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TheEastLight. Members Profile

TheEastLight. Members Profile; TheEastLight. Facts
TheEastLight. (더 이스트라이트) consisted of 6 members: Sagang, Woojin, Junwook, Eunsung, Seokcheol and Seunghyun. TheEastLight. debuted with the single “Holla” on 3rd November 2016 under Media Line Entertainment.
Seokcheol and Seunghyun decided to leave the band after Seokcheol opened up about repeated abuse and violence from their producer and CEO, on October 19, 2018 and filed a complaint against their agency. On October 22, Media Line Entertainment terminated the exclusive contracts of the remaining members but no confirmation of the official disbandment has been made.

TheEastLight. Fandom Name:  Sunnies
TheEastLight. Fandom Color: 

Official Accounts:
Twitter:  @TELTheEastLight.
Instagram: @theeastlight.official
Vlive: TheEastLight. (V App)
Facebook: @OfficialTheEastLight
YouTube: TheEastLight.

Member Profiles: 
Stage Name: EunSung ( 은성 )
Birth Name: Lee Eun Sung ( 이은성 )
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: September 7, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Vigro
Height:  Not announced yet
Weight:  Not announced yet
Blood Type: A
Instagram: theeastlight_eunsung

EunSung facts:
– He took part in Mnet’s “The voice kids” ( in 2013 ) and was in YoonSang’s Team
– He and SaGang have reunited with Yoseob on Mnet’s “I can see your voice 4” (May 4), they sang Yoseob’s song “Caffeine” and they performed a part of “Plz don’t be sad” together with Highlight
– He appeared in “Tour Avatar 2”, together with SaGang and WooJin
– He sleeps a lot
– He speaks in his sleep
– He can sleep everywhere as long as he can rest his head on a surface
– He won the gold price at a children song competition
– According to the other members his voice suits children songs
– He has (at least) one older brother
– He can speak English fairly good
– According to himself his special talents are voice imitations (imitating Voldemort from Harry Potter) and holding his breath for a long time (source: Pops in Seoul)
– He has (more or less) a lot of ear piercings

JunWook TheEastLight
Stage Name: JunWook ( 준욱 )
Birth Name: Kim Jun Wook ( 김준욱 )
Position: Guitar, Composer
Birthday: January 10, 2002
Zodiac Sign:  Capricorn
Height:  Not announced yet
Weight:  Not announced yet
Blood Type: A
Instagram:  theeastlight_junwookkim

JunWook facts:
– He won the ‘top performance award’ in an Asian guitar competition
– He loves listening to music
– He writes and composes his own songs
– He appeared on an audition program where the CEO of his agency saw him and scouted him afterwards
– He was announced as a “guitar prodigy”
– His special talents are moving his finger joints freely and refraining from laughing (source: Pops in Seoul)

SaGang TheEastLight.
Stage Name: SaGang ( 사강 )
Birth Name: Jeong Sa Gang ( 정사강 )
Position: Rapper, Vocalist
Birthday: October 26, 2002
Zodiac Sign:  Scorpio
Height:  Not announced yet
Weight:  Not announced yet
Blood Type: O
Instagram:  theeastlight_sagang

SaGang facts:
– He can play various instruments (he knows the basics)
– He learned the bass from SeungHyun, the drums from SeokCheol and the guitar from JunWook
– He is the happy virus of TEL
– He is good at rapping
– He is very talkative
– He appeared on “The voice kids” (also in 2013) and he was in Yang YoSeob’s Team
– He and EunSung have reunited with Yoseob on Mnet’s “I can see your voice 4” ( May 4 ),
they sang Yoseob’s song “Caffeine” and were performing a part of “Plz don’t be sad”
together with Highlight
– He appeared in “Tour Avatar 2”, together with EunSung and WooJin
– He can do a voice impression of the Korean president
– His nickname used to be ‘Tomato’ (when he was 7 years old)
– His special talent is “flushing” (he can make his face flush by lowering his head for 10 seconds)
– He can only flush up to 3 times per day since he needs to be recharged

WooJin TheEastLight.
Stage Name: WooJin ( 우진 )
Birth Name: Lee Woo Jin ( 이우진 )
Position: Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: April 3, 2003
Zodiac Sign:  Aries
Height: 174 cm (5′ 8.5″)
Weight:  Not announced yet
Blood Type:  Not announced yet
Instagram:  the_greatest_woojin

