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Produce 101 Season 1: Where Are They Now?

Produce 101 Season 1: Where Are They Now?

It’s been over six years now since the first season of Produce 101 ended. What have its 101 contestants been up to since then?

Rank 1 – Jeon Somi

Somi participated in I.O.I. and its subunit. After disbandment, the former Sixteen contestant participated in the shows Idol Drama Operation Team and Sisters Slam Dunk and had activities as a member of the project groups from each show, Girls Next Door and Unnies, before leaving JYP for YG’s The Black Label in 2018. Somi made her long-awaited solo debut in July 2019.

Rank 2 – Kim Sejeong

debuted in I.O.I. and then in Gugudan. She debuted as a soloist with the song Flower Way and as an actress in the drama School 2017. She also debuted in Gugudan’s subunit SeMiNa in the summer of 2018.

Rank 3 – Choi Yoojung

debuted in I.O.I. and its subunit before debuting in Weki Meki in summer 2017. She joined Fantagio and Starship’s project group WJMK, and appeared on the show Secret Unnie where she was paired with EXID’s Hani.

Rank 4 – Kim Chungha

After I.O.I. and subunit promotions, Chungha debuted as a soloist and appeared on the dancing show Hit The Stage. She participated in a SM station along with Jeon Soyeon.

Rank 5 – Kim Sohye

Sohye debuted in I.O.I. and its subunit. Her family bought out her contract with RedLine Entertainment, and Sohye now has her own company called S&P Entertainment. She has been pursuing her activities as an actress and also runs a cafe where she can meet fans.

Rank 6 – Joo Kyulkyung

Kyulkyung debuted in I.O.I and its subunit before her debut in Pristin in March 2017. She promoted with Pristin’s subunit Pristin V before doing many activities in China, including a solo debut and mentoring on the show Idol Producer. Pristin has now disbanded, but Kyulkyung remains under Pledis Entertainment for her solo activities. In March 2020, it was revealed that Kyulkyung had applied to terminate her contract with Pledis, and Pledis is currently pursuing legal action.

Rank 7 – Jung Chaeyeon

returned to DIA after promoting in I.O.I. She has also begun her acting career and is currently an MC on Inkigayo.

Rank 8 – Kim Doyeon

debuted in I.O.I. and its subunit before releasing a variety show with Yoojung called Dodaeng’s Diary and debuting in Weki Meki. Doyeon joined Weki Meki’s project group with WJSN called WJMK. She debuted as an actress in February 2018 in the drama Short and also appeared on Law of the Jungle.

Rank 9 – Kang Mina

Mina debuted in I.O.I. and then in Gugudan. She is a member of Gugudan’s subunits OguOgu and SeMiNa. She currently hosts Music Core and has made her acting debut.

Rank 10 – Lim Nayoung

Nayoung debuted in I.O.I and its subunit as the leader. After IOI’s activities ended, Nayoung debuted in Pristin and its subunit Pristin V. Pristin disbanded in May 2019 and Nayoung left Pledis, but told fans she wanted to continue as an idol. She signed to Sublime Artist Agency that August.

Rank 11 – Yoo Yeonjung

debuted in I.O.I before joining WJSN as its new maknae.

Rank 12 – Han Hyeri

debuted in fanmande project group I.B.I. Her company announced she would debut in a girl group called OMZM, but the debut was cancelled. Hyeri appeared in the webdrama The Idolmaster KR and is still continuing her acting career, as well as modeling for the cosmetics brand Moreme. She and Lee Haein held a fanmeet together.

Rank 13 – Lee Suhyun

also debuted in I.B.I. She and labelmate Lee Haein filed a lawsuit against their agency SS Entertainment and successfully terminated their contracts. Suhyun signed with HYWY Entertainment and was to debut in the group DayDay, but the debut was cancelled. She then cohosted the Tooniverse show Stress Out from 2017-2019 and acted in the drama Happy Talk before debuting solo in late 2019, under the stage name Luri.

Rank 14 – Kim Nayoung

debuted in Gugudan in late 2017. She is also a member of the SeMiNa subunit.

Rank 15 – Kim Sohee

made her girl group debut in I.B.I. and debuted as a soloist under The Music Works. She was also a member of the groups CIVA and Girls Next Door, made from the shows The God Of Music 2 and Idol Drama Operation Team respectively. She left The Music Works in 2019, then signed to N.CH Entertainment, where she joined Nature. Her first comeback with the group, Oopsie! My Bad, was released in November of that year.

Rank 16 – Yoon Chaekyung

debuted in the project groups I.B.I. and CIVA before being added to April, which later disbanded in 2022.

