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VIXX Members Profile

VIXX Members Profile: VIXX Facts and Ideal Types

VIXX (빅스) currently consists of 5 members: N, Leo, Ken, Ravi and Hyuk. VIXX debuted on May 24, 2012, under Jellyfish Entertainment. On August 7, 2020, Hongbin‘s departure from the group was announced.

VIXX Fandom Name: ST☆RLIGHT (Starlight)
VIXX Official Fan Color: Navy and Shining Gold

VIXX Official Accounts:
Twitter: @RealVIXX
Facebook: RealVIXX
Instagram: @vixx_stargram

VIXX Members Profile:

Stage Name: N (엔)
Birth Name: Cha Hak Yeon (차학연)
Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Center
Birthday: June 30, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Twitter: @CHA_NNNNN
Instagram: @achahakyeon
Youtube: achahakyeon

N Facts:
– He was born in Changwon, South Korea.
– Family: Dad, mom, an older brother (14 years older), 2 older sisters (one is 12 years older, the other is 4 years older than him)
– Nicknames: N-Jumma, Hacker Cha, Cha Leader, Annoying Cha, N-Mi
– Favorite food: All types of meat, especially Galbi.
– Favorite colors: Red and Black
– Hobbies: Dancing and performing.
– N is considered the “mother” of the group.
– He said that if he were a girl, he’d date fellow VIXX member Ravi because of Ravi’s innocence.
– He acted in a musical called “Kwanghwamun Love Song”.
– He was in a parody band called Big Byung, along with Hyuk, BTOB‘s Sungjae and GOT7’s Jackson.
– He was a cast member of “The Romantic & Idol” Season 2, “The Bachelor Party”, “First Day of Work” Season 3, and “Lipstick Prince” Season 2
– He acted in the dramas: “Hotel King” (2014), “The Family Is Coming” (2015), “Cheer Up!”/”Sassy Go Go” (2015), “Perfect Wife” (2017), “Tunnel” (2017), “Familiar Wife” (2018), “Red Moon, Blue Sun” (2018), “Children Of Nobody” (2018).
– He played in the web-drama “What’s Up With These Kids?” (2016), alongside with Hongbin and AOA’s Chanmi. N played Choi Geum Son (Hongbin’s rival) a boy from a poor background but with an energetic personality.
– He also acted in the musical “In the Heights” as Benny.
– N is a choreograph teacher to Myteen idol group.
– N enlisted on March 4th, 2019.
N’s ideal type is someone kind and wise, like Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun.
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Stage Name: Leo (레오)
Birth Name: Jung Taek Woon (정택운)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: November 10, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 181 cm (5’11″)
Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Sub-Unit: VIXX LR
Twitter: @JUNGTW_LEO ‬
Instagram: @Leo_jungtw

Leo Facts:
– He was born in Seoul (Yangjae-dong).
– Family: Dad, mom, 3 older sisters.
– Nicknames: Magical Voice, Chic Taekwoon, Poker Face Chic, Pinkeu Pinkeu
– Favorite food: Anything
– Favorite color: Blue, White, Black
– Hobbies: Reading fashion magazines and watching Japanese romance films.
– He was member of the National Youth Soccer Players from 2004 to 2007.
– He won various championships in swimming and boxing.
– Leo knows Tae Kwon Do.
– His valuable belonging are the MP3 and the rosary his mother gave him.
– He is ambidextrous (able to write with both hands)
– Leo said that since N is the “mother” then he probably is the “father” of VIXX.
– He wouldn’t go out with any of the members if he were a girl.
– Leo gets extremely embarrassed if he is complimented.
– He is friends with EXO’s Lay.
– He acted in the musicals “Full House” (2014), “Mata Hari” (2016) “Monte Cristo” (2016), “The Last Kiss” (2017), “Elizabeth” (2018), “Marie Antoinette” (2019).
– He had a cameo role in the Korean drama “Glorious Day” (2014)
– Leo made his solo debut on July 31st, 2018, with “Touch & Sketch”.
– On June 17, 2019 he has dropped another album, called “MUSE”.
– Leo enlisted on December 2, 2019.
Leo’s ideal type is someone who he falls in love with at first sight, but not based on looks, but on the feeling.
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Stage Name: Ken (켄)
Birth Name: Lee Jae Hwan (이재환)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: April 6, 1992
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 181 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Twitter: @jaehwany0406
Instagram: @keken_0406

