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Kpop Idols Who Are Scorpios

Kpop Idols Who Are Scorpios

Anyone born between October 23rd and November 21st fall under the Scorpio sign. It is the 8th Zodiac and a Water sign. Down below is a list of the idols that are Scorpios.

Female Idols and Trainees
S.E.S‘s Shoo: October 23rd 1981
S#aFla‘s Yujin: October 23rd 1989
Red Queen and TAHITI‘s Ari (Former member): October 23rd 1994
SHA SHA‘s Garam (Former member) October 23rd 1995
gugudan‘s Sally/ BonBon Girls 303‘s Liu Xiening: October 23rd 1996
Charari Danchu‘s Eunhyang: October 23rd 1996
Queendom‘s Heejae: October 23rd 1996
(G)i-dle‘s Minnie: October 23rd 1997
COLOR’s Cui Wenmeixiu (Girl’s Planet 999): October 23rd 1999
Episode‘s SooA: October 23rd 2001
aespa‘s Ningning: October 23rd 2002
BOTOPASSAhyoon: October 23rd 2004
f(x)‘s Krystal: October 24th 1994
ii‘s Dayeon: October 24th 1996
QODES‘ Alpha: October 24th 1997
AiRiSU‘s Yina (Former member): October 24th 1999
XUM‘s Baekah (Former member): October 24th 1999
Lee Jiwoo (My Teenage Girl): October 24th 2005
B.Dolls‘ Taeyoon (Former member): October 25th 1990
HashTag‘s Aeji: October 25th 1999
Lin Shuyun (Girl’s Planet 999): October 25th 2000
DreamNote‘s Miso: October 25th 2000
Q6IX‘s Jaeeun: October 25th 2005
Little Muse’s Lee Jae Eun (CAP-TEEN): October 25th 2009
Various‘ Hyebin (Former member): October 26th 1994
LAYSHA‘s Sia: October 26th 1995
A.N.D.S‘ Rai: October 26th 1996
Chic & Idle and ICU‘s Hayu: October 26th 1998
HKT48 Team TII‘s Tsukiashi Amane (Former member) (Produce 48): October 26th 1999
NiziU‘s Riku (Nizi Project): October 26th 2002
Weeekly‘s Soeun: October 26th 2002
PRITTI-G‘s Sojeong: October 26th 2004
Posh Girls‘ Yejin: October 26th 2004
U.SSO Girl‘s U.Na (Former member): October 26th 2007
4X‘s Bora: October 27th 1991
The SeeYa‘s Yoojin (Former member) (Kpop Star 6): October 27th 1992
The Ark and KHAN‘s Euna Kim (Former member) (Unpretty Rapstar 3, Superstar K3, The Unit): October 27th 1994
Rolling Quartz‘s Jayoung: October 27th 1997
Baby Monsters‘ BerthA: October 27th 2002
AKB48 Team A‘s Chiba Erii (Produce 48, UHSN): October 27th 2003
ABRY‘s Yeji (Former member): October 28th 1994
RendevousKim Seulgi: October 28th 1994
NMB48 and Honey Popcorn‘s Miko Matsuda (Former member): October 28th 1995
Ahn Yeseul (Produce 101, Superstar K4): October 28th 1995
HAIL‘s Gyerin: October 28th 1995
Prizmmy‘s Kubo Reina (Former member) (Girl’s Planet 999): October 28th 1999
Girls’ Alert‘s Seulbi: October 28th 1999
Girls’ Alert‘s Narin (Former member): October 28th 2004
Lee Hyewon (Girl’s Planet 999): October 28th 2004
Hanalog Tempo’s Suen: October 29th 1981
Peach Girl‘s Yuka (Former member): October 29th 1988
LEEBADA: October 29th 1992
As One/AS1‘s Nata (Former member): October 29th 1994
BlingBling‘s Narin: October 29th 2001
SeeYa‘s Kim Yeon Ji (Former member): October 30th 1986
flor_usJinhyeon: October 30th 1995
Die.A Project‘s Jisung (Former member): October 30th 1996
ONO GIRLZ‘s Seeun: October 30th 1997
DreamNote‘s Boni: October 30th 1999
aespa‘s Giselle: October 30th 2000
Lee Haeun (Produce 48): October 30th 2004
Perfume‘s Nayeon: October 30th 2007
Swalla‘s Yena: October 31st 1992
