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Yuta (NCT) Profile and Facts; Yuta’s Ideal Type

Yuta (NCT) Profile: Yuta Facts; Yuta’s Ideal Type
Stage Name: Yuta (유타)
Birth Name: Nakamoto Yuta (中本悠太)
Birthday: October 26, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @yuu_taa_1026

Yuta Facts:
– He was born in Osaka, Japan
– Education: Yashima Gakuen High School
– Nickname: Guardian of Takoyaki, Osaka Prince, Takoyaki Prince, Yakisoba Prince
– Yuta passed the global audition in Japan.
– He has been training for 3 years 3 months.
– Specialty: Dance, Football
– He speaks Japanese and Korean.
– Body secret: Thin waist
– Shoe size: 265 mm
– His Chinese zodiac sign is Pig.
– His hobbies are reading comics, working out, watching videos and reading comments saying how handsome he is. (MTV Asia Spotlight)
– He enjoys playing soccer and hanging out with friends.
– His favorite color is Yellow
– His favorite animal is dog.
– His favorite foods are: Watermelon, Bento, Takoyaki, Tteokbokki, Crab meat fried rice, Green tea cake.
– His favorite movie genre is Sci-Fi
– His favorite accessories are earrings.
– He loves vegetable juice and drinks it every day.
– His favorite holiday is Christmas.
– Favorite musician is One Ok Rock.
– Favorite actress is Lee Min Jeong.
– Dislikes: Doing nothing, Rain
– Yuta gets sad if Winwin doesn’t watch animation with him. XD
– Yuta doesn’t sleep with a pillow. (MTV Asia Spotlight)
– Yuta sleeps and wakes up early. It was a habit he got from his dad.
– The first thing Yuta does when he wakes up is to brush his teeth.
– He used to be a soccer player.
– Yuta played soccer since he was 5, to 16 years old.
– The song that made him wanna become an artist: TVXQ’s “Something” (Apple NCT’s Playlist)
– NCT position: Can do everything
– Motto: “Let’s do it right now!!”
– Yuta admires his dad more than anyone.
– Wouldn’t switch his body with anyone. (NCT 2018 Spring Fan Party)
– He thinks the ideal height difference between him and his future gf should be 15 cm.
– He says that when he wants to flirt with a girl, he becomes a “bad guy”.
– He says if he’d take a girl on a date, he’d take her to an amusement park.
– Yuta was a cast member of JTBC show “Abnormal Summit” where he was the representative of Japan.
– Yuta, Winwin, and Taeil used to be roommates.
– Update: In the new NCT 127 dorm Yuta & Taeil share a room. (Upper floor)
– Sub-Unit: NCT 127
Yuta’s ideal type: A girl who has short hair, 15 cm shorter than him, has empathy towards people and does not “act pretty”

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  • Jia

    so many facts! thanks for making their profiles! <3

  • sam UI

    When I found out about Yuta reading comments about how handsome he is, I often keep an eye on updates on insta with his picture on it. What can I say, he is my bias. The only NCT member isn;t tired of getting my attention.

  • 131 ♥ 11

    the members said yuta usually has winwin as his phone wallpaper lol

  • weiwei

    lol when did they say that? in interview? 😀

  • Salty Stevie

    Yuta is very close friends with Sorn from CLC

  • kawaii rainbow

    short girl who is at least 15cm height difference, shot hair = miyawaki sakura!!!!!!1 both are japanese !

    sakura is 163cm and has short hair !!!! does not act pretty too as she is already pretty and cute just by smiling and being her!!!!!!!!

    izone sakura and nct yuta actually looks good together… i imagined it in my mind

  • kawaii rainbow

    how do you know?

  • Aurèlià Kènztòn Òrtiz

    5’3 here, 161cm exactly. #Yuta (Won’t act pretty because am not pretty.. :D) Loves to challenge.. are u up for it? 😀

  • Mousy

    By the way, Yuta was on a program about a year ago called Idol Party with CLC’s Sorn. It’s about foreign idols staying with korean parents and become like a family.

  • Sana Hirai

    Can you put in a link to Idol Party please.

  • Mousy

    http://kshow123.net/show/idol-party/episode-1.html – Here’s a link to a sub. I think it’s right..

  • Mousy

    This is late by a while.. but they were both in a series together called Idol Party (or a segment of it..) They essentially received Korean parents and became like adopted kids to them. It’s really cute.

  • Kazumi Hatake

    yeah a link pleeease

  • Kazumi Hatake

    on instagram there was a pic of him holding his phone which had a pic of winwin on it lol idk if it was the wallpaper or just a pic tho

  • johndswag

    his name is yuca now i named him that

  • johndswag

    Listren top me3 when nim tellikg yoy yucass nasme

  • Kazumi Hatake

    he seems sad lately…idk but i feel like he has been that way.maybe he misses winwin?idk has anyone else noticed?

  • Kazumi Hatake

    I feel like Yuta seems sad lately idk why or if he is but I think he is… it seems that way to me. Maybe he misses winwin since he is with wayv now? idk let me know if you guys agree or disagree

  • paperheart

    I may not be his type but he sure is mine

  • Percy Rain

    Omg! I was a fan of Abnormal Summit before I became a fan of NCT but I didn’t even recognize him from it! LOL