Ken Facts:
– He was born in Jayang-dong, Seoul, South Korea.
– Family: Dad, mom, two older brothers.
– Nicknames: Power Soul Vocalist, Kenchopper, Kenjjuma, 4D Ken, Kenyonce
– Favorite food: Instant foods and chocolate.
– Favorite colors: Black, White
– Hobbies: Drawing, watching/studying gag shows, beatboxing, dancing to other Kpop groups’ songs.
– If he were a girl, he would’t go out with any of his fellow members.
– Ken is best friends with BTS‘s Jin and B1A4‘s Sandeul.
– Ken sang “FOOL” (one of The Legend Of The Blue Sea’s OST), “In The Name of Love” (The Heirs OST) and “When I See You” (Moorim School OST)
– Ken acted in drama “Boarding House no. 24” (2014)
– He acted in the web drama “Tofu Personified”.
– Ken appeared in “Cinderella”, “Chess”, “Boys Over Flowers”, “Hamlet”,”Iron Mask”, “Mephisto”, “Dracula” musicals.
– Ken enlisted on July 6, 2020.
Ken’s ideal type: He doesn’t have an ideal type. He’s open to anyone.
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Stage Name: Ravi (라비)
Birth Name: Kim Won Shik (김원식)
Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
Birthday: February 15, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 183 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Sub-Unit: VIXX LR
Twitter: @RAVI_GTCK
Instagram: @ravithecrackkidz

Ravi Facts:
– He was born in Jamsil-dong, Seoul, South Korea.
– Family: Dad, mom, younger sister
– Nicknames: Lucky Boy
– Favorite Food: Anything
– Favorite colors: Black, White
– Hobbies: Body training
– His most valuable belonging is his lyrics notebook.
– He’s the idol with the 3rd highest number of copyrighted songs. (More than 130 copyrighted songs).
EXO‘s Kai and SHINEE‘s Taemin are Ravi’s best friends.
– If he were a girl, he’d go out with fellow VIXX member N. He says that N is really nice and reliable, so he probably won’t be a cheater.
– He has several tattoos.
– Ravi was a participant on Show Me The Money season 4.
– Ravi has debuted as solo with “Realize” (2017) mini album
– In June 2018 Ravi produced a song for the girl group ELRIS.
– On May 24, 2019 it has been announced that Ravi decided not to renew his contract with Jellyfish Ent.
– Despite not renewing his contract he will continue to promote as a VIXX member.
– In June 2019 he has set up his own hip-hop label, GROOVL1N.
Ravi’s ideal type is a pretty and self-conscious woman.
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Stage Name: Hyuk (혁)
Birth Name: Han Sang Hyuk (한상혁)
Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: July 5, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 185 cm (6’1″)
Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Twitter: @HSangHyuk
Instagram: @hsh0705

Hyuk Facts:
– He was born in Daejeon, South Korea.
– Family: Dad, mom, older sister
– Nicknames: Hyukkie, Hyukawaii, Manhyuk, Jungle Baby, Hyogi
– Favorite food: He doesn’t have just 1 favorite food, but he does like gopchang (stir-fried or grilled intestines (from cattle or pork))
– Favorite colors: Black, White
– Hobbies: Reading
– He used to be very awkward around Leo, and used to be afraid of calling him “hyung”.
– If he were a girl, he’d go out with fellow VIXX member Hongbin.
– He was in a parody band called Big Byung, along with N, BTOB’s Sungjae and GOT7’s Jackson.
– Hyuk has numerous singles, the first being “Boy With A Star”.
– He acted in the Korean movie “Chasing” (2016).
– He is acting in the web drama “Supreme Court” (2017).
– He acted in the Korean drama “The Greatest Show” (2019).
– Hyuk will be making his musical debut in “Eyes of Dawn” (2020).
Hyuk’s ideal type is SISTAR’s Dasom.
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Former Member:

