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Jang Nara Profile and Facts

Jang Nara Profile
Jang Nara
Jang Nara (장나라) is a South Korean K-pop and C-pop singer, record producer and actress. She debuted in 2001. [Photo: Rawon Culture, 2021]

Birth Name: Jang Nara (장나라)
Birthday: 18 March 1981
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Nationality: South Korean
Height: 163 cm (5’4″)
Weight: 39–42 kg (86–93 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Management: Rawon Culture
Website: www.narajjang.com
Instagram: @nara0318

Jang Nara Facts:
– Nicknames: Jjangnal (짱날), Nahlhwa (날화), Nalpwa (날퐈).
– Religion: Christian.
– Hobbies: reading, walking, exercising while watching YouTube, Taekwondo.
– Pets: 3 cats and 1 dog.
– Likes: mystery novels, comic books, cola, the color black.
– Education: Chung-ang University (Theater and Film).
– Her father Joo Hoseong (real name Jang Yeongyo) is a voice actor, actor and director.
– Actor Jang Seongwon (b. 1976) is her older brother.
– Actress Jeong Jaeyeon (b. 1979) is her cousin.
– She became a model during high school doing TV ads.
– She can play the flute and piano.
– She entered Chung-ang University in 2000. Due to her career, she took ten years to graduate. The graduation ceremony was held on 19 February 2010. (Chosun)
– She received an alumni association award for her contributions to the school, including for her participation in events that promote it and donations. (ibid.)
– She was a trainee under SM Entertainment for about 4 years. (Chosun)
– She debuted on 2 May 2001 with the song “Burying My Face In Tears” (눈물에 얼굴을 묻는다) from her album First Story.
– Before her role in New Nonstop (2002), she was a VJ in MBC’s Music Camp. (KBS World TV)
– As people did not initially respond to her album, the producer of New Nonstop played her music every chance he got as background music to promote it. (ibid.)
– Her agency Rawon Culture is run by her father. (Sportschosun)
– In 2013, during the shooting of the Chinese drama Red Palanquin (红轿子), she fainted due to “work overload”. (Star N News)
– In a 2014 interview on SBS’s Healing Camp, she revealed that she suffered from panic disorders, bulimia, acrophobia, irritable bowel syndrome and stomach ulcers. (Korean Herald, Newsen)
– She went on hiatus from her singing activities in 2014 because of her stage fright and she focused on her acting. (Mudeung Ilbo)
– She does lots of charity work. In 2004, she sent 200 million won of powdered milk to North Korean children. (Sportschosun)
– She also established a US$10,000 Jang Nara scholarship foundation in the Philippines. (ibid.)
– In 2017, it was reported that as of 2009 she had donated 13 billion won to various charities since 2001. (Sports Seoul)
– As a guest on Happy Together Ep.402 (June 2015), she said that she can’t cook well. (KBS World TV)
– Her father initially suggested that she work in China for 2 months doing a drama and she thought it would be a good experience. But due to working with good people and getting more work, she continued working there for 10 years. (ibid.)
– She had difficulty adjusting to life in China during her first year there, suffering from diarrhea.
– She is not good at drinking. (Yonhap)
– Known for her youthful appearance, she is often asked what her secret is. She typically answers that it is genetics, that she uses makeup without which she does look her age, and tries to take care of herself. (Dramabeans)
– When asked what she looks for when deciding on a project, she indicated that she takes a holistic view, looking at what message the drama is trying to convey and what the story is. (ibid.)
– During All the Butlers Ep.87–88 (September 2019), VIP co-star Lee Sangyoon asked, “What is true friendship?” She answered, “It’s like a stone tower. It has round stones and square ones, and they don’t fit perfectly but you pile them up carefully hoping it doesn’t fall down.” (SBS)
– She does not impulsively buy things. Although she might impulsively add items to the cart, she thinks hard before making the purchase. She once added 24 rubber gloves. (KOCOWA TV)
– She would choose love over work. (ibid.)
– In April 2020, she became a model for CharmZone cosmetics. (Ten Asia)
– As of 2021, she has released 9 solo studio albums (6 Korean and 3 Chinese) and at least 12 singles, including featuring in 6 soundtracks.
– She went through months of training in preparation for the action in Sell Your Haunted House (대박부동산). (Chosunilbo)
– In June 2022, she married her non-celebrity boyfriend, who is 6 years younger, after dating for 2 years. (website message)
– Her husband is a cinematographer and they met during filming, but he initially wasn’t interested in her. (tvN You Quiz on the Block)
– She initiated contact after filming finished by sending him some company photos. Ultimately, she confessed first. (ibid.)
– She used to think “I have to work” but she has changed her thinking since her late-30s, that being happy is more important. (the edit)
– She selects her dramas based on its message while being “fun” and showing something new.
– She likes action and thriller genres and wants to do more of those.
– She loves dramas rather than films as she doesn’t connect to the latter. As a child, she liked The X-Files.
– If she could eat one food before dying: cake.
– Favorite restaurant: a pork rib restaurant in her neighborhood.
– She barely listens to music these days [Nov 2023], but she likes IU’s songs.
– When asked about her married life, she answered, among other things, that “it feels like my best friend is always at home”. (ibid.)
Ideal Type (~2007 interview): “How much they like me. That’s the most important. The next thing, marriage isn’t just between the two people. It’s also a tie between families. … How well he handles that situation, how respectful he is … These are very important aspects. I’d be very grateful if he is tall too!” (Showbiz Extra)

