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Produce 101 Season 2: Where Are They Now?

Produce 101 Season 2: Where Are They Now?

It’s been over a year since the second season of Produce 101 has ended.
Here’s what the nation’s boys have been up to since then and what is coming up for them in the future!

Rank 1: Kang Daniel

Daniel has been the center for Wanna One! Not only does he get the most variety show appearances, he also gets the most CF’s. Fans believe that he’ll debut as a soloist or in a group under the label he and Yoon Jisung have set up, but no matter what he gets up to, the peaches (Daniel’s fan club) will surely love it!

Rank 2: Park Jihoon

Jihoon is one of Wanna One’s rappers and dancers! He also gets a lot of CF’s and variety appearances. After the Wanna One contract, fans think Jihoon’s company Maroo Entertainment will debut him in a boy group in 2019.

Rank 3: Lee Daehwi

Daehwi is Wanna One’s lead vocalist and one of their maknaes! Although not confirmed, many believe that Daehwi with debut with Park Woojin and the boys of MXM’s in a boy group in 2019!

Rank 4: Kim Jaehwan

On Produce 101, Jaehwan was a independent trainee without a company. Once he debuted with Wanna One, he signed a contract with Stone Music Entertainment. Fans believe him to become a singer-songwriter soloist!

Rank 5: Ong Seongwoo

Seongwoo is Wanna One’s lead vocalist and one of their lead dancers. Fans are hoping to see Seongwoo in not only singing and variety, but also acting in the future!

Rank 6: Park Woojin

Woojin is the main rapper and main dancer of Wanna One. Fans think that he will stay with Brand New Music and debut with Daehwi and the MXM members in early 2019.

Rank 7: Lai Guanlin

Guanlin is Wanna One’s rapper, visual and maknae. Cube Entertainment has confirmed him to debut in their new 2019 boy group following Wanna One’s disbandment

Rank 8: Yoon Jisung

Jisung is the leader of Wanna One! Many fans want him to debut along with Kang Daniel in his company! Not yet confirmed, but Jisung has also been in talks of the 2019 musical “The Days” from February 22 to May 6.

Rank 9: Hwang Minhyun

Minhyun is Wanna One’s lead vocalist. After Wanna One, Minhyun is to return to Pledis Entertainment and continue making music with his original group Nu’est.

Rank 10: Bae Jinyoung

Jinyoung is Wanna One’s sub vocalist and visual. Although his company, C9 Entertainment, hasn’t put out an official statement on what’s next for him, K-Wannables have found pictures of other C9 trainees who they believe he’ll debut with.

Rank 11: Ha Sungwoon

The last member of Wanna One is Sungwoon, who’s the groups main vocalist! Before Produce 101, Sungwoon had debuted in Hotshot. Fans believe him to return to Hotshot after Wanna One!

Rank 12: Jung Sewoon

Sewoon debuted as a soloist a few days after the last episode of Produce 101 finished airing. Since then, he’s released 3 mini albums and has released 2 OST’s for “Wok of Love” & “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” and has joined up with former Produce 101 Season 2 contestants, Youngmin, Donghyun and Gwanghyun for YDPP.

Rank 13: Kang Dongho

Dongho has returned to his original group Nu’est and will promote with the remaining 3 members (JR/Jonghyun, Ren/Minki and Aron) under the name Nu’est W (the W standing for Wait [for Minhyun to return])

Rank 14: Kim Jonghyun

Jonghyun has returned to his original group Nu’est and will promote with the remaining 3 (Dongho/Baekho, Ren/Minki and Aron) members under the name Nu’est W (the W standing for Wait [for Minhyun to return]). Jonghyun has also participated in many variety shows and has become a permanent member of the variety show “Night Goblin”

Rank 15: Lim Youngmin

Youngmin (aka my top pick haha) debuted in September 2017 with label mate Donghyun under MXM. He and Donghyun have released 3 mini albums together and have also debuted under YDPP with Sewoon and Gwanghyun! Fans believe that once Daehwi and Woojin return from Wanna One, they’ll debut together!

Rank 16: Ahn Hyungseob

Hyungseob debuted with fellow Yuehua Entertainment member Euiwoong to form HyungseopXEuiwoong with the song “It Will be Good”. Hyungseob has also acted with Produce 101 contestant Yoo Seonho in “Rebel Detectives” and “Rebel Detectives 2”

Rank 17: Yoo Seonho

Seonho has debuted as a soloist in April 2018 with the song “When Spring Comes”. Seonho has also been acting in in “Rebel Detectives” and “Rebel Detectives 2”. Cube Entertainment has confirmed him for their 2019 boy group!