Rank 17 – Lee Haein

After her I.B.I. activities and her lawsuit against SS Entertainment, Haein joined the program Idol School, but regrettably did not make the final lineup. She signed to Groove Company and announced in 2020 that she would be making her debut.

Rank 18 – Park Soyeon

was in the predebut lineup for FAVE Entertainment’s new girl group, but recently left the company after her trainee contract expired.

Rank 19 – Ki Heehyun

After Produce 101, Heehyun joined Unpretty Rapstar 3 and also returned to DIA, becoming its leader.

Rank 20 – Jeon Soyeon

joined Unpretty Rapstar 3 before debuting as a soloist. She later debuted as the leader of (G)-Idle. She was included in a SM Station and voiced a member of League of Legends’ fictional group K/DA.

Rank 21 – Jung Eunwoo

debuted in Pristin and its subunit Pristin V. Pristin later disbanded and Eunwoo left Pledis Entertainment. Eunwoo redebuted with Hinapia in November 2019, but later disbanded in 2020. Up to now she regularly posts on her social media accounts.

Rank 22 – Kang Sira

is now a soloist.

Rank 23 – Ng Sze Kai

Ng Sze Kai
returned to her band AS1 and released a song before leaving the group. She changed Korean agencies to Unleash Entertainment and participated in MixNine, ranking 32nd. She is now an actress in her home country of Hong Kong.

Rank 24 – Kim Dani

remained in an artist contract with MBK.

Rank 25 – Park Siyeon

debuted in Pristin with the other Pledis trainees. After Pristin disbanded, Siyeon left Pledis, and later signed to Sooyeongang Entertainment, where she resumed her acting career.

Rank 26 – Heo Chanmi

The former 5Dolls member left Dublekick Company and signed to Mostable Music. She appeared on MixNine and ranked 20th, and was to debut in the group High Color but the debut was cancelled. She signed with FirstOne entertainment in January of 2020 and pursued a career as a YouTuber, and is preparing for a solo debut in summer 2020.

Rank 27 – Hwang Insun

continues to release music as a soloist. She also appeared on the show Society Game. Insun and other contestants released a digital single called “Don’t Give Up”, and featured on girl group Midnight’s predebut track “Girl Group’s Flooded”. She now owns a bubble tea shop and continues to make occasional broadcast appearances.

Rank 28 – Seong Hyemin

changed agencies to MunMu Entertainment. She remains close with Park Hayi and Hwang Insun and has made appearances at their promotional events.

Rank 29 – Kang Yaebin

debuted in Pristin. She is also a member of the subunit Pristin V. Pristin sadly disbanded and Yaebin left Pledis, but she and other Pristin members signed to OSR Entertainment and redebuted as Hinapia, which later also disbanded. Now, she regularly posts on her social media accounts.

Rank 30 – Kim Seokyoung

signed with Kiwi Media Group’s subsidiary label Kiwi Pop and debuted as a member of GWSN in the summer of 2018.

Rank 31 – Lee Soomin

left Fantagio Entertainment and signed with FAVE. She appeared on MixNine and ranked 2nd, but left FAVE with Park Soyeon after their trainee contracts expired. She then signed to Mystic Entertainment and will debut in 2020 with their new girl group.

Rank 32 – An Yeseul

left Majesty Entertainment and now is an independent trainee.

Rank 33 – Kim Hyungeun

debuted as a member of Bulldok, but left the group. She and two other former Bulldok members are now under Krazy Entertainment where they debuted as Peace, but they disbanded. Hyungeun also helps manage Krazy Entertainment’s project girl group Aqua and participated in the company’s project D.A.N.

Rank 34 – Kim Juna

debuted as a soloist in the summer of 2017. She also released a single with SF9‘s Zuho.

Rank 35 – Kwon Eunbin

was added to CLC.

Rank 36 – Kang Siwon

signed with Dream T Entertainment shortly after the show ended, but left the company in early 2018. She was in a trainee team called UNI, but they never got to debut. She debuted solo as Kang XiWon in 2019, under TNK Entertainment.

Rank 37 – Yoon Seohyung

is continuing her career as a musical theatre actress, under the name Kwon Ipsae. She participated in the Don’t Give Up project single.

Rank 38 – Park Haeyoung

debuted in A.DE in 2016, and the group unofficially disbanded in 2018. She joined MixNine, placing 30th, and participated in the Don’t Give Up single. She has shared via Instagram that she still intends to pursue an idol career.

Rank 39 – Hwang Sooyeon

left Happyface and is now working as a backup dancer. She has most notably performed with Taemin of SHINee.

Rank 40 – Kim Sihyeon

signed with Yuehua Entertainment and participated on Produce 48, where she ranked 27th. She debuted with the group Everglow in 2019.

