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Soobin (TXT) Profile and Facts

Soobin (TXT) Profile and Facts

Soobin (수빈) is a member of 5-member boy group TXT under HYBE (formerly Big Hit Entertainment).

Stage Name: Soobin (수빈)
Birth Name: Choi Soo Bin (최수빈)
English Name: Steve Choi
Position: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer*
Birthday: December 5th, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 187 cm (6’1″)
Weight: 67 kg (147 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Representative Emoticon: 🐰
Instagram: @page.soobin
Spotify Playlist: TXT: SOOBIN
Fandom Name: Soobrangdan / Soobders

Soobin Facts:
– Soobin is from Sangnok-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
– Soobin was the 2nd member to be revealed on January 13th, 2019.
– His representative animal is a Praying Mantis (Questioning Flim).
– His representative flower is an Anemone (Questioning Flower).
– At the end of his Questioning Film, the morse code translates to “Tomorrow”.
– Family: Dad, mom, an older sister and an older brother.
– His sister is 10 years older than him and his brother is 6 years older than him (Fansign 150319).
– Hobbies: Reading and listening to music.
– Soobin cried after they debuted (TXT Episode 160319).
– His nickname is ‘Cucumber’ because he is tall.
– He is also called a ‘sloth’.
– Soobin has dimples.
– Soobin’s nicknames from Kmedia are: ‘Shy Flower Boy/Flower Boy’, ‘Pure and Clear visual’, ‘Flower-Shaped Sunshine’, ‘Flower Prince’.
– Soobin’s cheeks and neck are very stretchy (Debut Showcase: TMI).
– Soobin was shaking and feeling nervous when TXT was filming their debut MV (Community Site).
– Soobin likes snow but hates the rain (Community Site).
– Soobin likes fizzy drinks (Community Site).
– Soobin can endure anything but dieting, he loves bread (Community Site).
– Soobin isn’t a picky eater, but he can’t take spicy food well as he sweats and pants when he does (Community Site).
– Recently, his favorite food is tteokbokki. (“To Do” Ep. 61)
– He doesn’t like mint chocolate.
– He hates avocado. (vLive Dec. 09 2019)
– Soobin is as tall as the holds on the train.
– Soobin winks whenever one of his members and his eyes meet (Debut Showcase).
– Soobin’s Introduction Film shooting site was the same as “My Strange Hero”.
– When Soobin sleeps, his face gets easily swollen and pudgy, he’d like the fans to know that he came from a cute sleep when they look over him when they see his face swollen like that (Community Site).
– He has a dog named Sean.
– Soobin is shy to people he first meets (Community Site).
– He really likes bread and BTS‘ Jin.
– He is the tallest known idol/trainee under BigHit.
– He really likes EXO‘s music.
– Fans say he looks like ASTRO‘s Sanha and BTOB‘s Minhyuk.
– Soobin says one of the rules in the dorm was that if the whole dorm is a mess, all 5 members must clean it (Debut Showcase).
– He can’t live without almond milk and has said he’d be happy to receive it for his birthday any time.
– He is the “spelling police” as he’s always correcting his friends spelling errors.
– He never makes any spelling mistakes.
– Soobin’s posture is quite unique when he sleeps according to the members (V-LIVE).
– Soobin loves tteokbokki (rice cakes) (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Soobin doesn’t eat fish cakes (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Soobin reads a lot of life-helping books (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– According to Yeonjun, Soobin is very trusting, cute and has fair skin (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Yeonjun thinks Soobin’s charming point is his cheeks (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– He’s been a huge KARA fan since middle school. He would save up his money just to buy their albums. When he met them, he nearly cried for 2 hours.
– Yeonjun says Soobin is very powerful when dancing (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Yeonjun says Soobin is in charge of power in the group (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Soobin loves dogs (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Yeonjun and Soobin will eat anything (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– His shoe size is 280mm.
– Soobin said that in the old dorm everyone shared one room.
– His favorite fruit is mangosteen.
Soobin’s audition story: I had arrived at the audition place but I was so nervous that the microphone was trembling. I was trembling while singing too. The lyrics were all wrong & I was thinking “ahh what should I do?”. With an upset heart, on my way home I had bought 5 ice creams and had eaten them all. After that, I felt happier as I ate something sweet (Debut Showcase).
– A long time back, Soobin used to dance with 14U‘s Gyeongtae.
– His favorite animal is raccoon (Spotify K-Pop Quiz).
– Soobin says he’s a mixture of wolf and rabbit (Fansign 150319).
– Soobin remembers all the fan letters (Fansign 150319).
– Soobin sees himself as a rabbit (Fansign 150319).
– His favorite colors are sky blue and yellow (Fansign 150319).
– Soobin’s favorite movie is Avengers: Infinity War (Fansign 150319).
– Soobin wanted to hear the words in the future “congratulations on your Rookie Award” (Fansign 150319).
– A fan said that Soobin wanted to be called ‘Binnie Oppa’ (Fansign 150319).
– At his home, his family calls him ‘turtle’ (Fansign 150319).
– Soobin has Taehyun named as “The Most Handsome Member Taehyun”, but Taehyun wrote it (After School Club).
– Soobin and Yeonjun have the bottom bunks (After School Club).
– Soobin likes plain bread, bread with jam or cream inside, simple cream puffs and pies (After School Club).
– Soobin and Kai sleep the latest (After School Club).
– He loves ice cream and bingsu.
– Soobin doesn’t use iPhone since it cracks easily but he’s willing to change to one next time for fans.
– He was an MC on Music Bank alongside Oh My Girl‘s Arin.
– If Soobin was a girl, he would date Yeonjun.
– Soobin revealed that his nephew usually calls him by the nickname “Uncle Yayaya” because of his line in ‘Crown’ (20.01.26 V-Live).
– He is friend with THE BOYZ‘s Q .
– Update: In the new dorm Soobin and Beomgyu share a room.

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