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ONE A DAY Members Profiles

ONE A DAY Members Profile and Facts

ONE A DAY (원어데이) (Formerly known as CNT (씨엔티)) is a Pre-Debut South Korean boy group. The group consisted of 4 members: Sangwoo, Sangmin, Seonghun & J. The group’s social media’s has been inactive since 2020, and Seonghun & J have joined DUSTIN so it seems that they have secretly disbanded between August & September.

ONE A DAY Fandom Name:
ONE A DAY Fan Color:

ONE A DAY Official Accounts:
Instagram: one_a_day_official
TikTok: oneaday_official

ONE A DAY Members Profile:

Stage Name: Sangwoo (상우)
Birth Name:
Oh Sangwoo (오상우)
Birthday: January 5, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 178cm (5’10″)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: O.sang_woo

Sangwoo Facts
-Sangwoo is a former Member of Must B, Pure Boys, Blast, Underdog, and Hi5.
-He has auditioned for over 40 companies and passed most of them, but never signed to any because he wanted to see if he could pass the auditions.
-He used to be a model for online shopping.
-Specialty: Acting, MC and Ballet.


Stage Name: Sangmin (상민)
Birth Name:
Woo Sangmin (우상민)
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: –
Instagram: one_a_daysangmin
Twitter: Eastone_sangmin

Sangmin Facts
-Sangmin is a former member of EASTONE.

Former Members:

Stage Name: Seonghun (성훈)
Birth Name:
 Kim Seonghun (김성훈)
Birthday: May 14
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 178cm (5’10”)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: ho__woo__
YouTube: howoo호우

Seonghun Facts
-Seonghun is a former member of Like A Movie & CHAZE, under the stage name Howoo.
-Hobby: Basketball.
-Specialties: Composing & Songwriting.
-Seonghun helped compose and write the lyrics for Like A Movie debut song ‘Twilight’.
-Likes: Listening to rap, Sleeping, Exercising, Gaming, Fashion & Watching Movies.
-Favorite Artists: Dok2, Sik-K, Nucksal, Loopy & Microdot.
-His charming points are his eye smile & his body.
-He left Like A Movie in January 2019 due to an injury, he then joined CHAZE because their choreography was easier. He left CHAZE and joined this group around June 2020.
-It is unknown when he left the group. However, he is a current member of the group DUSTIN.


Stage Name: J (제이)
Birth Name:
 Park Seongjun (박성준)
Birthday: September 26, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Blood Type: –
Instagram: psj_0926_
Twitter: eastone_jun

J Facts
-J is a former member of EASTONE, under the stage name Jun.

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