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ZeroSix Members Profile

ZeroSix Members Profile
ZeroSix (제로식스) is a 5 member pre-debut girl group under LIZ Entertainment. The group consists of: Xindy, Byeolha, Yehwa, SeoA and Davin. Their debut date is still unknown. They released a pre-debut carol named “White Christmas Fall in Love” on December 18, 2020 with ICU and Chic Angel.

ZeroSix Official Accounts:
Instagram: @zer0six_official
Youtube: ZEROSIX
TikTok: @zerosix_official_
Naver Blog: @lala_10044
Website: LIZ Ent (Company)

ZeroSix Official Fandom Name:
ZeroSix Official Colors:

Members Profile:
Stage Name: Xindy (신디/シンディ)
Birth Name: Lee Chae Won (이채원)
Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Main Vocalist
Birthday: August 23, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox
Height: 167cm (5’5)
Weight: 49kg (108lbs)
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean
YouTube: 체크메이트 [Check Mate] (with soloist JH of Blue Fox)
Youtube: 시린화[XiRinHwa] (with Yehwa and Sorin from Daydream)
YouTube: 채하로운날[CHAE HA] (personal)
TikTok: @timeofxindy_
Instagram: @timeofxindy_
Twitter: @Xindy_sdate
Facebook: 이채원

Xindy Facts:
– Education: Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts – DIMA (applied K-pop major).
– She started university in 2016.
Hyohyun, Xindy, SeoA and Byeolha went to the same university.
– She is a former member of DayDream under the stage name Chaeha.
– She knows English, but she isn’t good at it.
– On May 21, 2019, she was introduced as a member of DPOP Friends under UPVOTE Entertainment through a medley dance cover of Produce 48 songs. Unfortunately, the group disbanded and she left the company.
– Her hobbies are bowling, singing, recording and listening to music.
– Her specialties are swimming, lyrics, and composition.
– She was a former pre-debut member of MIDNIGHT under the stage name Chaewon. She joined on June 10, 2019 and took part in their third pre-debut single, Algorithm, in August 2019, but left shortly after.
– She and and JH of Blue Fox, formed a dance cover duo called Check Mate. As of 2020, however, their YouTube channel is inactive.
– In 2019, she released a solo digital single, Blah Blah.
Xindy and Byeolha are also part of the project group Chic&Idle.
– She described herself as having a charming voice.
– She sang OSTs for the K-drama “No Matter What” and the movie “It Will Turn Out Well This Time”
– She can compose, mix and master songs.
– She sang God Is a Woman by Ariana Grande and Icy by ITZY at the audition.
– She suggested the name ZEROSIX for the group.
– Her favorite season is Winter.
– Her least favorite season is Summer because there are many bugs.
– Her favorite colors are blue and purple.
– Her role model is IU.
– She was a swimmer in school.
– She wants to stop the habit of bitting nails.
– She is afraid of horror things because she has nightmares from them.
– She would choose shabu-shabu over maratang.
– She would choose chicken breast over sweet potatoes.
– Her favorite drink is green tea frappe, but she likes Coke Zero and Pepsi as well.
– She likes the flavours mint chocolate, gone with the wind and rainbow sorbet from Baskin Robbins.
– Her favorite chicken is Nene Chicken.
– She would like to appear on You Quiz on the Block.
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Stage Name: Byeolha (별하/ビョルハ)
Birth Name: Ahn Se Yeon (안세연)
Position: Center, Lead Vocalist
Birthday: December 3, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat
Height: 155cm (5’1)
Weight: 41kg (90lbs)
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean
Youtube: 안녕하세연 seyeon
TikTok: @starr_ha
Instagram: @starr__ha
Twitter: @Starr_ha
Facebook: @fairy9612
Naver Music: 세연

