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P1Harmony Members Profile

P1Harmony Profile and Facts: P1Harmony Ideal Type
P1Harmony (피원하모니), also known as [P]1H, is a 6-member boy group under FNC Entertainment. The group consists of Keeho, TheoJiungIntakSoul, and Jongseob. They will be debuting on October 28th, 2020 with ‘SIREN’.

P1Harmony Fandom Name:
P1Harmony Official Colors:

P1Harmony Official Sites:
Twitter: @P1H_official
Instagram: @p1h_official
Facebook: @P1Harmony
YouTube: P1Harmony
V-LIVE: P1Harmony
TikTok: @p1harmony
Weibo: P1Harmony
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P1Harmony Members:

Stage Name:
Keeho (기호)
Birth Name: Yoon Kee Ho (윤기호)
Chinese Name: Yin Jihu (尹基扈)
English Name: Stephen Yoon
Position: Leader, Vocalist
Birthday: September 27th, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean-Canadian

Keeho Facts:
– He was the first member to be revealed.
– He lived in Canada in his school years.
– He has an older sister named Anna (@annxhy) who was born in 2000 and a brother.
– He was the subject of alleged bullying and racism scandals on social media. On September 4th, 2020, FNC Entertainment released a statement that denied most claims, apologized for the issues involving them, and reassured that the misunderstanding will be resolved.
– Later on September 4th, 2020 there was a thread on Twitter that contained screenshots from Keeho’s friends that were in a group chat with him during the alleged bullying/racism scandal. The screenshots proved the rumors to be false via original chats. It was a fan war argument and the bullying came from the OP’s side. OP was an EXO-L and was exposed as a BTS anti which is why there was an argument between them in the first place. OP also confirmed that there was no racism involved and that people had twisted her words.
– He shares a birthday with Momoland‘s Ahin, IZ*ONE‘s Eunbin, and Weki Meki‘s Rina.
– His name means ‘to excel’ (Kee) ‘big’ (ho).
– Hobbies: Taking pictures and being photographed; doodling (source: Vlive)
– Specialty: Singing.
– He describes himself as a ‘patient, kind and funny person. A positive person too.’
– The reason he wanted to become a singer was because ‘there is nothing in the world more fun than singing’.
– His audition song was ‘All Of Me’ by Michael Bublé.
– His favorite song as of recently is ‘Butterfly’ by UMI.
– His dream image on stage is ‘a charming voice and a cool force’.
– His favorite musicians are Daniel Ceasar, SZA, Frank Ocean, H.E.R, SiR, Alex Isley, Yebba, PJ Morton, Jazmine Sullivan and Tori Kelly.
– His favorite fashion items are a crossbody bag, a small wallet that’s attached and a phone + charger.
– His favorite food is Steak and he especially likes Sirloin.
– His favorite movie is ‘500 Days of Summer’.
– His favorite sentence/quote is ‘Everything has a reason. If you think that way, you can live life more positively’.
– His mind before debut was full of excitement and anticipation.
– His small but happy moments these days are being in touch with his family.
– He wants to be remembered as a person with lots of love and a person who can feel the aura.
– His life motto is ‘don’t take life too seriously’.
– He has ‘Skydiving’ and ‘Traveling the world’ on his bucket list.


Stage Name:
Theo (테오)
Birth Name: Choi Tae Yang (최태양)
Chinese Name: Cui Taiyang (崔泰洋)
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: July 1st, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean

Theo Facts:
– He was the second member to be revealed.
– Theo’s birth name ‘Taeyang’ means ‘sun’ in Korean.
– Theo means ‘Gift from God’.
– His hobbies are fishing, volleyball, and watching baseball.
– His specialty is vocal.
– The reason why he decided to be a singer is because he thinks he’s the happiest when singing.
– His memorable audition song was ‘Beautiful’ by Crush.
– His recent favorite song is ‘Still Alive’ by Jung Dongwon.
– His dream on stage is to be a person who can give chills (while performing) to a large audience.
– His favorite musician is Dean.
– His favorite fashion item is shirts.
– His favorite food is hamburger especially, McSpicy Shanghai Burger, and ramen, a mild-flavored Jin ramen.
– His favorite movie is ‘On Your Wedding Day’.
– His favorite quote is “Let’s stop being so self-conscious and enjoy life”, he said he’s not particularly a self-conscious person, he actually don’t know what to write so he searches quotes on Naver and found this, he thinks that this quote have the feeling of freedom of freedom.
– His favorite part of his face is the shape of his eyes.
– He wants to be remembered as a person who knows how to have fun on stage.
– Life Motto: Let’s be a person who’s worthy of one’s dignity.
– His life bucket list is to have a concert at Seoul World Cup Stadium and find a music genre that he wants to do and try it.


Stage Name:
Jiung (지웅)
Birth Name: Choi Ji Ung (최지웅)
Chinese Name: Cui Zhixiong (崔智雄)
Position: Rapper, Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: October 7th, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean

Jiung Facts:
– He was the third member to be revealed.
– Jiung’s life goal is inner perfection.
– His favorite thing on his face is his nose.
– His favorite sentence/phrase is “you are you, I am me”.
– His favorite song yo listen to currently is ‘Okinawa’ by 92914.
– The reason Jiung wants to be a singer is because when he was in school, he performed at a festival and liked the feeling of being on stage.
– Things he wants to do is backpack around the world, buy an island and build a house, go camping by himself, and become an adult.
– Jiung’s name means ‘to be a wise man’.
– He shares a birthday with MCND‘s Huijun, DESTINY‘s Sui, and EXO‘s Lay.
– Some of his favorite artists are Bruno Major, 92914, Post Malone, 6lack, Bon Iver, Bloo, and Civilian.
– He is very interested in fashion and likes all accessories.
– Some of his favorite foods are rosé pasta, garlic bread, and potatoes.
– Some of his favorite movies are ‘Little Forest’, ‘Before Sunrise’, ‘Before Sunset’, and ‘About Time’.