Rank 41 – Cho Shiyoon

Shiyoon is now working as an actress.

Rank 42 – Kim Minkyung

Minkyung debuted in Pristin and Pristin V. After Pristin disbanded, Minkyung left Pledis, but redebuted in Hinapia later that year.

Rank 43 – Park Sehee

Sehee debuted in Bulldok and moved to Krazy Ent after the group disbanded. She later debuted in the trio Peace.

Rank 44 – Kim Minji

Minji debuted in Bulldok. She is now promoting as a soloist.

Rank 45 – Kim Minjung

Minjung signed to Starship and participated in KBS’ Dancing High in 2018 as part of Team Just Jerk. She later left Starship and, as of December 2019, is now under High Up Entertainment. She then left High Up Entertainment, and joined P Nation, but also left P Nation, and is currently under an unknown company. She is set to debut in the girl group IOLITE.

Rank 46 – Chu Yejin

Yejin was part of Weki Meki’s final lineup, but decided to pursue a career as an actress instead. She is still under Fantagio Entertainment.

Rank 47 – Jung Haerim

Haerim debuted in Weki Meki.

Rank 48 – Kang Kyungwon

Kyungwon debuted in Pristin. After the group disbanded, she left Pledis; she and three other former members signed to OSR  Entertainment and redebuted in Hinapia.

Rank 49 – Oh Seojung

Seojung left MNH shortly after the show ended and signed with WAYZ Entertainment to train as an actress.

Rank 50 – Kim Taeha

Taeha left Starship and signed with Dublekick Company (now MLD Entertainment), where she was added to Momoland in 2017. In 2019 her contract with MLD was terminated and she left the group.

Rank 51 – Park Hayi

Hayi promotes as a soloist under the name Park High.

Rank 52 – Park Gaeul

Gaeul debuted in Favorite.

Rank 53 – Yu Sua

Sua signed to YAMA&HOTCHICKS, where she was placed into the predebut lineup for Oahsis (formerly Seeart). The group later transferred to Krazy Entertainment, which called off the group’s debut in October 2019. She is also a member of the project group Aqua and participated in her company’s latest project group D.A.N. with fellow former contestant Kim Hyungeun. Sua recently started a YouTube channel along with another former Oahsis member, Chohyeon.

Rank 54 – Lee Jinhee

Jinhee debuted in Bulldok.

Rank 55 – Ariyoshi Risa

Risa is no longer pursuing a career as an idol. She now owns a store called Stylike.

Rank 56 – Hwang Ayoung

Ayoung debuted solo and also participated in Don’t Give Up. She signed with ONO Entertainment and was in the predebut lineup for the group Black Mamba, but left.

Rank 57 – Lim Jungmin

Jungmin signed with ONO and was in the predebut lineup for Black Mamba. She left after participating on MixNine, where she ranked 46th, and is now under J Planet Entertainment. She recently changed her name to Lim Taeryoung and will debut in 2020 with the group LunarSolar.

Rank 58 – Kim Yeonkyung

Yeonkyung now runs a cover channel on YouTube. It’s unknown if she’s still a trainee or not, and if she is, whether she’s still under Midas Entertainment.

Rank 59 – Lee Younseo

Younseo left Cube Entertainment.

Rank 60 – Shim Chaeeun

Chaeeun left Starship and joined Star Empire, where she was in the predebut lineup for OMZM. The group ended up disbanding, and Chaeeun is likely to have left the company, as she did not debut in their new group, Ariaz.

Rank 61 – Kang Sihyeon

Sihyeon was also in OMZM‘s lineup. She joined MixNine, where she placed 29th. Sihyeon debuted as a member of Ariaz in October 2019.

Rank 62 – Kim Dajeong

Dajeong left Hello Music and debuted in Hashtag and its subunit Purple.

Rank 63 – An Yumi

Yumi remained under Blessing Entertainment for a time, working as a model, before becoming a professional pilates instructor.

Rank 64 – Kim Sihyun

Sihyun joined The Music Works, after which she represented the company on MixNine, ranking 19th. She is now a member of the project group Aqua.

Rank 65 – Seo Hyelin

Hyelin was in the lineup for a group called Lhea under The Jackie Chan Group, but they disbanded predebut. She now has her own YouTube channel.

Rank 66 – Hwang Riyu

Riyu is still under NHemg.

Rank 67 – Hwang Seyoung

Seyoung participated on Kpop Star 6, but was edited out of the broadcast entirely.

Rank 68 – Kim Jisung

Jisung is currently working as an actress under N Company.

