    Happy birthday

  • Kalina_Min-Yoongi

    I’m 3 months older than him

  • Kalina_Min-Yoongi

    LMFAO SAMEEE~~~~ and your older than me by a month and 4 days……. I think wait .. yeah it is …my b-day is September 5-10 sorry I don’t wanna say the exact day you can figure it out though

  • Keely Pirate

    I feel old. They’re all 6 years younger than I am..

  • MemeJaebum FAM

    Gonna stan! They are so cute

  • Samantha

    There one year older than me

  • ILoveKPop

    I am the same age as them and all I do is listen to kpop, watch netfilx, make videos and other things while they are kpop stars.

  • infru

    i’m just 9 days older than Jo Woochan. Welp ;d

  • seisgf

    theyre younger than my younger siblings, god i feel so old…

  • 843n3

    My little brother is the same age as them. Oh my. A day younger than Woochan too. I’m two years older…what am I doing with my life?

  • Kpop

    Woah that’s funny bc I’m 4 DAYS younger lol

  • Kpop


  • Lizbeth Ramirez


  • Lizbeth Ramirez

    I cant believe im 1 year younger than them!!

  • kim taehyung

    im three days older than woochan. i’m not ready to be a noona yet

  • 시퀀스 검색

    I am 366 days older than Achillo… sad

  • jisungseoul

    girl i feel u, looking at all the other comments too

  • MasterSly

    I’m one year older than them

  • Dae-dae Aniag


  • Dae-dae Aniag

    when will they do a combackkkk?! goshhh I got chills when i watched the MV

  • OkxyAmi


  • A-young

    i’m younger then theme in some mounth but older than Park Hyunjin in some days

  • Clara711

    What your native language @Eny

    I’m really sorry about Achillo’s attitude. Calling RM a Rap retard was really disrespectful for a 12-year-old kid. RM has a huge career behind, which Achillo should at least respect.
    I’m really disappointed because I was interested in this new band and he was my bias.

  • abigail hoeskstra

    Omgsh baby stans are all in these comments, im glad that y’all finally have a group that is your age!!! Im an ’01 liner so all the groups debuting right now are either my age or younger than me so its weird being a noona lol. Im so used to groups like shinee and bts who have members almost 10 years older than me so i cant imagine what its been like for all of you!! Another group that is around this age group is called BOYSTORY and they are from jyp. Also a great group 🙂

  • eunyou03

    oml. I’m 2 years older than them. they are the same age as my brother. omg that feels so weird. Imagining my younger brother as an idol. please no.

  • Leysia

    Freaking heck man…. they are a decade younger than me. Talk about feeling old…

  • Mei

    Achillo and Hyunjin released a new song called Bucket list still under the og school project

  • Naé-Naé Productions

    HyunJin has braces!
    it’s seen quite easily in their Vlives and in the OGZ MV Making video
    Woochan is also currently living in LA
    (i forgot what show it was announced on but he sent a video of himself to those who were on SMTM6 saying he was staying in LA and it wasn’t long ago he announced it)

  • Jangmi Moon

    When I saw when they debuted it made me smile cause they debuted on my birthday

  • Toria San

    He was nt living in LA but traveling during his vacation but he came back to participate in the next video (actually is a one ep special bit or had 2 parts broadcasted separately) of the smtm6 especial nd killa tried to talk to him in english but woochanie laughted saying he didn’t learn much yet, he got way taller thought

  • Hyunjin really likes blackpink, especially Rose

  • It’s a bit sad that Hyunjin and Jongseop couldn’t be be together 🙁 They had good chemisty. Now Hyunjin is training in Starship and Jongseop in YG (and is currently in YGTB, but it seems unlikely for him to debut yet)

  • Raynanana

    Awww thx haha UWU

  • CandraDee

    This is late, but I’m assuming it had to do with the death of SHINee’s Jonghyun. He passed away two days before their original debut date so they probably pushed it back do to everyone mourning.

  • I.M

    I’m only 1 month older then the youngest one

  • Rea

    Achillo’s birth name is Hyun Seonoong or Hyun Sunwong, but this is most likely to be a rumor.
    Achillo – 아칠로
    Hyun Seonoong – 현서눙
    Hyun Sunwong – 현순웡

  • They released one bop and fell off the face of the earth. 🙁

  • Rea

    b o n u s f a c t s
    Jo Woochan’s height is now 171 cm/5’7, please update. (However I don’t know where I saw it)
    Achillo birth name is Hyun Seon Woong = 현선웅
    Achillo and Hyunjin had a comeback last September called “Bucket List”
    I saw that Hyunjin has braces, however they are transparent and it’s not kinda obvious.

  • Yeet_Kpop_life

    What was the tragedy??

  • ✨💘✨

    it was around the time when Jonghyun passed away…


    I finally found out about the truth that it was false

  • Kang Daniel

    You guys should update this page

  • Lucas_22

    Yass finaally 2005 im heeerrrree

  • Ish Nami

    e and lo ave te sae y

  • 柳渡なべ (Ryu Watanabe)


  • 柳渡なべ (Ryu Watanabe)

    Now they’re like in their 20’s (G. Story), and Chinese jyp group boy story is younger (2004 – 2007) same as yuehua boys (2004 – 2007). But the youngest record goes to LiSo/Little sonyeondan (2005 – 2009) under Rainbow/RBW, just look up their song “Hit Me”.

    I don’t know if Na Ha-eun counts, she’s an online dancer sensation and is a ’09 liner. While me here is a ’06 liner and is a stale potato.

  • Ik I watched the show 🙁 I knew from almost the beginning he won’t make it. He got so little screen time and is really young so YG probably “save” him for next gen YG bg

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