Stage Name: Hongbin (홍빈)
Birth Name: Lee Hong Bin (홍빈)
Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group
Birthday: September 29, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 182 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Twitter: @RedBeans93
Instagram:  @hongbiiiiin93
Youtube: 콩비니TV
Twitch.tv: @waterhyacinth_

Hongbin facts:
– He was born in Jayang-dong, Seoul, South Korea.
– Family: Dad, mom, two older sisters
– Nicknames: Visual Master, Beans, Kong
– Favorite food: Spaghetti, Curry, Korean Sweet and Sour Pork
– Favorite colors: Navy Blue
– Hobbies: Taking photos and playing basketball
– Fans say he resembles to SE7En.
– He loves Overwatch, Hongbin was #7 worldwide on the Overwatch leaderboards.
– If he were a girl, he would go out with Ken because Ken would be fun to be with and also because he wants Ken to sing him songs.
– He has been a fan of Park Hyoshin ever since he was in middle school.
– Hongbin doesn’t like to do aegyo.
– Hongbin is really close with B1A4‘s Gongchan, they once filmed Celebs Bromance together.
– Hongbin acted in Korean dramas: “Glorious Day” (2014), “Moorim School” (2016), “Wednesday 3:30 pm” (2017), “Witch’s Love” (2018), “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” (2018)
– He played in the web-drama “What’s Up With These Kids?” (2016), alongside with N and AOA’s Chanmi. Hongbin played Jin Si Hwan (N’s rival), the troublemaker son of a wealthy family.
– On August 7, 2020, his departure from VIXX & Jellyfish Entertainment was announced following his drunk livestream controversy on Twitch.
Hongbin’s ideal type is Secret’s Hyosung because he loves her smile.
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    Hongbin began his acting career in 2014 in SBS’s romantic drama Glorious Day as Yoo Ji-ho.He has since had a leading role in KBS2’s fantasy action-romance Moorim School (2016) as Wang Chi-ang.

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    Hyuk was cast in a new web drama about the Supreme Court. http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=112&aid=0002947668 They haven’t started filming yet, but it seems he is going to be the male lead. 🙂

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    I am pretty sure Hyuk has a cellphone now since he uses it for Instagram and other social medias.

    Hyuk was cast in a new web drama about the Supreme court. They haven’t started filming yet, but from what I have read he will be the male lead. I had a link to the article but I dont want my comment to get deleted again. xD

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    I’d like to add some things, if that’d help 🙂
    – N was fixed cast in The Bachelor Party, First Day of Work Season 3, and Lipstick Prince Season 2
    – N sang Without You (W OST) with Melody Day’s Yeo Eun
    – N appeared in In The Height musical as Benny
    – N used to have his own radio show ‘VIXX N KPOP’ in 2015
    – N created choreography for G.R.8.U and Light Up The Darkness. He also co-choreograped a song in My Teen’s debut album ‘Take It Off’ as a gift for the junior.
    – Ken acted in drama Boarding House no. 24 (2014)
    – Ken sang In The Name of Love (The Heirs OST) and When I See You (Moorim School OST)
    – Ken appeared in Cinderella, Chess, Boys Over Flowers, and Hamlet musicals
    – Leo appeared in Mata Hari and Monte Cristo musicals
    – Hyuk made his movie screen debut in Chasing (2016)
    – Hyuk’s favorite food is definitely gopchang (lol)
    – Ravi has debuted as solo with Realize (2017) mini album
    – Ravi has a puppy named ‘Butt’ aka ‘BADA$$’
    – Hongbin decided to become a singer after watching a non-celebrity perform at a singing competition. After he auditioned and joined a company, he ended up debuting in the same group as that non-celebrity he first saw (VIXX’s Ken).
    – Hongbin used to live in a buddhist temple as a young monk
    – Hongbin was street-casted by SM several times but he chose to be trainee at Jellyfish because of Park Hyo Shin

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    Hyuk has award for his role in Chasing at the Shanghai International Film Festival also he was the only korean actor who had an award in that festival

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    (This happened 2 years ago) So, when VIXX had their 4th solo tour in the US, when they were on stage in Orlando, they were asked a few questions. One of those questions were, who is your closest celebrity friend. This was their answers:

    N: Ryeowook (Super Junior)
    Leo: Seungho (MBLAQ), Kiseop (U-KISS)
    Ken: Sandeul (B1A4), Jin (BTS)
    Ravi: Kai (EXO), Taemin (SHINee)
    Hongbin: Gongchan (B1A4)
    Hyuk: Jimin (BTS)

    I know some of those people are already mentioned in their profiles, but I just wanted to mention it

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    Ah, I can’t quote/mention the exact source of this because this was mentioned in and was gathered from multiple old interviews of them but I think it needs to be added: N considers himself as the mother of the group. Also, Leo said that since N is the mother then he probably is the father of VIXX.

