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Single & Ready to Mingle (솔로 말고 멜로)

Single & Ready to Mingle (솔로 말고 멜로)

Single & Ready to Mingle (솔로 말고 멜로)
is a RomCom web drama starring Choi Yoojung, Kim Doyeon, Jeong Hyojun, Kim Minchul, Moon Jihoo, and Lee Soyul. The show premiered on October 13th, 2020 to November 4th, 2020.

Drama Name: Single & Ready to Mingle (English Title)
Native Title: 솔로 말고 멜로 (Sollo Malgo Mello)
Other Titles: Single and Ready to Mingle & Melo Not Solo
Release Date: October 13th, 2020
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Sitcom, Idol Drama, Web Drama
Network: SEEZN
Episodes: 8
Rating: PG-13
Air Times: Tuesday and Wednesday
Show Duration: 15 min
Director | Writers: Kang Hyun Na | Choi Ye Ri

Bong Joo Yi (Choi Yoo Jung) and Ji Yeon Seo (Kim Do Yeon) have been best friends their entire lives. Growing up, they attended the same all-girls middle school, the same all-girls high school, and even attended the same women’s university. Now hard-working young women, determined to make their dreams come true, the two best friends are doing their best. Yeonseo moves herself and Joo Yi into a c0-ed shared house with three handsome young men convinced they would have a better chance at love if they were around actual men. The men are named Woo Seung Bong (Jeong Hyo Jun), Kang Joon Woo (Kim Min Chul), and Ma Hoon (Moon Ji Hoo). They soon learn that living with men is a bit complicated. Every kind gesture or friendly smile makes their hearts flutter and they find themselves falling for their roommates quickly, even though it seems the young men don’t share the same feelings. Will the two best friends, who are so inexperienced in love, really be able to find their soulmate among the crazy life at Sol House?

Main Cast:
Choi Yoojung

Role Name:
Bong Joo Yi (봉주이)
Birth Name: Choi Yoo Jung (최유정)
Group: Weki Meki
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Kim Doyeon

Role Name:
Ji Yeon Seo (지연서)
Birth Name: Kim Do Yeon (김도연)
Group: Weki Meki
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Jeong Hyojun

Role Name:
Woo Seung Bong (우승봉)
Birth Name: Jeong Hyo Jun (정효준)
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Kim Minchul

Role Name:
Kang Joon Woo (강준우)
Birth Name: Kim Min Chul (김민철)
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Moon Jihu

Role Name:
Ma Hoon (마훈)
Birth Name: Moon Ji Hu (문지후)
Group: ex-A-JAX
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Lee Soyul

Role Name:
Ma Ho Young (마호영)
Birth Name: Lee So Yul (이소율)
Group: ex-DIA
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