Jang Nara Dramas:
Good Partner (굿파트너) | 2024 | Cha Eunkyung
My Happy Ending (나의 해피엔드) | 2023 | Seo Jaewon
Family: The Unbreakable Bond (패밀리) | 2023 | Kang Yoora
Cheer Up (치얼업) | 2022 | Na Jungsun (guest)
Sell Your Haunted House (대박부동산) | 2021 | Hong Jiah
Oh My Baby (오 마이 베이비) | 2020 | Jang Hari
VIP | 2019 | Na Jungsun
The Last Empress (황후의 품격) | SBS / 2018 | Oh Sunni
Housewife Detective (열혈주부 명탐정) | 2017 | Myung Yoojin
Go Back Couple (고백부부) | KBS2 / 2017 | Ma Jinjoo
One More Happy Ending (한번 더 해피엔딩) | MBC / 2016 | Han Mimo
Hello Monster (너를 기억해) | KBS2 / 2015 | Cha Jiahn
Mr Back (미스터백) | MBC / 2014 | Eun Hasoo
Fated to Love You (운명처럼 널 사랑해) | MBC / 2014 | Kim Miyoung
Red Palanquin (红轿子) | 2013 | Litty
School 2013 (학교 2013) | KBS2 / 2012 | Jung Injae
Racecourse (跑马场) | 2012 | Song Ye Qiu Zi
Baby-faced Beauty (동안미녀) | KBS2 /2011 | Lee Soyoung
Unruly Qiao (刁蛮俏御医) | 2011 | Tian Qi
Iron Masked Singer (铁面歌女) | 2010 | Hu Die/Hu Yin Yin
Good Morning Shanghai (纯白之恋) | 2007 | You Hao Yun
Wedding (웨딩) | KBS2 / 2005 | Lee Sena
My Bratty Princess (刁蛮公主) | 2005 | Situ Jing
Love is All Around (사랑을 할꺼야) | MBC / 2004 | Jin Bora
Bright Girl’s Success (명랑소녀 성공기) | SBS / 2002 | Cha Yangsoon
My Love Patzzi (내 사랑 팥쥐) | MBC / 2002 | Yang Songyi
New Nonstop (season 2) | MBC / 2002 | Herself

Jang Nara Films:
Polaroid (폴라로이드) | 2015
Drama Festival 2014: Old Goodbye (오래된 안녕) | 2014 MBC TV movie | Han Chaehee
Whoever (愛誰誰) | 2012 | Ya Wen
Flying With You (一起飞) | 2012 | Baby
Sky and Ocean (하늘과 바다) | 2009 | Ha Neul
55Size | 2009 | Seryeon
Oh! Happy Day (오! 해피데이) | 2003 | Gong Heeji

Jang Nara Solo Albums:
Journey of Love (爱的旅途) 2012
Dream of Asia (2008)
She (2007)
Gong Fu (功夫) (2005)
One (一张) (2005)
My Story (나의 이야기) (2004)
3rd Story (2003)
Sweet Dream (2002)
First Story (2001)

Jang Nara MVs:
“Smiling Goodbye” (웃으며 안녕) | Lee Sukhoon – 2009

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