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Saebyeok (ex-API) Profile & Facts

Saebyeok (ex-API) Profile & Facts

Saebyeok (새벽) is a Korean singer, model and was a member of South Korean girl group API under Girl Group API Company.

Stage Name: Saebyeok (새벽)
Birth Name: Shim Jaeyoung (심재영)
Birthday: November 9, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 167 cm (5ʼ5”)
Blood Type:
Instagram: tlatoqur
TikTok: tlatoqur
YouTube: 심새벽

Saebyeok Facts:
– Q. How do you spend your holidays? “I usually take a walk outside my house.”
– She is/was a student at Dongduk Women’s University
– She was the group’s leader prior to them leaving Brickworks Company.
– During an Insta live, when asked spring vs. summer, she chose summer.
– When asked sun vs. moon, she chose moon.
– When asked her favorite sunbae, she said it’s a secret.
– She can’t endure spicy food well.
– She has also exceeded 100k TikTok followers.
– Saebyeok has said that in the past, she worked at a cafe and pub as a side job.
– She owns a cat and a dog. The dog’s name is Seokbong, while the cat’s name is unknown at the moment.
– In 2018, Saebyeok was introduced as one of the four original trainees in Ho1iday with Heejoo, Cheongeum and pre-debut member Sarah.
– She was a trainee for nine years. (2 years in BRICKWORKS, 7 years in an unknown company)
– Favorite movie: The Handmaiden
– She loves macaroons.
– Favorite character: Bimo.
– She’s close friends with ex Berry Good member Nayeon and ex Playback member Hwang Woolim.
– She starred in DPR Live’s “Yellow Cab” music video.
– Saebyeok left API on April 22, 2021 (she announced it via her Instagram account).
– She is currently a freelancer model and TikToker.

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