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Ultimate K-Pop Vocab Guide

K-Pop Vocab Guide

Hello! Are you new to the K-Pop scene? Have you been wanting to learn more about the fandom culture and the words K-Pop stans use? Well, have I got the guide for you! This post is your freshest guide to K-Pop terms and what they mean! In alphabetical order, I will list the word/phrase, definition, and use it in a sentence.

Vocab List:

Definition: An idol that excels in talent and takes the K-Pop world by storm, earning themselves a legendary status in some type of way.
Sentence: Wonyoung from IVE/Iz*One is so talented! She truly is a fourth-gen ace.


Definition: An idol or group of idols that excels in visuals, vocals, rap, and dance.
Sentence: Jinsoul from LOONA is an all-rounder! She is an incredible dancer, singer and rapper; not to mention the fact that she is gorgeous!

Annyeonghaseyo (안녕하세요)

Definition: The Hangul (Korean) phrase for “Hello”; a greeting.
Sentence: Momo waved to fans at a concert, shouting annyeonghaseyo to them.


: A person or group of people who dislike and/or hate on a particular idol or group for one reason or another.
Sentence: Antis can be so vicious sometimes, and it is really upsetting to see.


Definition: A track on an artist/group’s album/EP that is not the main title/promoted track.
Sentence: Lisa’s Money, b-side to her solo title track LALISA, gained viral infamy for its catchy beat and lyrics.


Definition: A member in a group that stands out to someone.
Sentence: My bias in Momoland is Hyebin, who is yours?

Bias Wrecker

Definition: A member in a group that catches your attention along with your original bias.
Sentence: My bias in Itzy is Chaeryeong, but Yeji has seriously been a bias wrecker for me lately.


Definition: When an idol or idol group is inadvertently banned from appearing on music shows, signing to any labels, and otherwise considered unacceptable for one or more reasons.
Sentence: JYJ are one of the most famously blacklisted groups, most likely because they were a part of the original five members of TVXQ.


Definition: A website building platform commonly used amongst fans of K-Pop to create personal profiles.
Sentence: I really like that person’s Carrd. I wonder if they do commissions.


Definition: A new release from a group.
Sentence: Twice’s latest comeback, Scientist, is regarded as more of an experimental route from the group.


Definition: The recording and/or management label that an idol/group is signed to.
Sentence: JYP Entertainment is one of the more well-known companies, hosting legendary acts from Miss A, soloist Rain, and even Twice and ITZY.

Cupsleeve Event

Definition: A fan-funded event held through cafes or food trucks where fans will give out cup sleeves and other merchandise for a special occasion for a group/idol (EX: birthdays, anniversaries, solo debut, etc.)
Sentence: The freebies that were given out at the Jimin Day cup sleeve event were so cute.


Definition: A highly regarded award in K-Pop that is given out to reward musical excellence.
Sentence: SNSD is still one of the groups with the most daesangs.


Definition: An artist’s first release.
Sentence: After some delay, Kep1er finally made their debut with their first mini-album First Impact on January 3rd, 2022 6PM KST.


Definition: When a group splits up due to financial problems, internal conflict between members, or a scandal involving the integrity of one or more of the members/the company itself.
Sentence: After only having one initial release, X1 tragically disbanded most likely due to the Produce 101 voting manipulation scandal.


Definition: An idol that is regarded as overrated by some people; “there are a dozen more people just like them”.
Sentence: Some people call Beomgyu from TXT a dozen, which I strongly disagree with.

Face Of The Group

Definition: One of the more popular members in a group, usually one who has unique visuals and charming personality that netizens find attractive.
Sentence: Chuu is Loona’s face of the group, which is very fitting due to her popularity and overly happy public persona.


Definition: A recording of a stage/performance that focuses on either one specific idol or that focuses on one shot of the group.
Sentence: Huening Bahiyyih of Kep1er’s fancams are so entertaining to watch. Ever since Girls Planet 999, she has shown great stage presence and dancing ability.


Definition: A string of words/lyrics that fans will say to cheer on their idols while they are performing.
Sentence: Twice’s fanchant for Fancy is so cool, appearing in different times of the song and incorporating lyrics.


Definition: A in-person or online (through videocall) event where fans who purchased their idols’ latest merchandise (albums, seasons greetings, etc.) are invited to meet their fans; tickets usually being given out through a lucky draw, very limited quantity (especially for more popular groups).
Sentence: Taehyun looked so cute at the March 16, 2019, M2U fansign. I love the duck hat that a fan gave him!

Definition: A fan that takes photoshoot-quality images of their idols at events, airports, and concerts.
Sentence: You can see that even back in the MIXNINE era Loona fansites have been taking the most gorgeous images.


Definition: Also spelt/spoken as “Hwighting” or “Hwaiting”; a modified version of the English term of the same spelling which is used commonly in South Korea to cheer on your friends/idols.
Sentence: Itzy is so supportive, look at them telling their favorite baseball team “Fighting”!


Definition: When an idol or group takes a break from K-Pop activities to focus on their mental or physical health.
Sentence: One of K-Pop’s most famous hiatuses is that of Haseul from Loona’s. She took a two-year break from activities starting in 2019 to focus on her mental health.  I am really glad that she is back with the girls now after a long hiatus.

Hoobae (후배)

Definition: An idol/group that has less experience.
Sentence: BTS’ relationship with their hoobaes TXT is so cute; they are really good at being a big brother group to TXT.

