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KProfiles News of the Week (29th of November – 5th of December)

News of the Week for the 29th of November to the 5th of December

Everything you need to know about this week!


Releases (Comebacks) *OST’s not included*:

Chungha  – Killing Me (Nov. 29)

Stray Kids – Christmas EveL (Nov. 29)

LUNA – Love Paranoia (Nov. 29)

Lee Seung Yoon – Open Your Textbook (Nov. 29)

Jung In – Muchness (Nov. 29)

NADA – Bulletproof (Nov. 29)

2Z – Greeting (Nov. 29)

JungIn – (Nov. 29)

YUHA – Sleepless (Nov. 29)

Ahn So Hyun – Green to Blue (Nov. 29)

KAI – Peaches (Nov. 30)

Stray Kids  – Winter Falls (Nov. 30)

Cignature – Boyfriend (Nov. 30)

D-Hack, Lee Soojin (Weeekly) – Maboroshi Phone Booth (Nov. 30)

Jojoo – Sunset (Nov. 30)

Bosudong Cooler – Sand (Nov. 30)

Seyun – The day I broke up with You (Nov. 30)

Lumel – IIV (Nov. 30)

EIAN (Feat. Angelina Danilova) – Ella (Nov. 30)

Heju – Afternoon Cigarette (Nov. 30)

Hezeh – LOVEHATE (Nov. 30)

IVE *DEBUT* – Eleven (Dec. 1)

EVERGLOW – Pirate (Dec. 1)

WONHO – White Miracle (Dec. 1)

The Black Skirts x WENDY (Red Velvet) – Airport Goodbyes (Dec. 1)

Gaho – Part Time Lover (Dec. 1)

DOHU – Hangover (Dec. 1)

KOYO – Far Away (Dec. 1)

Doil – 카더라 (Dec. 1)


Leaves Black – P.S. I Love You (Dec. 1)

T1419 – Red Light, Green Light (Dec. 2)

GSoul – Natural (Dec. 2)

Jang Heewon – December (Dec. 2)

SUDI (feat. Blue.D, Gary) – Toy Soldier (Dec. 2)

Kim Kyung Hun – December 25th, You’re My Christmas (Dec. 2)

Allroot – SOLFLEX (Dec. 2)

LeSon – Pushin’ Down (Dec. 2)

Viral Affair – Align (jeonhyeon remix) (Dec. 2)

TARU x KIMPERI – Secret (Dec. 2)

Kim Hee-jin – 삼산이수 (Dec. 2)

TWICE – Doughnut (Japanese Single) (Dec. 2)

ONF – Goosebumps (Dec. 3)

Donghae – LOST (Dec. 3)

Truedy – LovE yOuRSelF (Dec. 3)

Lee Mujin (feat. Heize) – When It Snows (Dec. 3)

ZETH (from TARGET) – REMEMBER (Dec. 3)

Onestar, Lee Hyuk – Prayer (Dec. 3)

ALi – 기다려줘 (Dec. 3)

BTS – Butter (Holiday Remix) (Dec. 3)

(Special credits to kpopofficial.com)


Whose birthday is this week?


Nov. 29 1990MinhyukBTOB
Nov. 29 1994PureumWABLE
Nov. 29 1995KyungminWeAreYoung
Nov. 29 1999WooriAWEEK
Nov. 29 2010ChaeminVitamin



Nov. 30 1973Im ChangjungSOLO
Nov. 30 1994YongchaeByulzzi
Nov. 30 1996JoADAN
Nov. 30 2000ChaehaBaBa
Nov. 30 2002HyeongjunCRAVITY
Nov. 30 2002NayoungLIGHTSUM



Dec. 1 1988SiwanZE:A
Dec. 1 1997ChaeyeonDIA
Dec. 1 1999LamarNow United
Dec. 1 2000SeokhwaWEi



Dec. 2 1996DawonARIAZ
Dec. 2 1996ISOLO



Dec. 3 1982Hwang ChiyeulSOLO
Dec. 3 1997LuNature
Dec. 3 2001VladaUHSN
Dec. 3 2002YerinEpisode



Dec. 4 1989HwanheeBursters
Dec. 4 1990ChoimCAMILA X
Dec. 4 1991RedM.Pire
Dec. 4 1992JinBTS
Dec. 4 1999DoyeonWeki Meki
Dec. 4 2001MinaGugudan
Dec. 4 2001JinsolAPRIL
Dec. 4 2003DoahFanatics
Dec. 4 2003DoyoungTreasure



Dec. 5 1989Yuri(SNSD) SOLO
Dec. 5 1992Honey Apple(formerly VIVIDA) SOLO
Dec. 5 2997JellyMaywish
Dec. 5 2000SoobinTXT
Dec. 5 2002ChaeinPURPLE K!SS
Dec. 5 2003EunhoNTX


What’s going on and about in the K-world?

  • 2021 AAA (Asia Artist Awards) performer lineup announced
  • 2021 AAA (Asia Artist Awards) to be held on December 2nd KST at the KBS arena in Seoul
  • 2021 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) full performer lineup announced
  • BLACKPINK’s Lisa diagnosed with COVID-19
  • IVE has debuted with their single album and debut track “Eleven
  • Yeji from ITZY is unable to attend the 2021 AAA (Asia Artist Awards) due to her back injury that she suffered during the pre-recording of her performance
  • BIGBANG fans sent a truck to the front of the YG building protesting for a comeback
  • BTS crowned as Spotify’s #1 most streamed group globally in 2021
  • A.C.E’s Jun, Yoo Hyun Woo, and Kim Tae Jung confirmed to star in Historical BL Web drama called “Tinted With You”
  • Go Kyung Pyo tests positive for COVID-19
  • Squid Game becomes the first Korean drama awarded at the Gotham Awards with Breakthrough Series Win
  • BTS’ Jungkook’ solo Euphoria becomes the first song by a Korean Male Soloist to exceed 300 Million streams on Spotify 
  • AESPA’s stylist under fire for their styling at the 2021 AAA’s (Asia Artist Awards) 
  • TWICE’s Jeongyeon reveals that JYP Entertainment refused an offer for her to cameo in her sister’s drama
  • (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon calls out the Audience on survival show “My Teenage Girl” for not voting responsibly
  • BTS becomes the first artist to sell out SoFi Stadium
  • It has been confirmed that BTS will be unable to attend the 2021 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) due to quarantine restrictions

Award Show Winners

  • AESPA and ENHYPEN win Rookie of the Year Award at the 2021 AAA (Asia Artist Awards)
  • THE BOYZ and GOT7’s BamBam take home the Asia Celebrity Award (Singer Division) at the 2021 AAA (Asia Artist Awards)
  • NCT 127 wins AAA Album of the Year at the 2021 AAA (Asia Artist Awards)
  • KAI’s ‘Peaches’ ranked #1 Billboard’s Hot Trend Songs 24 Hour Chart
  • NCT to be Premiering new Title Track ‘Universe’ at the 2021 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) 

Full List of 2021 AAA Winners here!…

  • (Daesang) Artist of the Year – IU  (Melon Music Awards)
  • (Daesang) Song of the Year – BTS “Butter(Melon Music Awards)
  • (Daesang) Album of the Year – IU “Lilac(Melon Music Awards)
  • (Daesang) Record of the Year – AESPA  (Melon Music Awards)

Full List of 2021 MMA Winners here!…

Profiles of the week

This week’s top profiles to check out!

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