    (I just randomly think that this needs to be added to VIXX’s profile after reading BtoB’s profile where it mentioned that Eunkwang and Minhyuk are the father and mother of BtoB respectively. Hahaha.)

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    N is also the group’s Center

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    Ken, BTS’s Jin, BTOB’s Eunkwang, and B.A.P’s Youngjae have a gaming group called “We Are The Strongest Idols” because they all have high self-esteem (source: soompi)

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    Leo was in the musical Last Kiss recently with EXO’s Suho. And Hongbin’s height is not 183 cm lol he is around 181 cm.

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    Hongbin’s height is around 181-182cm

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    N and Hyuk had a group way back 2014 together with BTOB’s Sungjae and GOT7’s Jackson named Big Byung. They’re made by Brave Double Tiger (Doni and Coni). They have a song entitled “Stress Come On” and “Ojingeo Doenjang”

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  • Hyuk likes to call himself “the satan/evil maknae”

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  • hyuk is actually 1,85

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    About Ken: “he has won multiple awards for song-writing”. He isn’t even a song-writer!

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    Hongbin is the lead rapper and Hyuk is also the main dancer (vixx themselves are always saying it).
    Ken is also 181cm and Hongbin is 182cm (I don’t remember when they showed it but I believe they said it in some of their vixx tv videos)

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    they said it themselves? please show me a video where they said that Hongbin was the lead rapper and Hyuk was the main dancer, because N it’s the Main Dancer!

  • nirvana

    there are tons of videos. I’m not saying that Hakyeon isn’t the main dancer. I am saying that him AND Hyuk are main dancers. since debut they are ALWAYS saying that hyuk is a main dancer he is even the main main dancer. and kong was always the lead rapper since debut even tho he doesn’t have a lot of rap parts nowadays but after ravi he is the next one to rap. trust me I know vixx better than my actual family and that are facts 🙂

  • nirvana

    giant maknae💕

  • tana

    I remember there was a scene where N even had a solo dance blindfolded because he’s actually the main dancer and the best dancer in VIXX
    also, please check what other VIXX fans think about their dancing:
    the majority think N is the best dancer and then it’s tie between Hyuk and Ravi
    anyway, I love VIXX, so I’m happy to talk to you about them! 😀

  • nirvana

    same vixx is my life💕 sure thing hakyeon is a dance king but hyuk is too. he never had lines in the past cause his position was just main dancer. I just want to add the correct infos to this profile page. vixx themselves are always saying that hyuk und hakyeon are the main dancers and ravi is the lead dancer. they also choreography dances and hyuk does a lot of collab dance choreos etc. It doesn’t really matter what other people/fans think who the main or lead dancer is, it’s important what facts are and what vixx and jellyfish are saying and that is main dancer: N and Hyuk, lead dancer: Ravi 🙂

  • nirvana

    and for kong yes he’s the lead rapper as he is always the one rapping besides ravi especially in the past. and we all know that hyuk can rap too

  • KProfiles

    @melanikh:disqus @tana
    Thank you for the explanations, and for helping improving the profile! 🙂

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  • nirvana

    no problem💗

  • jageunbyulbit (star524)

    Ravi actually said he doesn’t have an ideal type, he’s the same as Leo’s thoughts on it.

  • wannable

    it depends when he said that, because many times they change their ideal types. at an interview they say some things and at another interview they answer something different to the same question (it happened a lot of times). 😀

  • Devin

    If Ken and Leo are the Main Vocalists, then wouldn’t N technically be a Lead Vocalist too since N gets the third most singing lines in Vixx songs?

