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SinB (GFriend) Profile and Facts

SinB (GFriend) Profile and Facts: SinB’s Ideal Type
Stage Name: SinB (신비)
Birth Name: Hwang Eun Bi (황은비)
Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Center
Birthday: June 3, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 167 cm (5’6″)
Weight: 47 kg (103 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Instagram: @bscenez

ShinB facts:
– She was born in Cheongju, South Korea.
– She has an older brother, named Hwang Jungwoo, born in 1996..
– She attended School of Performing Arts Seoul.
– SinB’s baptismal name is Esther.
– She’s a good dancer and likes acting.
– She is known for looking like Jessica Jung.
– SinB is a former child model for kids clothing. (She was part of Ulzzang Kids)
– SinB starred in the kids show “The Fairies in My Arms” on Korean TV – she was in every episode as Shawing (grasshopper fairy).
– SinB is a former trainee of BigHit and she was a trainee there for 5 years.
– Along with Sowon, she can learn the fastest a choreography.
– SinB once partnered with Yu Seungwoo on his song “You’re Beautiful” at MBC Show Champion.
– She loves Bungee Jumping.
– SinB also loves paragliding and want to try sky diving with Sowon and Eunha.
– SinB and Astro’s Moonbin are childhood friends. (They are neighbors).
– SinB, Astro’s Moonbin and iKON’s Chanwoo were in the same agency called ‘Kidz Planet’.
– SinB and Eunha were friends when they were in their childhood days.
– One of SinB habits is to put things in her skirts.
– She hates to watch horror movies because she gets scared easily.
– She once felt annoyed and jealous of Umji
– She also hates to do aegyo.
– SinB can rotate her hand to 360 degrees.
– She’s a fan of Harry Potter series.
– She’s allergic to grapes.
– She is the 2nd noisiest member after Eunha.
– Her role model is CL but she’s also a big fan of Song Ji Hyo.
– SinB featured in JoKwon’s “I’m Da One” MV along with predebut BTS members
– She can eat green grapes but not purple.
– SinB wants to learn kickboxing.
– She said that if she wasn’t a member of GFriend, she would be a female soldier.
– Her stage name SinB means “secret/mysterious”.
– In January 2019, SinB became the new model of Evisu.
– SinB’s all-time favorite K-pop group is BIGBANG.
– She is part of SM Station X girl group project: Seulgi x SinB x Chungha x Soyeon.
– Update: In the new dorm she has her own room. (Apartment 1 – Downstairs)
– SinB’s ideal type is G-Dragon.

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  • Always Reigning

    Can you please update SinB’s profile picture as well as other GFriend members individual profile pictures with their new comeback individual photo? Thank you in advance!

  • KProfiles

    Thanks for the suggestion, they have been updated! 🙂

  • Jasmin Leila K. Mendoza

    hi sinb unnie i want to see you in person:), that my only request wish it come true 사랑해( 안녕 sinb누나 나는 내 유일한 요청이 실현되기를 바라는 개인적으로 당신을 만나고 싶다.)

  • Fateen Yeochin

    1)Sinb is the 3rd best vocalist in Gfriend.
    2)Before Eunha joined the group,Sinb was the lead vocalist.

  • Sandra Win

    You make it seem like SinB disliked Umji for no reason and during the time when they’ve already debuted which is false. That is the impression I get from reading that fact. I would rather put it how SinB said it, like how it was early pre-debut and she felt annoyed with Umji only because SinB trained since she was a child and Umji got in after training for not so long. Then, you can also add in how they got closer while living and training together and that’s why SinB treats her with so much care now.

    Also, Sojin from 9Muses said that SinB was known for her dance as a trainee and she trained alongside BTS members in BigHit. She was also in JoKwon’s “I’m Da One” music video with other BTS members (predebut).

    From Weekly Idol, SinB admitted she has a strong grip with her toe because it’s big (that’s why they invented the SinB’s toe game lol).

    SinB said if she was not an idol, she would want to be a female soldier.

    SinB’s childhood dance group was featured on a show (can’t remember the name but if you search for it I’m sure you’ll find it).

    SinB is seen as a cold idol but she wants people to know that she is not.

    SinB hates bugs

    SinB loves to workout and does it daily.

  • Tenebris Adversaria Lucis

    Why Shinbi facts? Did I miss something?

  • Cindy

    She is also got rumoured dating with Jungkook from bts!

  • SquiriferousTruth

    But doesn’t everyone get shipped with BTS? LOL. #Justsaying

  • SquiriferousTruth

    Nobody does anything for no reason. But honestly, I think you’re just overreacting, dude. The admin COULD include more information on that, sure, but it’s not necessary. Unless someone just has that mindset of just always jumping to conclusions, which is more sad than anything.

    But as for your suggested facts, very interesting, and accurate. I gotta check out that music video you mentioned, thanks! 😀


    @disqus_guf0zxXkfL:disqus I know aye


    So is Sin B Christian? I don’t mean it in a bad way because I’m a christian. So is she?

  • SquiriferousTruth

    Just a suggestion, but you think you can switch the profile picture (at least temporarily) to her latest comeback with Station X 0? It’d just be pretty cool, that’s all.

  • sage egg

    Sinb’s close idol friends are Twice’s Dahyun and WJSN’s Eunseo

  • elpiiey

    Can i know where u know that sinb big fan of song ji hyo?

  • GFriend INFO

    SinB and SF9 are exclusive models for EVISU

  • Yunichi

    Doesn’t she eat grapes in Sunny Summer?

  • Sandra Win

    Those were green, she can’t eat the purple ones

  • Magna Guard

    lol…i thought she was oldest