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Ji Hansol (ex. New Kidd) Profile and Facts

Ji Hansol (ex. New Kidd) Profile: Ji Hansol Facts
Ji Hansol
Stage Name: Ji Hansol (지한솔)
Full Name: Ji Han-sol (지한솔)
Birthday: November 21, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 182 cm (6’0”)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Instagram: jisol_11

Ji Hansol Facts:
– Hansol is in a group called Newkidd.
– His nickname is Picassol.
– He was born in Busan, South Korea.
– His family includes his father, mother, older sister, older brother.
– Hansol’s sister is older than him by 12 years.
– Hansol’s brother is older than him by 10 years.
– Education: Hanlim Arts School.
– His specialty is dancing.
– Hansol’s favorite number is 7
– His favorite color is red
– Hansol’s favorite sport is Football.
– He likes to read webtoon and manhua, games, drawing manhua and watching entertainment programs.
– He’s charm points is pretty eyes, hot body.
– He is part of the original New Kidd line-up (Along with Jinkwon, Yunmin, and Woochul).
– Hansol is apart of the ‘Lemme Spoil U’ sub-unit and ‘New Kidd 02’ sub-unit.
– When Hansol appeared on The Unit, the other members (Jinkwon, Yunmin, and Woochul) organized a surprise coffee event with fans to show support for Hansol
– Hansol has a dog named Doku.
– Hansol is a former Key East Entertainment trainee.
– He is in J-min’s “Shine” MV.
– Hansol appeared in EXO’s Lay MV for ‘I Need U’  as well as a backup dancer for Taemin.
– Hansol appeared in Mad Clown and Ailee’s “Thirst” MV.
– He is a former SM trainee.
– Hansol is a former SM Rookie; almost debuted with NCT.
– He featured in NCT’s ‘Switch’.
– Hansol appeared on an idol rebooting show called ‘The Unit’ and ranked 6th.
– He also debuted in the temporary UNB from the show ‘The Unit’
– Hansol’s biggest goal is to show something new and fresh every time and to be constantly developing and maturing.
– Dreams of becoming a super dance star as he loves dancing.
– Hansol has been dancing for a long time.
– He has a strong Busan accent.
– He has a good physique and believes that when he is dancing, he shows abundant expressions, being sexy and powerful when he needs to be.
– Hansol is most confident about his eyes as he thinks they stand out due to them being big.
– He has two different sides to him when on/off stage, his off-stage persona being very reserved and quiet, being quite emotionless and blunt whereas his on-stage persona shows contrasting qualities.
– He’s usually very serious and during the filming of The Unit, fans were worried as he didn’t smile much, but it was only because Hansol wanted to concentrate on becoming a better performer.
– Hansol joined the military on February 22, 2021 and was discharged on November 21, 2022.
– He is currently working as a dance teacher in Melbourne, Australia and doesn’t plan to return to the entertainment industry. (Source)

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