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Jungkook (BTS) Facts and Profile

Jungkook Profile and Facts; Jungkook’s Ideal Type

Stage Name:
Jungkook (정국)
Birth Name: Jeon Jung Kook (전정국)
Birthday: September 1, 1997
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 66 kg (145 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Twitter account (all BTS members share 1 single twitter account): @bts_twt
Jungkook’s Spotify list: Jungkook: I am Listening to it Right Now

Jungkook facts:
– He was born in Busan, South Korea.
– Jungkook’s family consists of: Mom, dad, older brother
– Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts; Global Cyber University
– He attended Baek Yang Middle school.
– Jungkook attended Seoul performing art high school, he graduated in February 2017.
– He has an older brother named Jeon Jung Hyun.
– His favorite foods are anything with flour (pizza, bread, etc)
– His favorite color is black. (Run BTS Ep. 39)
– He loves playing games, drawing and soccer.
– Jungkook hobbies include video editing (Golden Closet Films), photography, discovering new music and making covers.
– He has a weird habit where he sniffles a lot because of his rhinitis. He also wriggles his fingers a lot
– His shoe size is 270 mm.
– He likes the number 1
– Said to be a very skilled cook.
– He likes shoes and makeup.
– He dislikes tasteless things, bugs, getting hurt, studying. (Profile written by Jungkook)
– He speaks Korean, Japanese and English (basic).
– In 7th grade Jungkook learned B-boying in a club with some friends and hyungs.
– He knows Taekwondo (he has a black belt).
– Before joining the group he was a handball player.
– His favorite weather is a sunny weather with a cool breeze.
– In 10 years Jungkook wants to be the owner of a duck meat restaurant or a tattooist.
– In middle school, he went to Superstar K auditions (where he sang IU’s ‘Lost Child’) but failed to pass the elimination round. On the way back home, he received offers from eight different entertainment agencies.
– After randomly seeing and falling in love with future member Rap Monster’s rap, he decided to join Big Hit Entertainment.
– Jungkook nicknames is Jeon Jungkookie (Suga calls him a lot), Golden Maknae, Kookie and Nochu.
– Jungkook’s role model is G-Dragon (BigBang).
– His dream when he was younger was to become a badminton player. In the 1st year of High School he listened to G-Dragon’s songs and changed his dream to becoming a singer.
– His motto is: “Living without passion is like being dead”.
– Jungkook wants to go on trip with his lover someday.
– He got his driving license (BTS Run ep. 18)
– He loves reading comic books.
– Jungkook is a big fan of Iron Man.
– Jungkook thinks he’s a pro gamer. (Knowing Brother ep. 94)
– Jungkook can play games on two computers at once. (Knowing Brother ep. 94)
– Jimin says that Jungkook smiles when he swears.
– Jungkook owns a dog named 구름/Gureum (Cloud).
– About school subjects, Jungkook dislike everything except Physical Education, Art, and Music Class.
– He doesn’t like bugs, but he likes cool bugs like (stag) beetles. He used to have a stage beetle when he was younger, but he didn’t take care of it well, so it died.
– Members say that Jungkook’s dorm room is the messiest but Jungkook denies.
– Jungkook likes collecting bluetooth speakers.
– Jungkook ranked 13th in the “Top 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017”.
– Jungkook is ranked 2nd on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”.
– He said he usually doesn’t exercise a lot but started working out after seeing Taeyang and Jay Park.
– The member who’s most similar to him : “V Hyung. He’s random, our comedic cords match well, and I think our personalities are similar.” (Profile written by Jungkook)
– The ranking in BTS that he wrote: “Rap hyung – Jin hyung – Suga hyung – Hope hyung – Jim hyung – V hyung – Jeongguk.” (Profile written by Jungkook)
GOT7‘s Bambam & Yugyeom, BTS‘s Jungkook, Seventeen‘s The8, Mingyu, DKNCT‘s Jaehyun and Astro‘s Cha Eunwoo (the ’97 liners) are in a group chat.
– Jungkook’s ideal date: “Walking along the beach in the night.”
– Things that he wants to steal from other members are: Rap Monster’s knowledge, Suga’s diverse knowledge, J-Hope’s positive mind, Jimin’s persistence and his effort, V’s natural talent and Jin’s wide shoulders.
Other members about Jungkook:
Suga:Jungkook has a good memory so he can imitate us well. And I remember that when Jungkook first came, he was shorter than me. Seeing him grow taller makes me feel like I’ve raised him.”
Jimin: “I’m 2 years older than him but he keeps making fun of me for my height.”
– Jin: “He’s quite bad at refusing requests.”
Rap Monster: “Individualistic, doesn’t share clothes. Washes his clothes separately. A slight timid-ness that’s like a maknae. Although he wants to seem manly, he’s actually a cutie. Although his passion overflows, it doesn’t go on long. Puberty, rebellious, but it seems cute.
J-Hope: “He’s the maknae who talks backs a lot and doesn’t listen. Although he personality is quite kind… I also have no answer for his personality”
V: “Truthfully, he’s the same as me. I have no answer.
Suga: “Because he’s the youngest, he’s still immature. However, he clearly shows what he likes and what he dislikes.
Jimin: “He’s kind, innocent, and is bad at expressing his feelings. That’s why he’s cute. Jeonggukkie’s mine.
Suga about Jungkook entering High School: “Jeongguk was the most handsome one there.”
V about Jungkook entering High School: “It’s not that the other students were ugly, but JK was most noticeable because he’s tall.
– In the dorm he has his own room. (180327: BTS’ JHOPE & JIMIN – MORE MAGAZINE MAY ISSUE)
Jungkook’s ideal type is someone who’s at least 168 cm but smaller than him, is a good wife, good at cooking, smart, has pretty legs, and is nice. Also a girl who likes him and is good at singing.

