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D.O (EXO) Profile and Facts; D.O’s Ideal Type

D.O (EXO) Profile and Facts; D.O’s Ideal Type

Stage Name: D.O (디오)
Birth Name: Do Kyung Soo (도경수)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: January 12, 1993
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Nationality: Korean
Height: 173 cm (5’8″)
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
Specialties: Singing, beat box
Subunit: EXO-K
Super Power (Badge): Force

D.O facts:
– He was born in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.
– Family: Father, mother, older brother
– Education: Baekseok High School
– He was a kid ulzzang.
– He officially joined SM Entertainment in 2010 after winning a singing competition.
– His parents were very supportive of him becoming a singer.
– He says that he inherited his artistic side from his father because his father owns an art business.
– His nicknames are: Heenjabuja (rich in whites), Umma, Orchestra boy, The pop out eyes, Pororo (He stated once that Pororo resembles him a lot.)
– Personality: Quiet, acts like a mother to the other members, sentimental, considerate
– He has heart shaped lips and round eyes.
– He is like the mother of the group. He always does the cooking and looks after the other members.
– If the EXO dorms are messy, D.O will nag the other members.
– He’s very shy with strangers. He prefers it if other people initiate conversations and gets close to him.
– If D.O is in the company of only EXO members, he will joke around a lot.
– When he gets nervous, he forgets things easily.
– He has the habit of biting his nails.
– D.O can speak basic English.
– He is close with Kai.
– He doesn’t call Chanyeol “hyung” because Chanyeol told him he wants the two to be close friends.
– He likes singing while Chanyeol plays the guitar.
– Habit: Hums along to songs.
– He can play the piano.
– He loves cooking and mostly cooks for the members.
– He has a habit of humming songs.
– Hobbies: Interpreting lyrics, singing, beatboxing.
– His favorite type of music: Pop.
– His favorite type of movie: Fantasy movies
– His favorite number is 1.
– His favorite color is black.
– His favorite food are Spaghetti.
– D.O has the habit of wetting his lips with his tongue.
– D.O’s favorite song is Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire” ft. Bruno Mars.
– He is obsessed with cleaning. He is always tidy and likes to sort things by color, brands, and type.
– D.O. doesn’t do exercises, because he hates sweating.
– If he didn’t become a singer, he would’ve been a chef.
– He says one of his secrets is that he has a lot of little moles on his body.
– When he can’t sleep, he’ll turn on a movie.
– EDIT: He now shares a room with Chanyeol and Kai (360 Star Show).
– EDIT 2: He’s having his own room now.
– D.O is close friends with BtoB’s Lim Hyunsik.
– D.O is close with Jo Insung and Lee Kwangsoo
– He is a fan of f(x).
– He says that while the EXO members are in the car together, they mainly listen to SHINee’s music the most.
– He respects TVXQ’s Yunho a lot.
– His role model is Yoo Young Jin (composer).
– According to Chanyeol, D.O has bad eyesight. When he doesn’t wear glasses, he glares. (Knowing Bros ep 85)
– He acted in the web drama “EXO Next Door” (2015), “Be Positive” (2016).
– He acted in the Korean movies: “Cart” (2014), “Unforgettable/Pure Love” (2016), “My Annoying Brother” (2016), “Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds” (2017), “Room No.7” (2017), “Swing Kids” (2018)
– He acted in Korean dramas: “To The Beautiful You” (2012, cameo), “It’s Ok, This is Love” (2014), “Hello Monster” (2015- ep. 1-2), “Be Positive” (2016), “100 Days My Prince” (2018)
– D.O has received many awards and praise for his acting in dramas like “It’s Okay, It’s Love” and in movies like “Cart”.
– S.M Ent. confirmed D.O’s enlistment date is July 1st, 2019.
D.O’s ideal type is a girl who is kind and eats well.

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    do.o. has the habit of wetting his lips with his tongue.

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    Thanks, we gave you credits in the post! 🙂

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  • D.O. is well known with his heart-shaped lips when he’s smiling and laughing

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    He’s my number 1 and I’m his number 2, he’s the black and I’m the blue. People here come’s the D.O’s bride!


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    He can’t see well because of his Astigmatism..

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    when i watch knowing bros ep 85, i found some fact about him
    – accordind baekhyun, D.O always help him to use body scrub even though he didn’t take shower yet
    – according chanyeol, D.o has bad eyesight. When he didn’t wear glasses, he will glare

  • Jungkook’s DNA

    D.O says that he has bad astigmatism (which is bad eyesight) and he can’t wear contact lenses because they don’t fit and are too uncomfortable. He often wears glasses, but he can’t wear it at shows so he will often glare. Chanyeol also says that when D.O first entered the agency he didn’t give off a good impression because of it. Also, one time an older man asked him why he was staring at him like that and then slapped him. I’ve seen some other people comment about it and have seen that you already have it on here. Lastly, D.O hates being called cute, but he can’t help it. Kai didn’t want to eat with D.O because he felt like he didn’t like him because he seemed like he was glaring at him.

  • What Is An UB

    He once cried watching a tennis anime


    He captured my heart when i heard him sing. His soulful voice is really sentimental and soft. He has this smile that you will never forget. But the most unique and one of a kind personality of Kyungsoo is being honest and humble artist I’ve ever known. He is not the type of person that you will like because of his looks, talents and smile, but you will cherish and treasure him because of his humble personality. He is the true public figure to gentlemen out there, a man of manners, a quiet man but he has this thing called ” action speaks louder than word’. He is the true inspiration to fans who loved him. He’s HEART SHAPED lips says it all. He is LOVE. Sometimes we misunderstood his quietness and seriousness but you know being sentimental shy and introvert, he wants peace really. So just give him freedom to decide whatever he wants to boost his career. People around him are scamdalous, wanted to drag him down, that’s the world he is in, it’s very stressful for him but he keeps on going because of us who loves him. So continue loving him, he deserved to be the number one and all the love of the world. Don’t waste your time to those who dragging him down, they are not worth of your time. “Don’t waste words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all.” LOVE IS THE MOST POWERFUL THING IN THE WORLD.

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    He also acted w/ Kim Sohyun at ‘Pure Love’
    Was at web drama ‘Be Positive’
    He has heart shaped lips and round eyes
    Sorry for my poor english :’3

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    Expected discharged date from military service:25 January 2021