Rank 18: Kim Samuel

Kim Samuel also debuted as a soloist almost immediately after Produce 101 Season 2 finished airing, gaining him to nickname “The 2nd Kim Chungha”! Since then, Samuel has been releasing many songs and acted in “Revenge Note 2”

Rank 19: Ju Haknyeon

Ju Haknyeon debuted under Cre.ker Entertainment with The Boyz! The group has so far released 4 mini albums (as of November 2018) and have received 4 rookie awards.

Rank 20: Choi Minki

Minki has returned to his original group Nu’est and will promote with the remaining 3 members (Dongho/Baekho, Jonghyun/JR and Aron) under the name Nu’est W (the W standing for Wait [for Minhyun to return])

Rank 21: Kim Yongguk/Jin Longguo

On October 18, 2019, Yonnguk debuted in the Produce 101’s fan made project group JBJ. After JBJ’s disbandment, Yongguo debuted again with fellow label mate and Produce 101 contestant Shihyun in Longguo&Shihyun. Yongguk is now a soloist and MC on “The Show”

Rank 22: Kwon Hyunbin

After Produce 101, Hyunbin debuted in JBJ. In February 2018, YG K+ (The company Hyunbin joined the show with) confirmed that he would be double-managed under YG K+ and YG Entertainment. Fans hope to see Hyunbin making more music and also model more.

Rank 23:Lee Euiwoong

Euiwoong debuted with Ahn Hyungseob and formed HyungseobxEuiwoong with the song “It Will be Good”. Since then, the duo has made multiple comebacks and are possibly preparing for a Yuehua trainee debut!

Rank 24: Takada Kenta

Kenta debuted on October 18 with JBJ. Kenta was a bit inactive after the disbandment, but has now re-debuted with fellow JBJ member Sanggyun in JBJ95

Rank 25: Noh Taehyun

After Produce 101 ended, Taehyun returned to former group Hotshot for the song “Jelly”. Then 3 months later, Taehyun debuted as the leader of JBJ. He has now returned to Hotshot!

Rank 26: Kim Sanggyun

Sanggyun debuted with JBJ. After JBJ’s disbandment, fans thought he would return to his original group ToppDogg (XENO-T) but his company confirmed he would return to the agency, but not the group. Sanggyun has re-debuted with Kenta in JBJ95

Rank 27: Jang Moonbok

Jang Moonbok has since been included in many CF’s and advertisements. He debuted on July 1, 2016 under the name JMVOK with the single Hip Hop President under ONO Entertainment.

Rank 28: Kim Donghyun

Donghyun debuted in September 2017 with label mate Youngmin under MXM. He and Youngmin have released 3 mini albums together and have also debuted under YDPP with Sewoon and Gwanghyun! Fans believe that once Daehwi and Woojin return from Wanna One, they’ll debut together!

Rank 29: Kim Donghan

Donghan debuted as the maknae of JBJ. After their disbandment, Donghan debuted as a soloist with the song “Sunset” and has made his first comeback in October 2018!

Rank 30: Kim Taedong

Taedong was originally supposed to debut along with JBJ, but because of conflicts with his company The Vibe Label (now known as Major9), he couldn’t. Although he has reconciled with the company, he hasn’t be inactive making music but fans hope for him to debut in a group or as a soloist.

Rank 31: Seo Sunghyuk

Sunghyuk debuted in the group RAINZ which was made up of eliminated Produce 101 Season 2 trainees. Since the disbandment of RAINZ, Sunghyuk has returned to his company KISS Entertainment.

Rank 32: Kim Yehyun

After Produce, many fans assumed he would debut with the group SNUPER, but that was denied and cleared up by Yehyun himself. Yehyun has left his company WIDMAY Entertainment

Rank 33: Lee Keonhee

Keonhee returned to RBW Entertainment and has been training to debut. He debuted with ONEUS on January 9, 2019

Rank 34: Lee Woojin

After Broduce, Woojin returned to Media Line Entertainment as a trainee. About 2 months later, Woojin debuted as the newest member of The East Light

Rank 35: Park Woodam

Woodam debuted as a member of HNB (Happy Face Next Boys). HNB recently released a new digital single called “You’re So Pretty”

Rank 36: Jung Dongsoo

Dongsoo debuted with fellow Produce contestant Kim Namhyung (Rank 52) under the name AA.

Rank 37: Park Sungwoo

After Produce 101, Sungwoo began taking acting lessons. His first acting role was in “Crushes: Special Edition”

Rank 38: Hong Eunki

Eunki debuted as a member of RAINZ. In May 2018, Eunki was casted back in encore of the play “Yeodo”

Rank 39: Yoo Hoeseung

After he was eliminated from Produce 101, Hoeseung was added as the 5th member of N.Flying.

