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Woojin (AB6IX) Profile and Facts

Woojin (Wanna One, AB6IX) Profile and Facts; Woojin’s Ideal Type

Stage Name: Woojin (우진)
Birth Name: Park Woo Jin (박우진)
Birthday: November 2, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit
Nationality: Korean
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: A

Woojin facts:
– He was born in in Busan, South Korea
– Woojin has a younger sister named Park Yerim (ep.11 when he was announced as the 6th member to join Wanna One – in his “Thanks to” speech)
– He ended PD101 on the 6th rank with a total of 937,379 votes
– He received a lot of love from fans for his snaggletooth
– He is from Brand New Music with Daehwi and trained for a year and 2 months
– When he was 11 years old he appeared on SuperstarK
– He is talented at a variety of dance forms such as B-boy, crumping, popping and locking
– Both he and Daehwi trained at JYP previously
– He enjoys watching food shows on TV
– He’s scared of wasps. (Wanna One – Energetic MV Commentary)
– He was hospitalized in the middle of Produce 101 due to shingles disease
– Seongwoo and Woojin’s thumb are both flexible. They can bend it more than a normal person can. (Show Champion Behind)
– The first movie that ever made him cry was “Tidal Wave”. (“Star Road”)
– If he had a ticket to go anywhere in the world, he would go to Hawaii.
– In a fansign, fans asked him who is the closest PD101 trainee to him and he answered Ahn Hyungseob.
– He has a lot of nicknames: Sparrow, Sebola (came from his part in 10 out of 10 “Sexy Baby, Oh my Lady”)
– He and Jihoon are known as “Pink Sausages” brothers who love to bully hyungs a lot.
– Woojin and Im Youngmin know each other from a Dance Competition in Busan (along with Kang Daniel).
– BTS’ Jimin, Daniel and Woojin participated (respectively) in a dance competition in Busan – “2011 Busan City Kids Vol. 2”. Jimin’s team beat Woojin’s team in the semifinal, while in the final Jimin and Daniel’s teams confronted.
– Woojin is friends with Jisung’s sister, she asked Jisung to ask after Woojin in Wanna One Go Season 2 ep 3.
– I.O.I’s Kim Sohye voted for Woojin while he was on Produce 101 – when she, Yoojung, and Sohee were commentators for episode five, she squealed when he was called, and one of the other girls said he was her fixed pick.
– When Wanna One moved to the dorm, they chose the rooms after playing ‘Rock-Paper-Scissors’.
– Woojin, Jaehwan, Jihoon, Guanlin and Minhyun used to share a room. (Wanna One’s reality show “Wanna One Go” ep. 1)
– Wanna One moved to 2 new apartments. Woojin and Jihoon share a room. (Apartment 2)
– Company: Brand New Music
– He will be debuting in a new boy band called AB6IX together with Daehwi.
– He shares a birthday with TO1‘s J.You.
Woojin’s ideal type: Age doesn’t matter, someone who is cute.

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