  • Eliza

    “Chasing” is a movie not a drama 🙂
    And Hyuk is definitely not very awkward around Leo, but he used to be before. Now he tosses him around lol
    Thanks for the profiles ♥

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • exohearts
  • you’re welcome

  • KProfiles

    Thanks for the help, the comeback pics have been updated! 🙂
    Just letting you know that we give credits to anyone who first provides the comeback photos along with the member names. 🙂

  • exohearts
  • KProfiles

    Thanks a lot for providing the alternative pics along with their names. I thought to upload the new pics but the problem is that two of the members are further away in the new pics and their face is barely visible. =/
    By the way, thanks for your help in updating this profile, you received credits in the post! 🙂

  • Elena Morinstal

    they made a comeback yesterday 😉 with “Scientist”

  • anon

    its scentist

  • chim

    it is called scientist on their official pages as well as spotify

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the update, it’s really appreciated! 🙂

  • Cosmo

    nope, it’s called scentist

  • Mico Tajos

    ♥ Visuals

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    So technically they all have the main roles 😍

  • I’m sad

    im sorry whos gbin?

  • awesa

    who are ho and gbin??? lmao im jk, but yeah somethings up.

  • Kookie Died

    OMG me and Leo have the same fave colors I luv Black, Blue, and White

  • maylin

    As I was looking something up about VIXX, I saw that you wrote under their group photo “Ho, gbin” 🙂

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the heads up, it has been corrected! 🙂

  • What a load of hooey.

    It’s Hyogi’s birthday 😀

  • Ice

    I’m not starlight but i kinda like ravi and saw hakyeon in dramas. never thought that hakyeon is 90 liner it so surprising. Blame his babyface for this kkkk

  • wat is luv

    Ravi produced a song for the girl group ELRIS recently!

  • Derya

    Ravi is also good Friends with Timoteo of Hotshot!

  • pepperonizzy

    one of ravi’s nicknames is pepperavi like pepperoni but ravi-ified

  • kimmy

    loool why? does he like pepperoni?? 😀

  • Apple Hanna

    leo will make solo debut this 31st july

  • 💛★LooLeas & Actor Jun Ho★💛


  • starlight_nici 💙


  • starlight_nici 💙

    sameee, after watching Cheer Up/Sassy Go Go, i thought he’s the maknae 😂😂

  • What a load of hooey.

    I’m addicted to Touch and Sketch, help, lol

  • 💛★LooLeas & Actor Jun Ho★💛


  • Min Gaeul

    leo said he has 59 kilos

  • m i n e l l e
  • KProfiles

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  • KProfiles

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  • Millah Milla

    Sorry dear, but leo is taller then hongbin, n kinda same height as ravi, its just because his posture not good, that a little bit bend to foward that he look like shorter i guess..imo ravi n leo is the 2nd tallest in vixx after hyuk being the tallest, then ken n hongbin, n N is the shortest.💕

  • Millah Milla

    In here i only see hongbin is taller then leo…😅

  • lol did anyone else think about the fact that Ken is the only member without a sister?

  • eka-falla

    lol didn’t notice that until I saw your comment 😀

  • Giulia Leonetti

    Another nikname of Leo is head fairy, since everytime he gets shy he lowers his head and covers his face showing the top of his head 🙂

  • ☆vixxscent☆

    The height of Leo is 183cm not 181cm.

  • wei
  • karie <3

    Hongbin also acted in drama, Witch Love : )

  • Jocelyn Yu

    Make a Verivery profile, vixx’s little brother group!

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  • Cookies and Cream

    Leo height is 183cm and will act in musical “Elisabeth” as “Death”. Ken acted as main role in web drama “Tofu Personified” as “Kim Joo Heon” and will act in musical “Iron Mask”. N acted in drama “Familiar Wife” as “Kim Hwan”.

  • wei
  • OhItsLizzie

    Hongbin is nominated for ” the most handsome faces 2018 ”
    idrc about ” the most handsome/beautiful faces ” but just a lil fact.

