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Kang Daniel Profile and Facts

Kang Daniel Profile and Facts

Kang Daniel Fandom Name: ‘DANITY’
Kang Daniel Official Fan Color:

Stage Name: Daniel (다니엘) / Kang Daniel (강다니엘)
Birth Name: Kang Euigeon (강의건) but he legally changed his name to Kang Daniel (강다니엘)
Birthday: December 10, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Nationality: Korean
Height: 180 cm (5’11″)
Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @daniel.k.here
Twitter: @konnect_danielk
Youtube: Konnect Entertainment Official
vLive: Kang Daniel
Facebook: 강다니엘 Kang Daniel
Cafe Daum: Kang Daniel Official

Kang Daniel facts:
– He was born in Busan, South Korea
– Daniel is an only child
– He ended PD101 on the 1st rank with a total of 1,578,837 votes, was declared as the overall winner of PD101 2nd season and was given the Center position of Wanna One
– He was a trainee at MMO Entertainment with Jisung
– He officially changed his name from Euigeon to Daniel (because a lot of people found it difficult to pronounce his name Euigeon)
– He has been B-Boying since junior high school and even placed first in a rookie B-Boying battle in Busan
– In the past he went on vacations in Canada to visit his maternal aunt who lives there.
– He likes skateboarding
– Daniel said he hates bugs (vlive)
– Daniel always brings his insect swatter. (“Dangerous Beyond the Blankets”)
– He dislike raisins. [“Okay Wanna One” Ep 32 (Q&A Time Part 1)]
– Kang Daniel’s shoulders’ width is 60 cm (23 inches). He achieved it by doing 100 push-ups every day.
– His legs are 111 cm (43.7 inches). (“Idol Room”)
– Daniel has 4 cats: Peter, Rooney, Ori and Zhang Ah.
– His cats Peter and Rooney are actually female cats, but he initially thought they were males.
– When asked who would he introduce his sister to, if he had one, Daehwi said Seungwoo and Daniel are dangerous. (interview on pd101 called ‘We ask, You answer!)
– When Wanna One moved to the dorm, initially Daniel wanted to be roommate with Woojin, because they would be comfortable speaking satoori (Busan’s dialect). However, Woojin said he doesn’t use satoori. XD (“Wanna One Go” ep. 1)
– They chose the rooms after playing ‘Rock-Paper-Scissors’.
– Daniel, Seungwoo and Jisung used to share a room. (Wanna One’s reality show “Wanna One Go” ep. 1)
– Wanna One moved to 2 new apartments. Daniel and Seongwoo share a room. (Apartment 2)
– Daniel is friends with Daehyun from B.A.P. Both of them went to the same dance academy in Busan.
– Daniel’s role models are Seventeen because of their teamwork, BTS because they are powerful, EXO because they are cool. (Happy Together)
– BTS’ Jimin, Daniel and Woojin participated (respectively) in a dance competition in Busan – “2011 Busan City Kids Vol. 2”. Jimin’s team beat Woojin’s team in the semifinal, while in the final Jimin and Daniel’s teams confronted, and Daniel’s team won.
– Daniel snores the loudest (Samuel mentioned this on “Happy Together”)
– Daniel likes to laugh a lot even though sometimes it’s not funny, and he likes to talk to himself (“Happy Together”).
– In his spare time he likes looking up for clothes/fashion. (170828 Wanna One on Hongkira radio)
– Daniel is allergic to shellfish (shrimp, lobster, etc). (“Let’s Eat Dinner Together”)
– Out of the seafood he can only eat squid.
– Daniel dreams to open a sushi restaurant in Hong Kong.
– Daniel has narcolepsy, and that he falls asleep in the shower washing his hair, or at the table while eating a meal with food in his mouth. (“It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets”)
– Daniel said he prefers older women. (“Happy Together”)
– Daniel appeared in Davichi’s “Days Without You” MV
– Daniel was rank 11th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”.
– He has the Guiness Book record for fastest time to reach 1 million followers on Instagram.
– Daniel’s contact with MMO Entertainment expired on January 31, 2019.
– On February 2, 2019 his contract with LM Ent. started.
– On March 3, 2019 he asked for his contract termination with LM Ent.
– On March 20, 2019, he filed suspension of his contract with LM Entertainment. His request was accepted by the court on May 10, 2019.
– On June 9, 2019 Daniel has established a one-man agency, KONNECT Entertainment.
– On July 25, 2019 he debuted as a soloist, with the single “What Are You Up To”.
– On August 5, 2019, it was confirmed that Daniel and Jihyo of Twice are dating.
– On November 10, 2020, Daniel and Jihyo were announced to have broken up due to their mutually busy schedules.
– Kang Daniel’s ideal type: is someone older who he can learn from (Happy Together 170810)

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    He told about his narcolepsy in a different show, called It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets.