Hyung (형)

Definition: A world used by Korean males to address older males; literally translates to “older brother”.
Sentence: Sangyeon is New’s hyung.

It girl/It boy

Definition: Iconic female/male K-Pop idols who earned themselves the title as the one “top” girl/boy.
Sentence: Jennie and Taehyung are considered by many the It Girl and It Boy of K-Pop.


Definition: A stick that usually has a bulb at the top that shines light out in various colors and patterns, usually brought to concerts and shows to show support for your favorite artists.
Sentence: The most unique lightsticks I have ever seen are the Cherry Bullet lightstick (the red gun-shaped one, bottom right) and the Dreamcatcher lightstick (tall black one on the left).


Definition: The youngest member of the group.
Sentence: Haruna is the maknae of Billlie.

Noona (누나)

Definition: A word used by Korean males to address older females; translates to “older sister”.
Sentence: Key and Taeyeon have a close relationship; she is like a noona to him.

Nugu (누구)

Definition: A K-Pop group that is not very well known; translates to “who?”.
Sentence: One of my favorite nugus is GWSN, they have a really good discography.

Oppa (오빠)

Definition: A word used by Korean females to address an older male; translates to “older brother”.
Sentence: Since Yoongi is over 10 years older than me, if I wanted to formally address him I would call him oppa.

Ottoke (오토케)

Definition: A Korean phrase that is used when one is confused; translates to “what do I do?”.
Sentence: The LOONA members’ covers to the Ottoke song are so cute!

Pabo (파보)

Definition: A Korean word for “fool” or “stupid”.
Sentence: I personally think that if you still believe that the members of  APRIL are bullies, you are a pabo.


Definition: Albums that are typically given out to companies and associates that are either signed by the idol(s) themselves or in some cases signed by managers, typically accompanied by KOMCA/not-for-sale stickers on the back to ensure authenticity.
Sentence: I really want a Loona’s Heejin Solo promo album, but signed copies are so hard to come by.


Definition: Idols who are freshly debuted.
Sentence: Aespa are truly monster rookies.

Saranghae (사랑해)

Definition: The Korean phrase for “I love you”.
Sentence: I love TWICE so much. I hope one day I get to meet them and tell them “Saranghae!!”.

Sasaeng (사생)

Definition: A stalker fan who shows up to events that were meant to be private.
Sentence: Yeseo of Kep1er had to leave her former group, Busters, due to the amount of creepy sasaengs she had as such a young teenager.


Definition: A banner with pictures of a particular idol/group along with their name.
Sentence: I really want to get a slogan of one of my ults eventually.

Solo Stan

Definition: When a person only likes one member in a group.
Sentence: Blackpink is infamous for having a large amount of solo stans.


Definition: An idol who is either entirely on their own or makes solo music along with being in a group.
Sentence: SNSD’s Taeyeon is a soloist known for her gorgeous visuals and amazing vocals.


Definition: Originally stemming from an Eminem song, this term means to be obsessed with an artist; some would also say it is the combination of “STalker” and “fAN”, but honestly it is used pretty loosely.
Sentence: Some stans go above and beyond for their favorite artists, and it is actually quite admirable.


Definition: To watch your stans’ videos and/or listen to their music.
Sentence: I really recommend streaming your stans’ music videos. It helps them chart and gain more recognition.


Definition: A smaller collection of group members who have made music together exclusively, while still being tied to the group name and sound.
Sentence: My favorite Loona sub-unit is The Odd Eye Circle.


Definition: A smaller branch of a larger K-Pop company that is still mainly independent.
Sentence: Because Lee SooMan now owns a majority of Mystic Story Entertainment’s stocks, Mystic Story is basically a subsidiary of SM Entertainment.

Sunbae (선배)

Definition: A term used by younger groups/artists to address their seniors.
Sentence: For SM’s Girls on Top collaboration group, Aespa’s Winter and Karina got to work with their sunbae Taeyeon of SNSD.

Survival Show

Definition: A show where trainees (usually) from several different companies compete to become a member of the final group, which is sometimes temporary. Votes are open to the public so that those watching can in a way help to form the group.
Sentence: Kep1er was formed by the M-Net survival show Girls Planet 999, which featured Korean, Chinese, and Japanese contestants.

Title Track

Definition: The song that is the main focus of an album/EP.
Sentence: Paint The Town is the title track of Loona’s &, the first album to feature all twelve members since XX.


Definition: An idol who sticks out to a stan; someone who is really special and keeps on coming back to the train of thought.
Sentence: My ult bias is Heejin from Loona. Do you have an ult?

Ulzzang (얼짱)

Definition: A social media star who is famous for their pretty visuals.
Sentence: Ito Miyu is a Japanese ulzzang who also participated in Girls Planet 999.


Definition: A group, song, album or artist that one might say does not get enough deserved attention.
Sentence: I personally think that (disbanded) girl group Berry Good is very underrated.

Unnie (언니)

Definition: A term used by Korean females to address an older female; translates to “older sister”.
Sentence: Haseul is Yeojin’s unnie.


Definition: An idol who fits the Korean beauty standards.
Sentence: Irene from Red Velvet is often regarded as the best visual in K-Pop.


Definition: An application that idols use to post updates, messages, and even sometimes go live.
Sentence: I really enjoy watching my faves on V-Live, it makes me feel closer to them.

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