Wassup‘s Jiae (Former member): October 31st 1995
Rolling Quartz‘s Hyunjung: October 31st 1996
Half Moon‘s Hyeonji: October 31st 1997
UNICA‘s Anna (Former member): October 31st 1997
Ggumnamu (WM Girls)/ Dream Tree‘s Yeongin (Produce 48): October 31st 2001
Magic Girl‘s Somang: October 31st 2007
TWICE‘s Jeongyeon: November 1st 1996
Cherry Bullet‘s Kokoro (Former member): November 1st 2000
Rocket Punch‘s Yunkyoung: November 1st 2001
GNZ48 Team G‘s Liang Jiao (Girl’s Planet 999): November 1st 2003
GNZ48 Team Z‘s Liang Qiao (Girl’s Planet 999): November 1st 2003
HOT ISSUE‘s Yebin: November 1st 2004
Brown Eyed Girls‘ Miryo (Unpretty Rapstar 3): November 2nd 1981
Lay-T‘s Daeun (Former member): November 2nd 1985
TREN-D‘s Elly (Former member): November 2nd 1989
YEONHWA: November 2nd 1992
HeyMiss‘ Seonyoung (Former member): November 2nd 1993
TAHITI‘s Sarah (Former member): November 2nd 1993
Heju: November 2nd 1994
ZeroSix‘s Yehwa: November 2nd 1998
CLC‘s Elkie (Former member): November 2nd 1998
Six Bomb‘s Hanbit (Former member): November 3rd 1993
La Chica‘s Gabee: November 3rd 1993
KSGIRLS’ Cai Bing/ Cai Yubing (Girls Planet 999): November 3rd 1995
A-Daily‘s Ziu/UNC’s Jisun: November 3rd 1997
Good Day‘s Lucky/cignature‘s Belle: November 3rd 2001
MISS T‘s Dana: November 4th 1983
Koh Nayoung (Superstar K6): November 4th 1992
ASHA‘s Hyuna (Former member): November 4th 1997
Girls’ Alert‘s Gyeoul (Former member): November 4th 1998
LIGHTSUM‘s Jian: November 4th 2006
Celeb Five‘s Youngmi: November 5th 1983
BoA: November 5th 1986
D.HOLIC‘s Nine (Former member): November 5th 1992
HADY‘s Yerin (Former member): November 5th 1993
PRISTIN‘s Yuha/HINAPIA‘s Gyeongwon (Former member): November 5th 1997
HIGHTEEN‘s Eunjin (Former member) (MIXNINE): November 5th 1998
flor_usHyejeong (Former member): November 5th 1998
Various‘ Yeji (Former member): November 5th 1998
ELRISYukyung: November 5th 1999
HOWZ‘s Wang Ke (Produce 48): November 5th 2000
BChae Lee: November 6th 1986
Baby Boo‘s Shine/Bada (Former member): November 6th 1992
Girl’s Day‘s Yura: November 6th 1992
Cosmic Girls/WJSN‘s EXY (Unpretty Rapstar 2): November 6th 1995
BP POP‘s Yoo Jin (Former member): November 6th 1995
CLC‘s Seungyeon: November 6th 1996
SATURDAY‘s Juyeon: November 6th 2001
PURPLE KISSYuki: November 6th 2002
Zhuang Yihan (My Teenage Girl): November 6th 2006
IVY/ Park Eun Hye: November 7th 1982
Sunny Hill‘s Eunju: November 7th 1988
THE9 and Fanxy Red‘s K Lu (Youth With You 2): November 7th 1995
HAIL‘s Wooji: November 7th 1995
World Dreams‘ Soobin: November 7th 1998
Han Hyejin: November 8th 1965
HEXE‘s Jin/Global Icon‘s Heeso/Blastar, Various and AGirls‘ Jinsil (Former member): November 8th 1991
BADKIZ‘ Lohee (Former member): November 8th 1993
Hi.D‘s Se Yeon (Former member): November 8th 1994
MINITREE’s Kim Jieon: November 8th 1996
APRIL‘s Chaewon (KARA Project): November 8th 1997
BVNDIT‘s Songhee: November 8th 1998
ICHILLIN’‘s E.Ji: November 8th 2000
HOWZ‘ Jihyun: November 8th 2004
Lee Sejin/Lyn: November 9th 1981
Kali: November 9th 1989
LADIES’ CODE‘s Ashley: November 9th 1991
Hwang Seyoung (Produce 101): November 9th 1994
TWICE‘s Momo: November 9th 1996