Byeolha Facts:
– Education: Kyungbok University (applied Practical Music), Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts – DIMA (applied Broadcasting Entertainment).
– She started university in 2017.
– Hyohyun, Xindy, SeoA and Byeolha went to the same university.
– She has an younger brother.
– Her hobby is bead crafting.
– She visited Taipei in 2018.
– She is a former member of MIDNIGHT under the name of “Seyeon”.
– Her favourite colour is pink.
– She would like to visit Europe someday.
– She endorsed several brands on her social media as of 2019.
Xindy and Byeolha are also part of the project group Chic&Idle.
– She debuted solo with the song 봄이 오잖아 (The Spring Is Coming) featuring Purple.
– She made the choreo of her solo song by herself.
– She’s the fairy-like member.
– She’s good at winking.
– Her favorite color is pink.
– She is good at cooking.
– She has a younger brother.
– She taught K-pop subjects at King Sejeong Institute Taiwan while attending university.
– She thinks it’s hard to make a heart out of her hands because they’re small.
– She prefers pictures taken by others over selfies.
– She used to have a habit of biting nails.
– Her role models are Girls’ Generation.
– She started playing the piano at the age of 3 and won the second place at a national competition.
– Her favorite foods are sweets, meat, desserts, food with flour and boneless chicken.
– Her least favorite foods are sour, fat and bitter foods, giblets, chicken skin and legs.
– She chose beach over water park.
– She is good at drawing.
– She is also good at kart rides.
– She doesn’t take tickles very well.
– She doesn’t know a lot of internet terms.
– She was a member of the school district choir in elementary school.
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Stage Name: Yehwa (예화/イェファ)
Birth Name: Lee Ye Rim (이예림)
English Name: Lily Lee
Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist
Birthday: November 2, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Rabbit
Chinese Zodiac Sign:  Tiger
Height: 160cm (5’2)
Weight: 46kg (101lbs)
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean
Twitter: @yehwa_cm
Instagram: @yehwa_cm
Youtube: 시린화[XiRinHwa] (with Xindy and Sorin from Daydream)
Facebook: @ylh1102

Yehwa Facts:
– She was born in Incheon, South Korea.
– She is a former member of Daydream under the name of Alim.
– She’s a liberal arts major. She was the head of the bioscience division.
– When she was young, she attended an English Academy.
– She was also a member of the dance team The Bella from 2015 to 2016 under the stage name Yerim.
– She is the self-proclaimed genius of ZEROSIX.
– She has a dog and a cat.
– Her hobbies are listening to music and eating delicious food.
– Her specialties are playing alone, and creating choreographies.
– On April 1, 2020, Yehwa left Daydream due to conflicts with the company.
– She’s very flexible.
– Her favorite colors pink and purple.
– She wants to stop the habit of bitting her lip.
– She wants to go on ISAC as an archer.
– She prefers water parks over beaches.
– She prefers winter over summer.
– She prefers Wolmido over Chinatown.
– She sang ITZY‘s “Wannabe” at the audition.
– She once worked part-time at a wedding hall.
– She prefers chicken breast over sweet potatoes.
– She prefers tonkatsu over hamburger steak.
– Her favorite food is steak.
– She likes all types of chicken and doesn’t have a favorite.
– She likes the sweet types of bread.
– Her favorite cakes are with cream cheese and tiramisu.
– Her favorite Baskin Robbins flavours are gone with the wind and New York cheesecake.
– Her favorite drink to eat with cake is water.
– She doesn’t really drink coffee.
– Whenever she drinks coffee, she drinks americano.
– She doesn’t like chocolate ice cream.
– She is allergic to dust and animal hair.
– She doesn’t like sliced cheese so much.
– She likes the taste of yogurt and cheese.

Stage Name: SeoA (서아/ソア)
Birth Name: Kang Seo Young (강서영)
Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist
Birthday: November 19, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit
Height: 162cm (5’3)
Weight: 46kg (101lbs)
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean
Twitter: @kanxs_a
Instagram: @kanxs_a