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    Isn’t his brother’s name Jeon Jung-hyun?

  • KProfiles

    As in the case of many other Korean names, there are different romanization versions of the name. Some write it as Jung others as Jeong.
    Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  • nisa

    Isn’t his real name is Jean jeongguk?

  • KProfiles

    Yes, his name is 전정국, romanized as Jeon Jeong-guk. Thank you for your comment. 🙂

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  • Taekook Trash

    He didn’t graduate until February 2017

  • KProfiles

    Thanks a lot for this info! We gave you credits in the post! 🙂

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  • Sylvia Vue

    – Jungkook’s ideal type is someone who’s at least 168 cm but smaller than him, is a good wife, good at cooking, smart, has pretty legs, and is nice. Also a girl who likes him and is good at singing.

    *cries* well this isn’t me ;-; guess he don’t want me. jk I’m not that bummed out…or am i? when he wants a girl who’s height is about 5’5″, but you’re 5’2″ and a girl who has pretty legs, but you have bruised up ones…and a girl who is good at singing and you sound like a dying cow…


    Jungkook is basically referring to IU ☺

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  • Add fact: Jimin says that Jungkook smiles when he swears.

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    Thanks, we gave you credits in the post. 🙂

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    im from affar. I hope that one day I’ll be able to meet him personally and when that day comes, I’ll definitely kiss him in the lips and gives him my heart. I am not smart,I don’t have a nice leg, I don’t have a 168 cm height (Im 5 flat) and honestly? I don’t know how to cook but I must say that I am nice, I am not definitely his ideal type of woman but one thing is for sure, I can give him my loyalty and I will love him till eternity 😉💓💕 Saranghae Jeon Jeong-guk, my forever maknae

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    it was DEFINITELY about Jimin, cause JK’s korean version of the quote included JM’s name for sure

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  • Jeon JungKook Net Worth is estimated to be $8.3 million as of 2017

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    1. Jungkook is a big fanboy of IU ever since predubut till now. The first album that Jungkook bought was IU’s and he also said on ‘Flower Crew’ that his ideal type is also IU. He sang IU’s ‘Lost Child’ for his audition in ‘Superstar K’ but did not pass.

    2. He is also a big fan of Iron Man 🙂

    3. Members say that Jungkook’s dorm room is the messiest but Jungkook denies.

    4. Jungkook likes collecting bluetooth speakers.

  • Kookie loves Tahiti

    He is my life !!!!!!!!!!

  • Mia Majerle

    Jungkook owns a dog named 구름/Gureum (Cloud)

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the additional info, and sorry for the late reply, we just noticed this post. 🙂

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the info! 🙂

  • xxstarfire09xx

    His favorite intimacy with a girl is holding hands and flicking their forehead to tease them. lol (Information from a recent fan sign event). He likes noonas (older girls). He said if he wasn’t an idol, he would’ve picked becoming an athlete as a career instead. He’s been practicing and learning how to go Bowling. He’s gotten really good at it. His favorite international idol is Justin Bieber and recent favorite Charlie Puth. If he can choose his international ideal type, it would be Emma Watson and Scarlett Johansson.

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    Jimin mentioned in Run BTS Ep. 27 that Jungkook’s favorite color is yellow

  • KProfiles

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    Jungkook’s ideal type is someone who’s at least 160 cm but smaller than him. He changed it. 🙂 And that he also likes tan girls whom he can go with him at the beach. Because he likes beaches a lot.

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  • Leighannah Selvage

    I love Jungkook. He is my favorite member. I’m 14 now almost 15 but when I become 18 years old, I could date him. It’s a possible possibility and when I’m 18 years old, he’d be 25 years old. He’s is really cute and I am basically the kind of girl that he likes.

  • Just_ATEEZ

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    Let’s just say, we don’t have a chance.
    He loves IU man.

  • Kpop_Trivia


  • Kpop_Trivia

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  • lakma janethra

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    (He said this on his live last night)

  • Femeron

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    He said he loves snacks but when he doesn’t eat them it means he’s nervous even when he hasn’t eaten yet.

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    Why do I feel like he’s the least loved member by army?

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