API’s Saebyeok (Former member): November 9th 1996
SECRET NUMBER‘s Soodam: November 9th 1999
ZZBest‘s Miri/BADKIZ‘ K.Me (Former member): November 10th 1993
GeeGu‘s Gaga: November 10th 1994
As One/AS1‘s Kayan (Former member): November 10th 1995
HIGHTEEN‘s Hyebin: November 10th 1999
SKE48 Team E’s Asai Yuka (Produce 48): November 10th 2003
Baby V.O.X Re.V‘s Myung Sa Rang (Former member): November 11th 1990
BESTie and EXID‘s Haeryung (Former member): November 11th 1994
10X10‘s Jiyoon (Former member): November 11th 1995
BADKIZ and HOT PLACE‘s Sihyun (Former member): November 11th 1997
LOONA‘s Yeojin: November 11th 2002
Ryou Jayhyun (My Teenage Girl): November 11th 2004
Kim Minji (My Teenage Girl): November 11th 2005
2NE1‘s Sandara Park (Former member): November 12th 1984
GAIA‘s Nairu: November 12th 1993
Bloomy‘s Geonyoung/ E.RUDA’s E.DA: November 12th 1994
WhiteDay‘s Jihye/G.I.G‘s GN: November 12th 1999
Kep1er‘s  Shen Xiaoting (Girl’s Planet 999, Produce Camp/Chuang 2020): November 12th 1999
Weki Meki‘s Yoojung (Produce 101): November 12th 1999
BaBa‘s Johwa/ BLAZE‘s Yujin: November 12th 2005
9MUSESBini (Former member): November 13th 1985
Ariyoshi Risa (Produce 101): November 13th 1992
2Wenty’s‘ Seul: November 13th 1993
As One/As1 and iin’s Oli (Former member): November 13th 1993
2EYES‘ Lee Dasom (Former member): November 13th 1993
Bloomy‘s Seoyeon (Former member): November 13th 1996
YJIG‘s Joah/ICU‘s Naye: November 13th 1997
Blue Fox‘s Jiyeon/BADKIZ‘ U-Si (Former member): November 13th 1997
S2‘s Yujeong (The Unit): November 13th 1999
LOONA‘s Olivia Hye: November 13th 2001
G-reyish‘s Yeso: November 13th 2001
NiziU‘s Mayuka (Nizi Project): November 13th 2003
BP POP‘s Jane (Former member): November 14th 1989
BADKIZ‘ BomBom/PIT A PAT‘s Jain (Former member): November 14th 1992
HADY‘s Dayoung (Former member): November 14th 1992
Kim Eunsuh (Sixteen, Idol School): November 14th 2000
PRISTIN‘s Xiyeon (Former member) (Produce 101): November 14th 2000
Rubber Soul‘s Lala/ KAIAVANT: November 15th 1990
1set‘s Whoru: November 15th 1991
RaNia‘s Xia/Ela8te‘s Jinyoung (Former member): November 15th 1993
White Witch‘s Lily/FLASHE and A.B.O.‘s Siyeon (Former member): November 15th 1995
ARIAZHyogyeong (MIXNINE): November 15th 1999
LOONA‘s Hyunjin (MIXNINE): November 15th 2000
TOP GIRL‘s Jion: November 15th 2005
Baby Boo‘s Ha One (Former member): November 16th 1992
Leenzy: November 16th 1995
bugAboo‘s Rainie: November 16th 2000
Cherry Bullet‘s May (Girl’s Planet 999): November 16th 2004
Black Eye‘s Taegyeong (Former member): November 17th 1989
XUM‘s Dayeon (Former member): November 17th 1995
Twinkle‘s Joonhee (Former member): November 17th 1998
ICHILLIN’‘s Jackie: November 17th 2001
U.SSO Girl‘s U.jin (Former member): November 17th 2007
CSVC‘s Stella Jang: November 18th 1991
Flow Sister‘s Hana: November 18th 1991
10X10‘s Rica/Mo.I’s Sia/Yein: November 18th 1995
CLC‘s Sorn: November 18th 1996
Seori: November 18th 1996
Han Byul (Kpop Star 6, CAP-TEEN): November 18th 2005
S2U‘s Soojeong (Former member): November 19th 1990
Queen B’Z‘ Rumi (Former member): November 19th 1996
LovelyzSujeong: November 19th 1997
LOONA‘s Gowon: November 19th 2000
Aratake Rinka (Girl’s Planet 999): November 19th 2003