Rank 69 – Kim Suhyun

Suhyun is now under an artist contract with Mystic Story Entertainment. She ranked 18th on MixNine and also appeared in Ateen and Girls Generation 1979, and released her first OST in 2019. She debuted in the girl group Billlie on November 19, 2021.

Rank 70 – Choi Eunbin

Eunbin left Nextar after a lawsuit from her former agency, GM Entertainment. She is now pursuing an independent solo career.

Rank 71 – Park Minji

Minji was accepted into Berklee College of Music. She changed agencies to M&D17 and participated on Produce 48, where she ranked 53rd. After a M&D17 debut fell through, Minji created a YouTube channel. On October 18, 2021, she was announced as a new member of SECRET NUMBER.

Rank 72 – Ham Yeji

Yeji participated in the Don’t Give Up single and then debuted in Prism.

Rank 73 – Kim Miso

Miso participated in Don’t Give Up and then debuted in A.DE, but they later unofficially disbanded. While her group has been inactive, Miso has participated in dance workshops.

Rank 74 – Kim Woojung

Woojung debuted solo under the name DAL. She is signed to 2% Entertainment.

Rank 75 – Heo Saem

Saem recorded for Don’t Give Up before debuting in A.DE. She also released a solo song with Ju Wontak of Rainz.

Rank 76 – Han Jiyeon

Jiyeon is majoring in dance at National University. She is now a YouTuber and signed to Climix Entertainment.

Rank 77 – Niwa Shiori

Shiori seems to be pursuing a career in Japan. She is signed to VO3E Entertainment and has a YouTube channel that she runs in both Korean and Japanese.

Rank 78 – Pyun Kangyoon

Kangyoon participated in the Don’t Give Up single. She has done some work as a model.

Rank 79 – Lee Suhyeon

Suhyeon left Happyface Entertainment.

Rank 80 – Kim Hongeun

Hongeun is under N Company with her sister and has made appearances in dramas.

Rank 81 – Kim Dohee

Dohee signed with Elephant Entertainment and was to debut in the group Twinkle, but the group disbanded predebut.

Rank 82 – Kim Seola

Seola is pursuing a solo career under the name Kim A Hyun, under Dalgona Music.

Rank 83 – Oh Han Areum

Areum was to debut in Twinkle, but they disbanded.

Rank 84 – Kim Yunji

Yunji was to debut in OMZM, but the group’s debut was delayed until October 2019, and was renamed Ariaz. In the meantime, Yunji participated on MixNine, ranking 36th.

Rank 85 – Lee Seojeong

Seojeong changed agencies to Fantagio Entertainment and debuted in Weki Meki.

Rank 86 – Kim Jayeon

Jayeon debuted in 1NB under Trivus Entertainment. The group disbanded in late 2017. She now works as a model for a fitness company and has released some solo music.

Rank 87 – Lee Chaelin

Chaelin signed with FENT and debuted with Fanatics in August 2019. She is currently taking a hiatus from the group.

Rank 88 – Choi Yubin

Yubin signed with nCH World and debuted in Nature.

Rank 89 – Katherine Lee

Katherine returned to the USA due to visa issues and a desire to focus on her studies. She has committed to a college in the States and will likely not return to the idol life. She will graduate in 2024.

Rank 90 – Shin Hyehyun

Not much is known about Hyehyun‘s activities since the show ended.

Rank 91 – Nam Sujin

Sujin signed to GT Entertainment and was to debut in a group called ABO, but the debut fell through shortly after recording their debut song.

Rank 92 – Kim Solee

Solee was in the lineup for Twinkle.

Rank 93 – Lee Seheun

Seheun debuted in Girlkind and its subunit, Girlkind XJR.

Rank 94 – Bang Joonhee

Joonhee was in the lineup for Twinkle.

Yudam seems to still be a trainee, signing first with Yale Entertainment and then with STC Academy. It is unknown where she is signed to now, as STC has closed all social media accounts.

Rank 96 – Kim Boseon

Boseon was in the lineup for a group called Red-L, but the debut was cancelled. She is now working as a DJ, and is signed to SD Entertainment.

Rank 97 – Moon Hyeunju

Hyeunju is now under YGK+ and pursing a career as a model.

Left the show – Kim Hayun

Hayun remains signed to 101 Doors, and works as an MC and songwriter. She released a few solo songs in 2018.

Left the show – Im Kyungha

Kyungha left Astory, eventually signing to Red Submarine Entertainment, where she made her solo debut in late 2019.

Left the show – Ma Eunjin

Eunjin was added to Playback.

Left the show – Im Hyosun

Hyosun was added to HUB, and then joined The Unit, where she ranked 19th.

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