Stage Name:
Intak (인탁)
Birth Name: Hwang In Tak (황인탁)
Chinese Name: Huang Rende (黄仁德)
Position: Rapper, Dancer
Birthday: August 31st, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean

Intak Facts:
– He was the fourth member to be revealed.
– He has the skill to write lyrics.
– He appeared on a variety show called ‘I’ve Fallen For You’.
– He shares a birthday with Weki Meki‘s Lucy and IZ*ONE‘s Wonyoung.
– His name means “Make your name widely know by engraving it to the East”.
Hobbies: Football, looking at clothes and fashion models.
Specialty: Dance.
– His personality is he has a great spirit of challenges, lively, loving, and affectionate.
– He decided to be a singer because he likes to dance and be on stage since he was young.
– His memorable audition song is ‘Love Yourself’ by Justin Bieber.
– His favorite recent song/album is ‘Limbo’ by Amine.
– His dream is to be a cool and respected musician.
– His favorite musicians are Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, ASAP Rocky, and EK.
– His favorite fashion items are necklaces, hats, wide pants, and slim tops.
– His favorite foods are bread, meat, and desserts (sweets).
– His favorite movies are Forrest Gump and About Time.
– His favorite quote is “If you really want it and believe in it, it will come true”.
– His favorite parts of his face are his eyes and his chin.
– He wants to be remembered as an unrivaled artist.
– Life Motto: “Let’s live in our own way” (It means to live with his own kind of ‘coolness’ without being caught up in anyone’s style).
– His life’s bucket list is to become like his favorite musicians.


Stage Name:
Soul (소울)
Birth Name: Haku Shota (白翔太)
Position: Rapper, Dancer
Birthday: February 1st, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type:
Nationality: Japanese

Soul Facts:
– He was the fifth member to be revealed.
– He was born in Japan, but he is half Korean (mother) and half Japanese (father).
– He is good at creating choreography.
– His name ‘Shota’ means ‘a child with pure soul’.
– Hobbies: Playing games and collecting Jordans.
– Specialty: Dance and hiphop.
– Personality: Quiet and likes to be alone. Jongseob said, “He’s usually quiet but when he starts talking, he talks a lot”.
– He wanted to become a singer because he likes to see people’s smiling faces on stage, and wants to be like TEEN TOP and B.A.P.
– He got to know K-Pop artists through his mom who introduced TEEN TOP to him and his dad who introduced B.A.P at the same time.
– His memorable audition song is ‘Yanghwa Bridge’ by Zion.T.
– His currently fave song is ‘Floods’ by Lucky Daye.
– His dream is to enjoy with fans.
– His favorite musicians are 6lack and BIG BANG’s Taeyang.
– His favorite fashion items are jeans, watches, rings, and Jordans.
– His favorite foods are kimchi stew, sushi, and McDonald’s.
– He wants to be a great person who live up to expectations.
– His favorite part of his face is his nose.
– He wants to be remembered as a good person.
– Life Motto: “I don’t regret making my own decisions”.
– His life bucket list is to win a dance battle.
– Soul shares a birthday with TWICE‘s Jihyo, NCT‘s Doyoung, and K-TIGERS ZERO‘s Hyunkun.


Stage Name:
Jongseob (종섭)
Birth Name: Kim Jong Seob (김종섭)
Chinese Name: Jin Zhongxie (金仲燮)
Position: Rapper, Dancer, Maknae
Birthday: November 19th, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean

Jongseob Facts:
– He was the sixth and last member to be revealed.
– He enjoys writing songs.
– He was a trainee under YG Entertainment and was chosen to be a contestant of Treasure Box. He was eliminated in ep. 9.
– He was also a joint winner of Kpop Star 6. He and OG School Project‘s Park Hyunjin participated together as a duo under the name Boyfriend.
–  He shares a birthday with LOONA‘s Gowon and Lovelyz‘s Sujeong.
– His name, Jongseob, means ‘a person who lives passionately like a firework and resonates widely in the world’.
Hobbies: Playing games, biking, and skateboarding.
– He is realistic but talkative, he’s bright and cheerful when you get close to him.
– He decided to be a singer when he saw B.A.P‘s ‘Warrior’ performance on a music show.
– His most memorable audition song is Chris Brown’s ‘Turn Up the Music’.
– His recent favorite song is Bruno Major’s ‘Cold Blood’.
– On stage, he wants to be with a lot of audiences and be happy.
– His favorite musician is Penomeco, he likes his songs and he saw him performing in person during FANXY CHILD‘s concert.
– His favorite fashion items are black jeans and necklaces.
– He can eat everything except for seaweed, he can’t eat it at all.
– His favorite movies are ‘Les Miserable’, ‘Harry Potter’, and ‘Maze Runner’.
– His favorite phrase is ‘Keep your head cold, and your heart hot’.
– His favorite part of his face is his eyes (eye shape).
– He wants to be remembered as someone who gives strength through music during difficult times.
Life Motto: “Head cold, heart hot”.
– His life bucket list: (1) travel around the world with his family (2) performing at year-end award stage (3) learn more genres of music.

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