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TRUE DAMAGE Profile and Facts


TRUE DAMAGE is a virtual League of Legends co-ed group under Riot Games and are also characters in the game created by Riot Games known as League of Legends. The group consists of: Akali, Qiyana, Ekko, Senna, and Yusao. They debuted on November 10th, 2019 with ‘GIANTS’.

TRUE DAMAGE Fandom Name:
TRUE DAMAGE Official Colors:

TRUE DAMAGE Member Profile:
Stage Name: Akali
Birth Name: Akali Jhomen Tethi
Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
Birthday: 1997
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 163 cm (5’3″)
Blood Type:
Vocals By: Soyeon of (G)I-DLE

Akali Facts:
– She is a member of virtual K-Pop girl group K/DA.
– Nicknames: Rogue and 힙합검객 (Hip-Hop Swordsman).
– She speaks English, Korean, and Japanese.
– Her Chinese zodiac sign is Ox.
– She makes performances next to other street performers in cities she visits.
– She mixes martial arts and the beats of her tap lyrics.
– She has a bold lyrical rap and punk ninja style
– She returns to her roots whenever she can.
– She was discovered at the age of 15 at a rap infamous battle that went viral.
– She wasn’t mainstreamed enough to be under a record label until Ahri found her through SNS.
– Her favorite food is spicy ramen.
– She raps on street corners to help her practice her lyrics.
– She was born in a martial arts dojo but left to pursue her career as an artist but still knows how to use a kama.
– She is the creater of TRUE DAMAGE.

Stage Name: Qiyana
Birth Name:
Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type:
Vocals By: Becky G

Qiyana Facts:
– “Empress of the Elements” is a self-proclaimed title Qiyana gave herself, she is only a princess in Ixtal.
– She is 20 years old, so she may be born in 1999 or 1998.
– She was 7 years old when she mastered advanced elemental techniques.
– She has 9 sisters, the only two named are Mara (1 year older) and Inessa (12 years older).
– Qiyana’s parents neglected her due to her being the youngest and farthest from the throne as well as her having 9 other sisters.
– Qiyana does not have good relations with her siblings.
– She speaks English and Spanish.

Stage Name: Ekko
Birth Name:
Position: Main Rapper
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type:
Vocals By: Thutmose, DUCKWRTH

Ekko Facts:
– Born with genius-level intellect, Ekko constructed simple machines before he could crawl.
His name is a homophonic pun on Latinate English “echo” (ɛkoʊ).
– Ekko is 16-17-years-old, making him possibly born in 20o2 or 2003.
-‘Ekko’ is not his actual name but rather what his friends call him.
– Ekko is basically a gifted, unrefined genius that tends to take on more than he can initially handle.
– Ekko believes in and cares for Zaun and its future despite not fully understanding the bigger picture.
– He is from an alternate future in which he was cybernetically augmented as part of the PROJECT Initiative.
– Ekko’s parents work overtime in one of Zaun’s many factories, so they’re rarely home.
– The memorial wall Ekko often visits has paintings of girls with blue (Jinx) and pink (Vi) hair.
– Ekko, Jinx, and Vi were all part of the same gang before they went their separate ways.
– Ekko had a crush on Jinx before she started talking to Fishbones and Pow-Pow.
– He believes in Vi and wishes for her return to Zaun but is unaware of her amnesia.
– Ekko dislikes Pilties like Jayce, Ezreal, and Caitlyn as he sees them as arrogant and self-important and he also dislikes Zaunites like Viktor, Singed, and Dr. Mundo as they embody everything that is wrong with the city.
– His 12-year-old friend Ajuna was killed by a Piltie.
– He had a pet rat named Mr. Tails.

Stage Name: Senna
Birth Name:
Position: Main Vocalist
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type:
Vocals By: Keke Palmer

Senna Facts:
– Senna can manipulate the Black Mist due to her curse and manifests herself into what she looked like when she was human.
– She is a Sentinel of Light and is the apprentice of Lucian‘s father.
– Senna was born on an island close to Demacia, but is not Demacian herself.
– She is a newest member of TRUE DAMAGE as she is an entirely new character in the game of League of Legends being added on November 10th, 2019.

Stage Name: Yasuo
Birth Name:
Position: DJ
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type:

Yasuo Facts:
– As a child, Yasuo often believed what the others in his village said of him: on the best days, his very existence was an error in judgement; on the worst, he was a mistake that could never be undone.
– He lost his father when he was young and lives with his mother and half-brother (Yone).
– Even though Yone was everything Yasuo was not—respectful, cautious, conscientious—the two were inseparable.
– When other children teased Yasuo, Yone was there to defend him. But what Yasuo lacked in patience, he made up for in determination.
– When Yone began his apprenticeship at the village’s renowned sword school, a young Yasuo followed.
– Yasuo showed natural talent and became the only student in several generations to catch the attention of Elder Souma, last master of the legendary wind technique.
– His name is a Japanese masculine given name, rendered as 康夫 (roughly “peaceful man”) in the Japanese localization.
– Like Ekko, he is from an alternate future in which he was cybernetically augmented as part of the PROJECT Initiative.
– The mask he is wearing references the ones used in Japanese Noh theater.
– Yasuo is an Ionian swordsman accused of treason for allegedly murdering an Elder but was later proven innocent as Riven ratted himself out.

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