Rank 40: Woo Jinyoung

Jinyoung was a contestant on the YG Entertainment show Mix Nine where he ranked 1st with a promise to debut in a 9-member group for 9 months. YG never ended up debuting the group, so his company Happy Face Entertainment is in an active lawsuit against YG Entertainment. Besides that, Jinyoung is a member of HNB (Happy Face New Boys) and has recently released a new single called “You’re So Pretty”

Rank 41: Joo Jinwoo

Jinwoo left his original company MMO Entertainment and signed under the acting company, Finecut Entertainment. In July 2018, Jinwoo debuted as a soloist with the song “Ever”

Rank 42: Yeo Hwanwoong

Hwanwoong returned to RBW Entertainment and has been training to debut. He debuted on January 9, 2019 with ONEUS

Rank 43: Justin Hwang

Justin returned to China to compete in the show Idol Producer where he ranked 4th and debuted in group Nine Percent. He also debuted in Yuehua trainee group NEX7

Rank 44: Lee Gwanghyun

Gwanghyun debuted with fellow Starship trainee Sewoon & MXM members Youngmin and Donghyun under YDPP. Some fans are assuming he’ll debut under Starship’s uncoming boy group

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  • Jocelyn Yu

    Kim Taemin is currently and only an actor.

  • Nora

    Justin Huang (Rank 43): After Produce 101, he went onto the Chinese version of the program called Idol Producer. On this show, he ranked #4 with over 14 million votes, letting him debut as a member of the project group Nine Percent.

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    Can you do produce 101 season 1 also?

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    And Jung Jung (Zhu Zheng Ting) leader of NEX7 and member of Nine Percent

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    hi! yes, one of our authors is working on it right now! it should be on the site within the next few weeks 🙂 -sam (thughaotrash)

  • Sesyl

    Believe or not, but Nu’est are the true winner of Produce… and next year, with Minhyun, it will be more obvious

  • Elle

    Wasn’t Xeno-t? 😂 xeno-x didn’t give the right vibe of some kind of medicine-

  • @peachypcyeol

    justin: after pd101 he joined idol producer which aired early 2018. he came 4th and is now in Nine Percent. He also debuted in NEX7 which is a group with fellow Yuehua chinese trainees.
    jung jung: exactly the same as justin, but zhengting came 6th on the show

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    they will flop and disband. dont expect too much from a failed group like nuest.

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    Yes of course, keep living in your fantasy world where Nu’est are a failed group, we don’t need you people like you here in the real world

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    woo jinyoung, park woodam, and cho yonggeun are in the debut lineup for hnb

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    I (the author of Season One’s post) plan to once a few more of the Korean contestants have debuted! Right now it’s just IZONE, Haesol, Doah, Jieun and Goeun, and Haeyoon who’ve debuted or are in a debut lineup.

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    thanks for pointing it out! it’s been fixed! 🙂 (thughaotrash)

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  • hzo389

    Even though he left early in the show, Shihyun (formerly part of Longguo&Shihyun) is currently participating in Under Nineteen.

  • Sesyl

    Get ready beacuse mid-march Nu’est will be back as 5, with a digital single prior to their first Korean concert with the full line up

  • Rama TBZ

    TheB’s are lucky cause the cutest boy JuHaknyeon in our group “THE BOYZ”

  • Rama TBZ

    u have to update that “the boyz have received 4 rookie awards.”
    it’s 6 now
    1. Male Rookie Idol of the Year (KBA)
    2. New Hallyu Rookie Award (Soribada)
    3. Male Rookie of the Year Award (AAA)
    4. Best New Male Artist Award (MMA)
    5. Rookie of the Year (KPMA)
    6. World Rookie Award (Gaon Chart)
    n Global Rookie Top 5 in (vlive awards)

  • Anime

    Lai Guanlin is set to be part of a duo unit along side fellow labelmate, Pentagon’s Wooseok.
    Kim Jisung has released a song, and Sungwoon has as well.

  • hzo389

    1. Jisung made his solo debut on February 20 with the album ‘Aside’.
    2. Sungwoon released his first solo single, ‘Bird’.
    3. The East Light disbanded in October 2018.
    4. Sanggyun left Hunus Entertainment and has signed a contract with Star Road Entertainment, which is the company that manages Kenta. Basically, having both members in the same company, will be better for the group in management and promotions.
    5. Shihyun was on Under19 but failed to make it into the top 9.
    6. Sungwoon is back with Hotshot. It’s not that he may or may not return.
    7. Wooseok X Guanlin debuted as a duo with their first mini album “9801”.

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    KIM JAEHAN (former MMO Enter. trainee), final rank #81. In 2018, he debuted as a member of the boy group SPECTRUM under WYNN Entertainment. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e3efd7eeb7e083774dbdf480752f1bd2c8d4bb21c93ae2a81e4ffbff3eceba62.jpg