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Korapat (Nanon) Kirdpan Profile and Facts

Korapat (Nanon) Kirdpan Profile and Facts
Korapat Kirdpan, more commonly known as Nanon, is a Thai actor, singer and model under GMMTV. He is most well-known for his role as Pang in The Gifted and The Gifted: Graduation. He has also gained recognition for playing Pran in Bad Buddy.

Stage Name: Nanon Korapat
Birth Name: Korapat Kirdpan
Birthday: December 18, 2000
Thai Zodiac: Sagittarius
Western Zodiac: Sagittarius
Height: 183cm (6’0″)
Weight: 66kg
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Thai
Instagram: @nanon_korapat
Twitter: @mynameisnanon

Korapat (Nanon) Kirdpan Facts:
Birthplace: Nonthaburi, Bangkok, Thailand
Education: Srinakharinwot University (College of Social Communication Innovation), Amatyakul School
Nickname: Triple N
Hobbies: Playing video games, watching movies, listening to music, playing basketball and football, skateboarding
— Nanon is the son of actor Khunakorn Kirdpan.
— Nanon has a younger sister, Pitchaporn (Nonnie), who is a social media influencer.
— He is related to model Chanunpat Kamolkiriluck.
— Nanon has Vietnamese ancestry from his mother’s side.
— He is majoring in Cinema and Digital Media, while minoring in Acting and Directing for Cinema.
— His favorite colors are black and red.
— He is allergic to sweat and dust.
— Nanon dislikes cockroaches.
— He is scared of heights.
— Nanon’s favourite cartoon is Ben 10.
— Nanon’s favorite foods is pizza, lasagna, omelettes, fried crispy pork with Chinese broccoli.
— He doesn’t like tomatoes, mung bean sprouts, chilies and bell peppers.
— Nanon’s favorite fruit is a mandarin orange.
— He doesn’t like starfruits.
— Nanon admires Wan Soloist.
— He likes listening to R&B and pop music.
— His shirt size is L, but he finds XL more comfortable. His pants size is 30-32″. His shoe size is 44 EU.
— Nanon’s favorite movie is Joker.
— He likes collecting anything related to Deadpool.
— Nanon’s favorite characters are Deadpool, Baymax, Conan and Joker.
— Nanon likes math, whereas he doesn’t like any subject that has to do with memorization and plenty of reading.
— He is closest with Chimon (fellow GMMTV actor).
— His favorite role he has taken is Oh from My Dear Loser.
— Nanon’s dream job is to be a film director.
— If he wasn’t an actor, he would be a football player.
— Nanon supports Chelsea FC.
—  His favorite football player is Eden Hazard.
— His favorite style to dress in is street style.
— Out of all the countries he has been to, his favorite is Japan.
— Nanon wants to travel to Italy, England and Germany.
— Nanon’s favorite Thai province to Chiang Mai.
— He wants to get a tattoo.
— In 2020, he collaborated with Thai girl group and fellow GMMTV artists, SIZZY, on a song called Love Score.
— When he was younger, he appeared in several TV advertisements.
— Nanon has sung a few OST songs for dramas.

— Hormones 2 ││ 2014 – M
— Ugly Duckling Series: Don’t ││2015 – Plawan
— Hormones 3 ││ 2015 – M
— Wonder Teacher ││ 2015 – Book
— Love Flight ││ 2015 – Ah Pat
— Senior Secret Love: My Lil Boy ││ 2016 – S
— Senior Secret Love: My Lil Boy 2 ││ 2016 – S
— The Legend of King Naresuan The Series: Season 1 ││ 2017 – Prince Minchit Sra
— My Dear Loser: Edge of 17 ││ 2017 – Oh
— Ways To Protect Relationship ││ 2017 – Jay
— Ra Raerng Fai ││ 2017 – Chakrit
— My Dear Loser: Happy Ever After ││ 2017 – Oh
— YOUniverse ││ 2018 – Knight
— The Gifted ││ 2018 – Pang
— Blacklist ││ 2019 – Traffic
— Turn Left Turn Right ││ 2020 – Tai
— The Gifted: Graduation ││ 2020 – Pang
— The Leaked ││ 2020 – Tor
— Remember You ││ 2021 – Charas
— Bad Buddy ││ 2021 – Pran
— Oh My Sweetheart ││ 2021 – Trin
— 55:15 Never Too Late││ 2021 – San
— Dirty Laundry ││2022 – (Main Role)
— UMG ││ 2022 – Mew
— Vice Versa ││ 2022 – Tun / Pakorn

SPL II: A Time for Consequences ││ 2015 – [Victim]
Little Big Dream ││ 2016 – Phum
— Dee Tau Jai ││ 2017 – Non
— Taam Tua Mai Thook ││ 2019 – Junior
— Bookworm Beauty ││ 2021 – Dinh Quan
— My Precious ││ (Not Confirmed) – Tong
SLR ││ 2022 – Dan

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