WooJin facts:
– He is “not too bad” at soccer (he used to play as a midfielder before he began to sing)
– He likes soccer
– His favourite soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo
– Before he joined his agency, his dream was to become a soccer player
– He appeared on “The voice Kids” where he met SaGang and EunSung which led to him becoming a member of TEL
– His special talent is that he can’t lose at mulc-jji-ppa
– He can bend his thumb backwards
– He has a very good English pronunciation
– He appeared on “Produce 101″ Season 2 (2017) as the youngest contestant
– Woojin was 166cm (5’5″) when he participated in P101 but he grew to be 174cm (5’8.5”) in a few months.
– He walked down the runway at “Seoul Collection” in 2017

Former Members:

Stage Name: SeokCheol ( 석찰 )
Birth Name: Lee Seok Chul ( 이석철 )
Position: Leader, Drummer, DJ
Birthday: January 11, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 172 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 65kg ( 143lbs )
Blood Type: B
Instagram: d.dj_dinosaur.lee.s.c

SeokCheol facts:
– He is SeungHyun’s older brother
– He plaid “Lee Cheon” in the kdrama “My Boy” ( released in April 2014 )
– He won various international music competitions
– According to himself his special talent is singing high notes and winning at staring contests (he once won against their Manager) (source: Pops in Seoul)
– He played the drums ever since he was young
– He is good at making ugly faces
– He dislikes to do aegyo
– He collaborated with military bands and city symphony orchestras
– He studied classical percussion and mainly played the timpani and marimba
– He used to learn ballet
– He is learning deejaying
– He created the DJ version of their song “Holla”
– He “was single all his life” (source: Pops in Seoul)
-“I want to have a girlfriend” (SeokCheol in Pops in Seoul)
– He loves listening to music
– On October 19, 2018, Seokcheol opened up about abusing and violence from their producer and CEO, where the members got repeatedly beaten up with a baseball bat until they bled.
– Both Seokcheol and his brother Seunghyun decided to leave the band and filled a complain against their agency.


Stage Name: SeungHyun ( 승현 )
Birth Name: Lee Seung Hyun ( 이승현 )
Position: Bass
Birthday: December 31, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height:  Not announced yet
Weight:  Not announced yet
Blood Type: A
Instagram: theeastlight_lee.s.h

SeungHyun facts:
– He is SeokCheol’s younger brother
– He won multiple events and concerts
– He loves soccer
– He plays soccer and loves to collect soccer-related items (plastic models, cleats, uniforms, …)
– He wrote that his special talent is his big mouth, he’s able to put a whole sandwich into it  (Pops in Seoul)
– His favourite soccer players are Christiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos
– According to himself he’s good at drawing
– He likes every bassist but if he had to pick one as a favourite he would pick Victor Wooten
– Once he also got his hair cut like his
– Seokcheol and Seunghyun will be leaving the band after Seokcheol opened up about abusing and violence from their producer and CEO, where the members got repeatedly beaten up with a baseball bat until they bled.
– Both him and his brother filled a complain against Media Line Ent.

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    Seok Cheol used to learn ballet(!!!)

  • Andicilin

    In Benji’s Talk s2 ep.5 (Also known as Show Champion Curtain Talk) every member revealed their English names.

  • Markiemin
  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

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  • Andicilin

    The official edited version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUnOKJxi4rA
    The live stream was 15-20 minutes longer.

  • KProfiles

    Thanks for the heads up, we usually just list them in the order of their age, because when changing the group pic the names remain all mixed up. So, thanks again for the heads up, it’s really appreciated!

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    Sagang is also the groups main rapper-
    (No i’m not just saying this he really is- he announced it himself during a live and raps in a lot of their songs)
    “Wahh~ being it (a rapper) and a vocal in the group is really hard”
    During a live

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  • milkbags

    They revealed their blood types except Woojin.

    Blood Types:
    SeokCheol: B
    Eunsung: A
    SeungHyun: A
    Junwook: B
    Sagang: O


    v Junwook is A

  • KProfiles

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  • Michellevvip

    Seokcheol and Seunghyun will be leaving the band after Seokcheol opened up about abusing and violence from their producer where the members got beaten up with a baseball bat and strangled with guitar strings until they bled.

    https://m.entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=311&aid=0000910833 (original)

    https://www.soompi.com/article/1247859wpp/east-lights-lee-seok-cheol-opens-recent-reports-abuse-take-legal-action (english)

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    They abuse these kid’s mentally and physically.
    Chocking, hitting etc.
    Did it for 4 year’s.
    Kid’s, Get better soon.
    Get a better company.

  • Maria Allkivi

    Media line can go die in hell. They are kids, I hope the kids get better and are okay.