SeoA facts:
– She was born in Gyeongsangnam-do, Changwon, South Korea.
– Hobbies: watching movies and dramas at night.
– Education: Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts – DIMA (applied Broadcasting Entertainment, leave of absence)
Xindy, Byeolha, SeoA and Hyohyeon have all studied at the same university.
– Her favorite color is red.
– Since childhood, people told her she looks like Jiyeon from T-ara.
– She has a sister.
– Her voice tone is very low when she talks in her dialect.
– If she wasn’t a singer, she would be an announcer or a psychologist.
– Her favorite variety show is running man.
– She was in the Sports club in elementary school.
– She would like to participate at ISAC with wrestling and field.
– She always sleeps a little.
– She prefers gold medals over trophies.
– She likes watching scary movies.
– She often takes selfies of her left side of the face.
– She can play the guitar.
– She sang “La Ta Ta” by (G)I-DLE for her audition.
– She likes DIAs Yebin a lot.
– She was part of INFINITE‘s official fan club.
– Her room from her hometown is full of things with INFINITE.
– She prefers chicken breast over sweet potato.
– She prefers tonkatsu over hamburger steak.
– Her favorite drink to eat cake with is coffee.
– She likes to drink coffee before bed.
– Her favorite foods are Tteokbokki, which is also her favorite late-night meal.
– She also likes mango shaved ice, yogurt smoothie, brown sugar bubble tea, sweet and sour pork, chicken ganjeong, chicken with bones.
– Her least favorite food is kimchi because she doesn’t like the spicy taste.
– Her favorite fruit is strawberry.
– Her favorite Baskin Robbins flavour is cotton candy wonderland.
– One of the university teachers told her to start singing indie music.
– Her childhood dream was to be an announcer.

Stage Name: Davin (다빈/ダビン)
Birth Name: Kang Ye Ji (강예지)
Position: Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: February 18, 2003
Zoadiac Sign: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Goat
Height: 156cm (5’1)
Weight: 45kg (99lbs)
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: @imdavvinn
Twitter: @davinnn_e

Davin Facts:
– She was a YOURS Rookie, but she did not make it into the project.
– Education: Dukseong Girls’ High School.
– Her favorite color is yellow.
– Her favorite season is spring.
– She likes going on walks while looking at the landscape.
– She loves the sea.
– Her favorite song is “Hwaa” by (G)I-DLE.
– She likes cheese balls from the restaurant BHC.
– She prefers selfies over pictures taken by someone.
– She’s not that good at video games.
– She plays Among Us and Lumi Cube.
– She likes looking at the stars at night.
– She wants to travel to France and Brazil.
– She prefers sweet foods over salty ones.
– The first thing she does after waking up is checking the clock.
– She would like to dye her hair ash blue or ash purple.
– Her favorite Starbucks drink is strawberry latte.
– Her favorite groups are (G)I-DLE and BLACKPINK.
– She likes STAYC as well.
– She went to a lot of SM castings.
– She doesn’t like scary things.
– She likes webdramas and A-Teen was her favorite.
– She prefers beaches over water parks.
– She liked Gfriend since elementary school.
– Her favorite foods are cheeseballs and chocolate ice cream.
– Lately, she’s been obsessed with waffles and strawberry latte.
– Her favorite Baskin Robbins flavour is mother is an alien.

Former Members:

Stage Name: Hyohyun (효현)
Birth Name: Song Hyo-Hyun (송효현)
Birthday: January 23, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox
Position: Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean
TikTok: @raberry_
Youtube: 내가명은라베리
Instagram: @raberryamnan_
Facebook: 송효현
Taling: 효니티쳐 / 송효현
Soundcloud: 송효현(berryhyo)

Hyohyun facts:
– She was born in Daegu, South Korea.
– Education: Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts – DIMA (applied K-pop major)
Hyohyun, Xindy, SeoA and Byeolha went to the same university.
– She used to be under ON Music Academy.
– She can create choreographies.
– Before being a trainee under LIZ Entertainment, she posted covers and self-made choreos on TikTok and Youtube.
– She is a certified dance tutor and has her own k-pop dance classes.
– People think that she looks like Kang Sira.
– She left the company for personal reasons in the summer of 2020.
– She’s now an independent soloist under the name of Raberry.
– She debuted solo with the song 같아 (Same).
– She writed, composed, arranged, directed, edited and choreographed her debut song.
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Note 2: Xindy was confirmed the leader of the group in the Sports Chosun article.

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