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2NE1 Members Profile

2NE1 Members Profile: 2NE1 Facts, 2NE1 Ideal Type
2NE1 ( 투애니원) debuted on May 17, 2009, under YG Entertainment. The group consisted of 4 members: CL, Dara, Park Bom and Minzy. Minzy left the band in April 2016. On November 25, 2016, YG announced that 2NE1 disbanded.

2NE1 Fandom Name: BlackJacks
2NE1 Official Fan Color: Hot Pink

2NE1 Official Accounts:
Instagram: @2ne1xxi
Twitter: @GlobalBlackjack
Facebook: 2NE1
Youtube: 2NE1
Fan Cafe: 2NE1
Weibo: 2NE1-YG

2NE1 Members Profile:

Stage Name: CL
Birth Name: Lee Chae-rin (이채린) /Faith Lee
Nickname: Cl-roo, Pig Rabbit
Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Face of the Group
Birthday: February 26, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Blood Type: Type A
Height: 162 cm ( 5 ft 3¾ in)
Weight: 48 kg (106 lbs)
Specialties: Rap, Dance, Song-writing
Languages: Korean, Japanese, English, French
Influences: 1TYM, Teddy Park, Madonna, Queen, Lauryn Hill
Mic. Color: Metallic Gold
Accessories: Sunglasses
Twitter: @chaelinCL
Instagram: @chaelincl

CL Facts:
– She used to be a JYP trainee.
– She admires Lil Kim and dreams to be a rapper like her.
– She spent much of her early life in Japan and France.
– She’s a “clean freak” and she’s responsible for cleaning 2ne1’s dorm.
– She doesn’t know how to use a computer but knows how to use iTunes.
– She likes to sleep.
– She is Catholic.
– In Japan, she’s called “Pig-Rabbit”.
– She can dance Jazz and Ballet.
– She traveled to many places due to her father’s profession.
– On October 2014, CL had her US debut, since then she has mostly focused on her solo activities in the US. In 2016, she kicked off her first ever solo tour in the US.
CL’s ideal type: “I like a man who is in his own world. While others may think he’s crazy, I like a man with individuality.”
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Stage Name: Bom
Birth Name: Park Bom (박봄)
Nicknames: Bbang Bom, Jenny Park, Bommie
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: March 24, 1984
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Blood Type: AB
Height: 165 cm (5 ft 5 in)
Weight: 52 kg (115 pounds)
Specialties: Singing, Dancing, Piano, Flute, Cello
Mic. Color: Sea Green
Languages: Korean, English
Accessories: Make-up, Short Dresses
Influences: Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera
Twitter account: @haroobomkum
Instagram: @newharoobompark

Bom Facts:
– Bom’s older sister is the cello star Park Goeun.
– Once did a “Lettuce Diet” to lose weight.
– She used to be a sleepwalker.
– Was rejected once by SME.
– Was rejected by YGE for three years.
– She’s the youngest in her family.
– She is Christian.
– She’s shy, mysterious, and sensitive.
– She has a 4D personality.
– Has the largest amount of fans (among 2ne1) in her cafe.
– Has 2 dogs named Choco & Danchoo.
– Park Bom has been on an indefinite hiatus since 2014 after an extremely controversial ‘drug scandal’ was revealed to the public. The incident involved an investigation by Korean police after a package was sent to Park Bom containing 80 amphetamine tablets.
– Park Bom was not charged or prosecuted for this, as it was revealed to be for medicinal use. The general public did not take well to this news, accusing Park Bom of abusing her celebrity status.
– On July 20, 2018, it was announced that she had signed under D-Nation Entertainment, she is now a solo singer.
– Bom’s ideal type is Jay-Z.
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Stage Name: Dara
Birth Name: Park Sandara (박산다라)
Nicknames: Sandy, Krung-krung
Position: Vocalist, Sub Rapper, Visual
Birthday: November 12, 1984
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
Blood Type:  A
Height: 162 cm ( 5 ft 3¾ in)
Weight: 40 kg (88 lbs)
Specialties: Dancing, Singing, Acting
Mic. Color: Metallic Orange
Languages: Korean, English, Tagalog, Chinese, Japanese
Accessories: Mobile
Influences: M.Y.M.P
Twitter: @krungy21
Instagram: @daraxxi
Weibo: @daraxxicn
Youtube: Dara TV

Dara Facts:
– She released an album that became “Platinum” twice, selling more than 60,000 copies in 6 months.
– She moved to the Philippines in 1995 due to her father’s business.
– She has a younger sister named Durami Park and a younger brother, Thunder (ex-member of MBLAQ)
– She entered YG in 2007.
– She joined the reality show “Star Circle Quest” (2004) in the Philippines and became famous.
– First to release a solo song from the group entitled “Kiss” ft. CL.
– December 2004, YG’s Yang Hyun Suk offered her workshop classes after seeing the KBS Documentary “My Name Is Sandara Park”.
– Likes to wear street clothes.
– Awesome in Math and Physics.
– She deletes numbers of people who don’t reply.
– She speaks Korean, Tagalog, English, and Japanese. She said she forgot most of the Chinese she knew.
– Sandara Park has continued to focus on her acting career as part of YG Entertainment, seeing huge success in her online dramas.
– Dara has a youtube channel now: Dara TV
Dara’s ideal type: “I like a dependable person who can fit me in his arms, and someone who I have a common interest with. I like playing guitar, cats, and chicken.”
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Former Member:

Stage name: Minzy
Birth name: Gong Minji (공민지)
Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Maknae
Birthday: January 18, 1994
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: Gwangju, South Korea
Blood type: Type O
Height: 161 cm (5 ft 3¾)
Weight: 49 kg (108 pounds)
Specialties: Dancing, Rapping
Mic. Color: Metallic Purple
Languages: Chinese, Japanese, English
Influences: Michael Jackson
Accessories: Camera
Twitter account: @mingkki21
Instagram: @_minzy_mz

Minzy Facts:
– Minzy’s father’s surname is Lee. Gong is her mom’s surname before the marriage.
– She won several dance awards prior to her debut at various dance competitions.
– She was discovered after someone uploaded a dance audition clip of her on the internet.
– She’s the granddaughter of famous traditional dancer Gong Ok-jin.
– Trained for 5 years before joining 2ne1.
– She is Catholic.
– She likes photography and wants to become a photographer.
– Has a Gundam collection.
– She’s a fan of Black Eyed Peas.
– Minzy was on Season 2 on KBS 2TV’s Sister’s Slam Dunk.
– YGE made an official announcement that Minzy is leaving the group on April 5, 2016 stating, “We are sorry to inform the many 2NE1 fans who’ve waited so long. We are making an official announcement that 2NE1’s maknae Minzy will no longer be a part of 2NE1.
– Minzy is currently a solo artist: Minzy profile
– Minzy also joined the show and band “Unnies Slam Dunk 2”.
– In October 2020 Minzy has launched her own agency, MZ Entertainment.
Minzy’s ideal type: When asked about her ideal type, Minzy responded that she likes older men.

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    So I guess the eternal maknae is still Minzy. ^_^’

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  • Matthew서연

    dara is a solo artist. she is set to release a solo album this year. her fandom name is still blackjacks and color is still hot pink. her weibo is @daraxxicn . fact: she’s the only member out of 2ne1 who follows the date ban rule

  • Matthew서연

    dara’s a sub-rapper. she rapped in Gotta Be You, Clap Your Hands, and had semi raps in I Love You, Come Back Home, I Am The Best

  • Tajrionna


  • r.

    Yes, she was. CL was the main rapper, so the rap lines were almost all for her. Minzy was the second one to do the rap lines. Go check the first songs by 2NE1 (like Stay Together, Pretty Boy and some others songs from 2NE1 1st Mini Album – she rapped in every song, I guess. Even most recent songs like the single Do You Love Me has Minzy’s rap too). Minzy rapping skills are good and she’d has many rap lines earlier. CL won more space to rap, probably because she was the best for it, but Minzy was a lead rapper until she’d left and the group ended. Gotta Be You is a good example for that. (Forgive my bad english, I hope you understand me.)

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    Center and FOTG is the same thing, Dara and Bom were the Visual.

  • KProfiles

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    -Also in CL. She speaks Korean, Japanese, English, and French. She is one of very few Kpop singers who can speak more than one Roman language (language with A-Z letters): English and French.

  • natalie

    Facts about CL ::
    • Her favorite type of flowers are red roses
    • She explained that the hardest part of her job is ‘loving it too much’ XDD
    • She grew up listening to Lauryn Hill
    • One of her favorite artists are Kanye West
    • Her favorite type of books are comic books
    • She describes her outfit style as ‘everyday mood’
    • She has three cats; Pudding, Doughnut and Showball Whitey
    • Her father is a physics professor that build robots
    • Her favorite place to see art is Instagram
    • In her solo career, her fanbase is called the ‘GBZ’s (?) (on 6:11, when she was asked if she could say anything to her fans, she replied with, ‘Be paitent, GBZs’)
    • She invented a dance move called, ‘The roll dab’
    Source :: 73 Questions with CL from Vouge ( https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5hpuoMilm_4 )

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    Minzy’s actual surname is LEE. Gong is her mom’s surname before the marriage

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    (image source from bom’s insta)

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    There was a game In a fan con where sandara is a special guest. A question from the game was how many languages does dara speaks, 5 or 4? Then right after the mc told the answer which is 5, Sandara told everyone that she forgot a lot about speaking chinese so she only uses 4 languages which are korean, tagalog, english, and japanese.

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    Yesterday (2.11.2018) girls announced that they will perform together! They are fixed! ❤️😊

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    Apparently it was a Minzy conccert/tour that had a special appearance of 2NE1

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