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  • 🍑강초딩🍑

    In a fanacc of fansign. I dont remember the fansite but when she asked him to choose the answer of the Q “Why did you go to Canada” and Daniel chose I have my relative there”. He didnt study in Canada!! This fact was confirmed a long time!!

  • peunwoota

    Daniel said that instant noodles is one of or his favorite food . (Happy Together)

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    Daniel is a homebody , he loves eating jelly bears
    Source=It’s dangerous beyond blankets

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    I think he also can’t swim. He mentioned that he likes to play in the water but he can’t swim in “its dangerous beyond the blankets” in 2017

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    Daniel never studied in Canada, he only went there for a vacation. Please change the information, thank you!

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    i know he speaks Korean and English but i believe he can speak some Chinese and Japanese but i don’t know if he is fluent or not i’m not sure

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  • weyoung

    actually the heights are correctly converted! what you said it’s feet only (used for length measurement) not feet and inches! there are 2 types of measurement: length measurement and height measurement
    for ex:
    180 cm is 5’9 – feet only (the measurement uses for the length)
    180 cm is 5’11″ – feet and inches (the measurement used for height)

    so please don’t use a Google converter because it doesn’t know you want a height and it will give you the length conversion

    ask any native that use the feet and inches measurements. the height should be in feet and inches!

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    Daniel his role model is Kim Sejeong

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    He has an Instagram acc now

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    like ong seungwoo, daniel said his role model is EXO’s kai (happy together)

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    he has a new cat called Zhang 🙂 so there are 4 now – Rooney , Peter, Ori, Zhang-ah

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  • daniel’s whore

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  • Zana Fantasize

    Based on Okay wanna one ep 32 (Q&A Time Part 1) he always wiping his shoe sole few time before perform outside

    Here’s the link

  • Zana Fantasize

    Based on Okay Wanna one Ep 32 (Q&A Time Part 1), he said he dislike raisins

    Here’s the link

  • Sugeun is The Key

    yeah.. maybe that’s why he cropped his sHirt in the day-1 Therefore concert.. damn fine…

  • Baokan

    his legs long 111 cm (idol room)

  • KProfiles

    Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • Daniel is now under LM Entertainment

  • Daniel has opened official SNS accounts:

    twitter: @Official_KDN_
    instagram: https://t.co/1TqO03Ki9W
    vlive: https://t.co/Kcxed0nrkE
    youtube: https://t.co/NODMYjMQ3f
    facebook: https://t.co/qsVWw5Dd4a
    weibo: https://t.co/Dc5UZB0fhX

  • KProfiles

    @jessicaxty:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • Daniel has opened several SNS accounts:

    Twitter: @Official_KDN_
    Youtube: Kang Daniel Official
    Vlive: Kang Daniel
    Facebook: 강다니엘 Kang Daniel
    Weibo: KangDaniel_康丹尼尔

  • daniel’s whore

    His weight went up btw from 67kg to 68kg (according to his vlive)

  • dancing on my own

    I see the mods added new things but didn’t fix the Canada thing.
    Please remove that already, he never studied in Canada.
    He only went on vacations to visit his maternal aunt who lives there.

    Also, Daniel is a lead rapper, not a sub rapper. You have it right in the Wanna One members profile.


    it was just for vacations!!!
    Thank You.

  • 리디아

    how about this more recent picture for his profile ^_^ ❤️

  • JD

    The Instagram should be changed. After all the issues LM has been giving him he opened his own Instagram and it would be good if we could unfollow the one from LM so they can’t use his name anymore.
    His own Instagram is daniel.k.here
    Please, everyone go follow that one!

  • On March 20th, Daniel has filed suspension of his contract with LM Entertainment

  • NanyAmirah

    Actually, i Don’t like Wanna One. I just like EXO kai. But, One dah, after i scroll utube, i see kang Daniel wad smile, and make me smile. Hahahahahahah. Kang daniel

  • Today (May 10, 2019) the court has accepted Daniel’s request and his contract with LM Entertainment has officially been suspended

  • LM Entertainment has objected against the court’s decision from May 10. The second court questioning for LM Entertainment and Daniel is set for June 12, 2019. Daniel is allowed to promote independently until the court makes a new decision after the second questioning.

    Source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1328559wpp/kang-daniel-and-lm-entertainments-2nd-court-questioning-date-set

  • Daniel has set up his own agency called “Konnect Entertainment”

  • KProfiles

    @jessicaxty:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

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