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Seola (WJSN) Profile

Seola (WJSN) Profile and Facts;

Stage Name: Seola (설아)
Birth Name: Kim Hyun Jung (김현정)
Birthday: December 24, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Blood Type: A
Sub-Unit: Sweet

Seola Facts:
– Seola was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– She has an older sister.
– She represents the Sagittarius but is actually a Capricorn (zodiac sign).
– Her strengths are being quiet when it’s quiet, and noisy when it’s noisy.
– She is known as the vitamin of WJSN.
– She has Aquaphobia (a fear of water).
– She’s able to turn any song into a ballad/sad song.
– She trained for 7 years.
– Her nicknames are Shaki, Mumin, and Hyunddong.
– Seola’s specialty is breaking the stage.
– In 2012, Seola appeared in Boyfriend “Janus” MV.
– Seola appeared on “Just Dance” Commercial along with TWICE‘s Nayeon and Jeongyeon.
– She acted in the web drama “Good Morning Double-Decker Bus” (2017).
– She sang “Love Virus” together with Monsta X’s Kihyun as the OST for “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”.
– The longest she’s ever slept was for over 10 hours.
– If Seola was a rapper, her stage name would be “Shaki”
– Seola’s hobbies are massages, housework, killing time, and taking a walk.
– Her habit is her legs shaking whenever she eats something delicious.
– If she was a male, she’d date herself.
– She and Jungwoo from NCT are known to look like each other.
– She is part of the collaboration group between WJSN and Weki Meki, called WJMK.
– Seola loves to eat jellies.
– Seola is a really big fan of Blackpink and has a lot of their merch.
– Seola was originally part of pre-debut team, VIVA GIRLS, with EXY, HELLOVENUS’ Lime, Nine Muses’ Kyungri, and Dalshabet’s Woohee.
– Singing makes her the happiest.
– She wants to try choreography for WJSN.
– Seola wants to be good at making Korean seaweed soup.
– Her way of expressing that she likes someone is “I miss you”
– Seola likes to touch the member’s butt. Out of all the members, she like EXY’s butt the most.
– When asked what you need to marry her, Seola said a house.
– Seola said her forehead size is 99 pyung (Pyung is a Korean measurement system, usually used for houses).
– Seola’s interests are interior, stuff that is good for the health, room tours, and good items.
– She was born on the same day as Victon‘s Seungwoo and ONF’s E-Tion.

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