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  • KK

    Dude this is freaking bullshit just because they are still students doesn’t mean that you can just beat them however you want and wtf is wrong with the CEO, he make them smoke and just violently beated them up for no reason. The CEO and PD deserve to go to jail

  • a_k

    Honestly, after all that’s been said to happen, I hope all the members leave the label and find better ones (if they don’t leave the idol life altogether). They deserve WAY better than abusive superiors and a CEO who did nothing about it. They are literal kids who’ve done nothing wrong to deserve that abuse. It’s sickening.

  • I saw this one kpop idol and she was 14 o.o

  • Aracely Rodriguez

    I’ve been a Sunnie since may 2017. Seokcheol and Seunghyun have made my day everyday. They made my life fun. They made me happy. Ever since last year, my sisters have been asking “If The East Light came to Atlanta, would you want to go to their concert?” I was like “Yes I really want to go to their concert!! I want to meet them !! I love them soo much !!!” Look at what happened now!! Right here, right now, my life is just messed up. Media line needs to go. What had happened was so not good. Beating them was not good. What they did was wrong. Whats going to happen to The East Light now?? Will they be the same? No they will NOT be the same because 2 members left. They are not the same. All the sadness is drowning me. All the tears are making huge puddles. no, now its an ocean. This is not the time to be happy. In my head, I’m repeating “This can’t be it! They are not the same anymore! I’m not me anymore!” They were my everything. Seokcheol and Seunghyun will always be with me no matter what!! I will never forget about them, never. And what? Whoever caused this isn’t going to jail!! The should ROT in jail. They should have never done this. This ain’t it!! I’m never gonna meet a great drummer nor bassist. They were the only ones that mattered to me!! I just can’t believe what just happened. I was just happy 10 minutes ago, my sister ran upstairs to me saying “Seokcheol and Seunghyun left the band!!” As fast as I could, I went here and I was scrolling down, and when I saw the horrifying word ‘Former members’ my heart dropped thousands of miles. I saw their beautiful faces. Is this the last time i will ever hear of them? maybe it is my last time. How can this happen?? Someone please tell me. The East Light were underrated but I was here for them. No one knew about The East Light until they dropped the news about how they get abused. And then y’all get sad and comment. That is just SICK! The East Light will NEVER be the same without Seokcheol and Seunghyun. Forever in my heart. <3

  • Michelle

    Admittedly I’m looking them up because of the recent news, and holy frick they’re so young. Not that it would make it okay if they were older but them being so young makes it even more infuriating. This kind of abuse impacts people for the rest of their lives. I hope the producer and the CEO go to jail.

  • Lou Kim

    The leader around my age that scary

  • Sin

    This is so horrible. I feel as though I’m about to cry. I wish I could do something more than comment on a single article. I hope they get better.

  • Lani Joiner

    The remaining members contract got terminated. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=382&aid=0000682754

  • S.

    Not sure if this means they have disbanded, but Media Line terminated the remaining four members’ contracts.

  • KProfiles

    @lanijoiner:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @boundlessea:disqus Thanks a lot for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂 We’ll stay tuned for future announcements regarding the bands’ future.

  • S.

    Of course! I’ll try to let you know if I find out anything more. 🙂

  • Multifandom Kpop Fan

    The youngest is 8 months older than me.

    I feel sad that they are about to disband 🙁

  • Baako Jernigan

    The fact that the abuse started in 2015 when they were only 12/13/15 years old? Just young, defenceless, terrified children? God, this makes me sick to my stomach…

  • Baako Jernigan

    Please sign the petition if you want to help them: https://www1.president.go.kr/petitions/411485

  • Arya Stark

    They are all younger than me and have had to go through so much

  • I think it would be safer to assume:
    Inactive Members:
    Seokcheol and Seunghyun (no confirmation of contract termination with these two as of yet, nor is there any confirmations of them being removed from the group)

    Former Members:
    Eunsung, Junwook, Sagang and Woojin (Media Line confirmed that these four members are no longer part of the agency, effectively removing them from the group).

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  • Markiemin

    Eunsung and Sagang mentioned in a recent press conference that the group is disbanded. Other stuff was revealed about the lee brothers and it’s not entirely one-sided. if anyone needed a thread to the translations, let me know


    Here is the english subbed press conference where Lee Seokcheol talks about abuse from CEO and PD. It made me cry when management would use the threat of possible disbandment to keep the members quiet about the abuse. I am just happy that they are free now and i hope that the members will be protected from the PD and CEO:

  • Jimin’s Jams

    Beat them until they BLED?! With a BAT?! That’s messed up!! Really?! Omg!

  • secret pearl

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