  • Monbebe/Army/Igot7/Nctzen/Cara

    ken and bts Jin are close friends

  • T

    Hongbin was (idk if he still is) #7 worldwide on the Overwatch leaderboards
    link: http://www.asianjunkie.com/2017/05/20/vixxs-hongbin-is-apparently-some-kind-of-overwatch-prodigy/

  • Taehyungs_Poem

    I’ve seen this a lot but i actually am starting to think that Hyuk is 6’0 foot

  • Rea

    N starred as Lee Eun Ho in the 2018 K-drama, “Red Moon, Blue Sun”.
    Source: http://asianwiki.com/Children_of_Nobody

  • suck my toes

    yeet uwu

  • suck my toes


  • suck my toes

    you suck at eglish uwu.

  • Millah Milla

    N u such a grammar nazi lol. R u happy being like this?? Its show ur personality. In my country english is not 1st language. Same as u will suck at my own languange. English not shows ur intelegenci n mannerism. U r such an example.

  • ladyangel

    why is ravi so underrated? 🙁

  • suck my toes


  • suck my toes


  • disqus_csFXASitMe

    giulia_leonetti I agree

  • nirvana

    but he is as tall as Ravi they compared a lot during LR promotions and he is definitely one of the tallest members in Vixx if you compare them Leo, Ravi and Hyuk are the tallest ones

  • nirvana

    you know that knetz often share their information wrong right. it would’t make sense at all that he’s 1.81cm if you compare him to others

  • kimclapz

    I need a new comeback from these boys

  • Loy Kniga

    Cha Hak Yeon (N) has an YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG3-4DzGRIc1ags-Sk1BqBQ (CHA HAK YEON OFFICIA)

  • KProfiles

    @loykniga:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • Ren Nora

    But Ravi is the only one who has a younger sibling (sister) while others have older sisters and/or brothers

  • lassy

    Hakyeon enlist date is 4th March 🙁

  • KerenLee

    Ravi have a dog name Butt/Badass.

  • Mốc

    I think they are the tallest of all boy groups.

  • Charlene Cachero

    KNK is the tallest.

  • What a load of hooey.

    I unironically like the movie Chasing-

  • What a load of hooey.

    Damn now everyone’s making me look like a midget sjskjss

  • Pink Princess

    N is being enlisted

  • Rosy

    Check KNK LOL

  • Caratlight

    N played in the Drama “Children Of Nobody”

  • mai801

    You didn’t allow me to choose 6 options, I hate you :'( Btw Leo’ve been causing “Lesinset” in men 🙂

  • kimclapz
  • ria

    btw, is this really a comeback or just a special song dedicated to Starlight?

  • Aredhel

    update: hakyeon renamed his YouTube channel to “achahakyeon”

  • bioglar

    Hongbin also appeared in the drama called The smile has left your eyes.

  • G i A

    N already Enlisted last March 4, 2019

  • KProfiles

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    @kimclapz:disqus Thank you for the update! 🙂 As the previous commenter asked, is this a comeback or just a special release?

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  • kimclapz

    i’m pretty sure it’s a song dedicated to the Starlights, but it’s a single, and I think it’s a comeback.
    they haven’t had a comeback in 6 or 7 months if this isn’t considered as a comeback.

  • kimclapz
  • Aredhel

    hongbin has started a YouTube channel!

  • Khantey Chenda Long

    isn’t Leo 183cm?

  • • Gugudan Sejeong said N is mother of their company (Lipstick Prince 2)

    • Gugudan Nayoung said Ravi is take care of gugudan members because Ravi create a song for gugudan like ‘Hate You’ and ‘Do it’ (Lipstick Prince 2)

    • Hongbin and Hyuk are close with Gugudan Sejeong and Nayoung based on N (Lipstick Prince 2)

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    Ravi released a song with Gfriend’s Eunha for pepsi called “Blossom”

  • Sassy Pink

    Ravi is the top 3 idol with the most copyrighted songs in korea

  • Kellee Ann McAdams
  • blinkblink

    Please erase that Hyuk looks similar to BigBang’s Seungri. No matter how you mean it, it’s the best that he’s not associated with that scumbag. It may give out a bad vibe for him to new fans or something.

  • What a load of hooey.

    I agree. I don’t even see any similarities??

  • frida

    N also acted in the musical In the Heights as Benny!

  • Hailz