ALi: November 20th 1984
Queendom‘s Jiyul (Former member): November 20th 1989
nov: November 20th 1990
SWINCLE‘s Jihee (Former member): November 20th 1991
Chic’6 Muscats and Bob Girls‘ Jina/Jaina (Former member): November 20th 1992
BLACKSWAN‘s Youngheun: November 20th 1994
Tiny-G‘s J.Min (Former member): November 20th 1994
BONUSbaby‘s Dayun: November 20th 2000
Kim Inhye (My Teenage Girl): November 20th 2003
MISS T‘s Myeongseon: November 21st 1989
UNI.T and Dal Shabet‘s Woohee (The Unit): November 21st 1991
HADY‘s Areum (Former member): November 21st 1992
Lusty‘s Harin: November 21st 1995
gugudan‘s Soyee (Former member): November 21st 1995
Lusty‘s Junhui: November 21st 1996
4TEN‘s Hye Jin: November 21st 1996
BONUSbaby‘s Hayoon: November 21st 1998
TRI.BE‘s JinHa: November 21st 2003
IVE‘s Liz: November 21st 2004

Male Idols and Trainees
Seo In-guk: October 23rd 1987
Mayson the Soul/Car, the garden: October 23rd 1990
CROSS GENE‘s Shin: October 23rd 1991
A-JAX‘s Seungyeop (Former member): October 23rd 1994
GreatGuys‘ Uiyeon: October 23rd 1996
MAP6‘s Sign: October 24th 1994
ENOi‘s Hamin (Former member): October 24th 1997
Babylon: October 25th 1988
Loude’s Jae Min: October 25th 1988
PENTAGON‘s Yanan: October 25th 1996
Stray KidsLee Know: October 25th 1998
VARSITY‘s Kid (Former member) (MIXNINE): October 26th 1995
NCT and NCT 127‘s Yuta: October 26th 1995
ATEEN‘s Sihyun (Former member): October 26th 1996
WYBH’s Kid Milli (Show me the money, High School Rapper): October 26th 1996
Hoppípolla‘s Kim Youngso (SuperBand): October 26th 2001
TheEastLight‘s SaGang (Former member): October 26th 2002
X1‘s Eunsang (Former member): October 26th 2002
Kiha and the Faces, Nunco Band and Broccoli, you too‘s Hyunho (Former member): October 27th 1984
W24‘s Howon: October 27th 1992
X1 and UP10TION‘s Wooseok: October 27th 1996
Lee Midam (YG Treasure Box, Produce X 101): October 27th 1997
HBY’s Bin (Former member): October 28th 1993
KNK‘s Seoham (MIXNINE): October 28th 1993
NCT and WayV‘s WinWin: October 28th 1997
Jo Kyungmin (I-LAND): October 28th 2004
BLACK6IX‘s Yongseok (Former member): October 29th 1993
CRAXILVER‘s Danny Lee (Super Band 2): November 30th 1990
DRIPPIN‘s Yunseong: October 30th 2000
XENO-T‘s Hojoon (Former member) (The Unit): October 31st 1992
N.Flying‘s Seunghyub: October 31st 1992
Team X and D.A.N‘s Yeon (Former member): October 31st 1997
4MEN’s Yongjae: November 1st 1989
A.Cian‘s Jungsang: November 1st 1990
IMFACT‘s Taeho: November 1st 1993
Lee Chan Won (Mr. Trot): November 1st 1996
KINGDOM‘s Dann: November 1st 1997
BUZZ‘ Woohyun: November 2nd 1981
AWEEK‘s Chawon: November 2nd 1994
AB6IX‘s Woojin (Produce 101): November 2nd 1999
TO1‘s J.You (World Klass): November 2nd 2000
SS501‘s Young Saeng: November 3rd 1986
MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk: November 3rd 1993
The Rose‘s Jaehyeong: November 3rd 1994
NU’EST‘s Ren (Produce 101): November 3rd 1995
HBY’s Jisan (Former member): November 3rd 1999
Just B‘s Sangwoo: November 3rd 2002
Kim Min Seoung (LOUD): November 3rd 2003
BIGBANG‘s T.O.P: November 4th 1987
Tripleme‘s Woojong: November 4th 1988
TEEN TOP‘s C.A.P: November 4th 1992
BLK‘s Ilkyung (Former member): November 4th 1995
