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Cloudybay Profile and Facts

Cloudybay Profile and Facts:

Cloudybay / 클라우드베이 is a South Korean independent rapper under the crew PABLO MU2IK.

Stage Name: Cloudybay / 클라우드베이
Birth Name: Park Youngseo / 박영서
Birthday: September 10, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 155 cm / 5’1″
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: cloudybay.fy
Spotify: Cloudybay
YouTube: Cloudybay
SoundCloud: 72ong9ryv9gb

Cloudybay Facts:
– Her MBTI is INTP.
– She was born in the year of the Hare.
– Graduated from Cheongju Jungang Girls’ High School.
– In the crew, PABLO MU2IK.
– Her rap name comes from the wine Cloudy bay.
– In high school she decided to create a rap name and thought Cloudybay was cool.
– Made her SoundCloud debut in 2018 with ‘SEA‘.
– Latest SC release is called ‘Longer’ which was posted in 2020.
– Former contestant of HSR2, she sadly got eliminated in R2.
– In 2019, she joined an Hip Hop TV show Signhere / 사인히어.
– She has mentioned that her husky voice is due because of a trauma.
– Her shoe size is around 245mm or 38 in EU sizing.
– Has a Pomeranian dog named Ttotto whom was born the 7th of July, 2017.
– The second EP album SWIM IN THE BLUE was actually released on Ttotto’s birthday.
– On the 12th of December of 2021, she released her double single [21230914].
– 21230914 is her grandma’s death anniversary (14th Sept), whom sadly passed away in 2021.
– She hopes people who listen to her double single can relive thier thoughts and feelings that they want to keep for the upcoming year.

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Latest Release:
Hey boi ft. Jayci yucca, prod. by GRIO.

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