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KProfiles News of the Week (10th of January – 16th of January)

KProfiles New of the Week (10th of January – 16th of January)

Everything you need to know about the Asian media space this week!

Releases(comebacks) *OST not included*: 

ENHYPEN – Blessed-Cursed (Jan 10)
KIM YOHAN (WEi) – Dessert (Jan 10)
HONG EUNKI – Dear. (Jan 10)
JEONYOUL – Like It (Jan 10)
SWAN (CRAXY) *debut* – Road in the Light (Jan 11)
LEW, Dollarsignpark – Blurry (Jan 11)
playbook – Rainbow (Jan 11)
015B – The Time Cure (Feat. Yeona) (Jan 11)
K-Bridge – Way I Love (Jan 11)
Nam Hyoung Seok – In my memory (Jan 11)
MIRAE – Marvelous (Jan 12)
HYOLYN – Layin’ Low M/V (feat. Jooyoung) (Jan 12)
KANGTA – Slow Dance (Jan 12)
LENA PARK – Another Winter (Jan 12)
Vapo – Sirius (Feat. M1NU) (Jan 12)
MAX CHANGMIN (TVXQ) – Devil (Jan 13)
Lyn – Pyeong Saeng (Jan 13)
YUKIKA, KIM MIJEONG – Moonset (Jan 13)
Jung Dakyung – Tell him to go (Feat. SO YEON) (Jan 13)
MOMOLAND X NATTI NATASHA – Yummy Yummy Love (Jan 14)
OnlyOneOf – Skinz (Jan 14)
GIRIBOY – One Snowy Day (Feat. SOLE) (Jan 14)
Webley – Take# (Jan 15)
NBRE – Sitcom (Jan 15)
Wheein (MAMAMOO) – 오묘해 (Jan 16)
JinE – Like U (Jan 16)
KINDA BLUE – Color (feat. Moon Sujin) (Jan 16)
Kim Kyung Min – Letter (Jan 16)
KUHAN – Meant To Be (Jan 16)


Who had a birthday this week?

January 10

1981 Brian Fly To The Sky
1984 Sool J Solo
1989 Solji EXID
1995 Kenta JBJ95
1996 Haeyoon Cherry Bullet
1999 Yeoreum WJSN
2000 Dongmyeong ONEWE
2000 Xion ONEUS
2003 Prince GHOST9


January 11

1988 BiPa Solo
1992 Hoony WINNER
2001 Denise  Secret Number
2004 Yewon HOT ISSUE


January 12

1987 Jieun Berry Chu
1990 Shaun Solo
1993 D.O EXO
1993 Donghyeok THE KING
1993 LEX Bigflo
1996 Hyebin MOMOLAND
2000 Kevin OMEGA X
2000 Sugyeong Favorite


January 13

1982 Sangchu Mighty Mouth
1984 Won Heum Norazo
1994 Hailey Jung Solo, Red-In-Ear, Goodnight Stand
1995 J-US ONF
1995 Saebom Favorite
2000 Seolhee Solo, Girls2ooo
2001 Haram Billlie


January 14

1987 Boa Keembo
1994 Haseo Real Girls Project
1994 Kai Solo, EXO, SuperM
1997 Aurora Nature
2002 Gaon Xdinary Heroes


January 15

1987 Ilgoon Tritops
1988 Jun. K 2PM
1994 Hyungwon MONSTA X
1994 Taehwan VANNER
1996 Hyukjin D.COY
1997 Choi Yegeun Solo
1997 Kyle Romeo
1998 HYNN Solo
1998 Juyeon The Boyz
2000 Suhyeon Billlie
2002 Jinhwa BLITZERS


January 16

1991 Lee Daewon Solo
1993 Kanghan MVP
1993 Sungjin DAY6
1996 Jennie BLACKPINK
1998 Seungkwan Seventeen
2001 Junseo DKB
2002 Kelly TRI.BE
2004 Hayun Hi-L
2006 Minji Busters


K- Gossip/News:

  • EVERGLOW has announced that they will be promoting as 5 without Yiren as she goes to China to spend time with her family
  • 4 Members of OMEGA X test Positive for COVID-19; the rest test Negative
  • BLACKPINK’s Jisoo hints that the group will have a Comeback soon
  • SME announces Taeyeon to return with full length solo album in February
  • ONEUS’ Xion and Leedo to take break from group activities due to health reasons
  • The performance M/V for Jalapeño by WayV SubUnit Lucas and Hendery gets leaked on Weibo + fans express their anger and demand SM Entertainment to do better
  • All Dreamcatcher members officially open Personal Instagram accounts
  • SHINEE’s Taemin to continue military service as reservist/Public Service Worker due to serious mental health issues
  • BLACKPINK’s Lisa seen wearing sweater from clothing line owned by BTS Jungkook’s older brother
  • KNK announces member Heejun’s departure from Group
  • Brave Girls Minyoung to take break from group activities due to health related issues
  • New Girl Group VIVIZ containing former GFRIEND members Umji, SinB, and Eunha said to make Debut in February
  • Taeyeon drops M/V teaser for new single ‘Can’t Control Myself’
  • Fans disappointed by former DIA member Somyi when she debuts as BJ for adult content
  • New Girl Group ILY:1 reveals first Lineup Photos
  • GOT7 members celebrate 8 years together on Instagram live


Profiles of the week:

This weeks top Profiles to check out!


Small Artist Of The Week

Hi-L (nominated by Luci)

🌟 Small Soloist Of The Week 🌟

Kim Miso (nominated by MurotanGekkiLuv <3)

Underrated Song Of The Week

Muse by E’Last (nominated by ANTIROMANTIC)

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