THE BOYZSangyeon: November 4th 1996
D-CRUNCH‘s Hyunho: November 4th 1998
Supernova‘s Geonil: November 5th 1985
Lee Si Young (SuperBand): November 5th 1990
Seven O’Clock‘s JeonGyu (Former member): November 5th 1997
THE BOYZQ: November 5th 1998
NTX‘s Seongwon: November 5th 2004
Kris Wu: November 6th 1990
OnlyOneOf‘s Rie: November 6th 1996
UP10TION‘s Sunyoul: November 6th 1996
D-CRUNCH‘s Minhyuk: November 6th 1999
BNF‘s Ha Bin (Former member): November 7th 1991
OMEGA X‘s Taedong (Produce 101): November 7th 1997
SEVENTEEN‘s The8: November 7th 1997
ATEEZHongjoong: November 7th 1998
HOMME‘s Lee Hyun (Former member): November 8th 1983
DAVII: November 8th 1992
IMFACT‘s Jian: November 8th 1993
HBY’s Taro (Former member): November 9th 1994
Like A Movie‘s Woohyuk: November 9th 1995
NTX‘s Gihyun: November 9th 2002
Suren (Under Nineteen): November 9th 2004
VIXX‘s Leo: November 10th 1990
FANXYCHILD‘s DEAN: November 10th 1992
VARSITY‘s Xin (Former member): November 10th 1996
X1 and H&D’s Dohyon (Under Nineteen, Produce X 101): November 10th 2004
Nell‘s Lee Jung Hoon: November 11th 1980
FT ISLAND‘s Minhwan: November 11th 1992
UP10TION‘s Kuhn: November 11th 1995
MBA’s Anngyeungjaebee: November 11th 1996
BXK‘s Inu: November 11th 1999
2Z‘s Jiseob: November 11th 2001
LOUD‘s EunHwi (LOUD): November 11th 2004
A.Cian‘s Sehee (Former member): November 12th 1991
VICTON‘s Byungchan (Produce X 101): November 12th 1997
Lee Inhong (YG Treasure Box): November 12th 2004
Hoppípolla‘s I’ll (SuperBand, King Of Masked Singer): November 13th 1994
ARGON‘s Gon: November 13th 1998
TRCNG‘s Kim Kangmin (Former member) (Extreme Debut: Wild Idol): November 13th 2001
FLY!YAAH‘s Shim Yohan: November 14th 1994
N.O.M‘s J.K: November 15th 1987
B.I.G‘s Minpyo (Former member): November 15th 1994
ENHYPEN‘s Jake (I-LAND): November 15th 2002
ZE:A‘s Hyungsik: November 16th 1991
SPECTRUM‘s Dongkyu (Former member): November 16th 1992
MADTOWN‘s Heojun (Former member): November 16th 1994
ONF‘s MK (No.Mercy): November 16th 1995
TEEN TOP‘s Changjo: November 16th 1995
Supernova‘s Sungje: November 17th 1986
Eric Nam (Birth of a Great Star 2): November 17th 1988
NTB‘s Hyobin: November 17th 1995
Vanner‘s Hyeseong: November 17th 1996
GOT7‘s Kim Yugyeom: November 17th 1997
BECZ‘s You: November 17th 1999
VARSITY‘s Manny (Former member) (MIXNINE): November 17th 2001
B1A4‘s Jinyoung (Former member): November 18th 1991
BZ-Boys’ Lee Hamin (Produce X 101): November 18th 1996
Epik High‘s DJ Tukutz: November 19th 1981
Zetta’s Daon: November 19th 1997
BLITZERS‘ Chris: November 19th 2002
LOUD‘s Choi TaeHun (LOUD): November 19th 2002
P1Harmony‘s Jongseob: November 19th 2005
D.I.P’s Hyeongseong: November 20th 1988
MYNAME‘s Seyong: November 20th 1991
DinDin: November 20th 1991
Golden Child‘s Jaeseok (Former member): November 20th 1995
D-CRUNCH‘s Chanyoung: November 20th 2000
KINGDOM‘s Mujin: November 20th 2000
1THE9 and WEi‘s Junseo (Under Nineteen): November 20th 2001
Shinhwa‘s Dongwan: November 21st 1979
UNB and NewKidd‘s Ji Hansol (The Unit): November 21st 1994
UP10TION‘s Gyujin: November 21st 1997

Made by Grace Rainbow/ fairxyerimx

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