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TheEastLight. Members Profile

TheEastLight. Members Profile; TheEastLight. Facts
TheEastLight. (더 이스트라이트) consisted of 6 members: Sagang, Woojin, Junwook, Eunsung, Seokcheol and Seunghyun. TheEastLight. debuted with the single “Holla” on 3rd November 2016 under Media Line Entertainment.
Seokcheol and Seunghyun decided to leave the band after Seokcheol opened up about repeated abuse and violence from their producer and CEO, on October 19, 2018 and filed a complaint against their agency. On October 22, 2018 Media Line Entertainment terminated the exclusive contracts of the remaining members, leading to the group’s disbandment.

TheEastLight. Fandom Name:  Sunnies
TheEastLight. Fandom Color: 

Official Accounts:
Twitter:  @TELTheEastLight.
Instagram: @theeastlight.official
Vlive: TheEastLight. (V App)
Facebook: @OfficialTheEastLight
YouTube: TheEastLight.

Member Profiles: 
Stage Name: EunSung ( 은성 )
Birth Name: Lee Eun Sung ( 이은성 )
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: September 7, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Vigro
Height:  Not announced yet
Weight:  Not announced yet
Blood Type: A
Instagram: theeastlight_eunsung

EunSung facts:
– He took part in Mnet’s “The voice kids” ( in 2013 ) and was in YoonSang’s Team.
– He and SaGang have reunited with Yoseob on Mnet’s “I can see your voice 4” (May 4), they sang Yoseob’s song “Caffeine” and they performed a part of “Plz don’t be sad” together with Highlight.
– He appeared in “Tour Avatar 2”, together with SaGang and WooJin.
– He sleeps a lot.
– He speaks in his sleep.
– He can sleep everywhere as long as he can rest his head on a surface.
– He won the gold price at a children song competition.
– According to the other members his voice suits children songs.
– He has (at least) one older brother.
– He can speak English fairly good.
– According to himself his special talents are voice imitations (imitating Voldemort from Harry Potter) and holding his breath for a long time. (Source: Pops in Seoul)
– He has (more or less) a lot of ear piercings.
– Eunsung enlisted on November 25, 2019.
– Eunsung joined Peak Entertainment.

JunWook TheEastLight
Stage Name: Junwook (준욱)
Birth Name: Kim Junwook (김준욱)
Position: Guitar, Composer
Birthday: January 10, 2002
Zodiac Sign:  Capricorn
Height: –
Weight: –
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean

Junwook Facts:
– He won the top performance award in an Asian guitar competition.
– He loves listening to music.
– He writes and composes his own songs.
– He appeared on an audition program where the CEO of his agency saw him and scouted him afterwards.
– He was announced as a “guitar prodigy”.
– His special talents are moving his finger joints freely and refraining from laughing (source: Pops in Seoul).

SaGang TheEastLight.
Stage Name: Sagang (사강)
Birth Name: Jeong Sagang (정사강)
Position: Rapper, Vocalist
Birthday: October 26, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: –
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean

Sagang Facts:
– He can play various instruments (he knows the basics).
– He learned the bass from Seunghyun, the drums from Seokcheol and the guitar from Junwook.
– He is the happy virus of TEL.
– He is good at rapping.
– He is very talkative.
– He appeared on The Voice Kids (also in 2013), and he was in Yang YoSeob’s Team.
– He and Eunsung reunited with Yoseob on Mnet’s I can see your voice 4 (May 4); they sang Yoseob’s song “Caffeine” and were performing a part of “Plz don’t be sad” together with Highlight.
– He appeared in Tour Avatar 2 together with Eunsung and Woojin.
– He can do a voice impression of the South Korean president.
– His nickname used to be ‘Tomato’ (when he was 7 years old).
– His special talent is “flushing”. He can make his face flush by lowering his head for 10 seconds. He can only flush up to 3 times per day since he needs to be recharged.
– Sagang joined Peak Entertainment.

WooJin TheEastLight.
Stage Name: Woojin (우진)
Birth Name: Lee Woojin (이우진)
Position: Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: April 3, 2003
Zodiac Sign:  Aries
Height: 174 cm (5′ 8.5″)
Weight: –
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean

WooJin facts:
– He likes soccer. He is “not too bad” at soccer (he used to play as a midfielder before he began to sing).
– His favorite soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo.
– Before he joined the agency, his dream was to become a soccer player.
– He appeared on The Voice Kids where he met Sagang and Eunsung, which led to him becoming a member of TEL.
– His special talent is that he can’t lose at mulc-jji-ppa.
– He can bend his thumb backwards.
– He speaks English.
– He appeared on Produce 101 Season 2 (2017) as the youngest contestant.
– Woojin was 166cm (5’5″) when he participated in P101, and he grew to be 174cm (5’8.5″) in a few months.
– He walked down the runway at “Seoul Collection” in 2017.

Former Members:

Stage Name: Seokcheol (석찰)
Birth Name: Lee Seokchul (이석철)
Position: Leader, Drummer, DJ
Birthday: January 11, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 172 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean

Seokcheol Facts:
– He is SeungHyun’s older brother.
– He played as Lee Cheon in the K-drama My Boy (Released April 2014).
– He won various international music competitions.
– According to Seokcheol, his special talent is singing high notes and winning at staring contests (He once won against their manager) (source: Pops in Seoul).
– He has played the drums ever since he was young.
– He is good at making ugly faces.
– He dislikes to do aegyo.
– He collaborated with military bands and city symphony orchestras.
– He studied classical percussion and mainly played the timpani and marimba.
– He used to learn ballet.
– He is learning deejaying.
– He created the DJ version of their song “Holla”.
– He loves listening to music.
– On October 19, 2018, Seokcheol opened up about abusing and violence from their producer and CEO, where the members got repeatedly beaten up with a baseball bat until they bled.
– Both Seokcheol and his brother Seunghyun decided to leave the band and filled a complain against their agency.
– Seokcheol is now in the producer group Pa22word.


Stage Name: Seunghyun (승현)
Birth Name: Lee Seunghyun (이승현)
Position: Bassist
Birthday: December 31, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: –
Weight: –
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean

SeungHyun facts:
– He is SeokCheol’s younger brother.
– He won multiple events and concerts.
– He loves soccer.
– He plays soccer and loves to collect soccer-related items (plastic models, cleats, uniforms, etc.).
– He wrote that his special talent is his big mouth, he’s able to put a whole sandwich into it  (Pops in Seoul).
– His favorite soccer players are Christiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos.
– According to himself he’s good at drawing.
– He likes every bassist, but if he had to pick one as a favorite he would pick Victor Wooten. He also got his hair cut like him once.
– Seokcheol and Seunghyun left the band after Seokcheol opened up about abusing and violence from their producer and CEO, where the members got repeatedly beaten up with a baseball bat until they bled. Both he and his brother filled a complain against Media Line Ent.

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