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LONGGUO Profile and Facts

Longguo Profile: Longguo Facts
Longguo (용국) is a Chinese solo singer under Choon Entertainment. On June 13, 2018 he released a pre-debut single named “CLOVER”. He officially debuted on August 29, 2018 with “Friday n Night”.

LONGGUO Official Fandom Name:
LONGGUO Official Fan Colors: Pantone 302C and Pantone 298C

Stage Name: Longguo (용국)
Birth Name: Jin Longguo (金龙国)
Korean Name: Kim Yong Guk (김용국)
Birthday: March 2, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 57 kg (125 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @hiimlongguo
Twitter: @LONGGUOofficial

Longguo Facts:
– He was born in Hwaryong.
– His nationality is Chinese.
– He is a former member of duo Longguo&Shihyun.
– He is a former member of JBJ.
– He used to be a Cre.Ker/LOEN trainee and he lived in a dorm with Juhaknyeon from The Boyz.
– He speaks English.
– His nicknames are “Kol-guk” and “Yong-ta-mong”.
– His family includes his mom, dad, grandpa, and grandma.
– His hobbies include playing games, sleeping, and watching movies.
– He likes cats and games.
– He doesn’t like bugs and ghosts.
– His favorite color is green, but he has a lot of black clothes.
– His favorite genres of movies are SF and horror.
– His most precious belonging is his cellphone.
– He has 2 cats named Tolbi and Rcy, named after the Overwatch characters Torbjorn and Mercy (ep. 1 of Cat Butler’s Brag).
– His best characteristics include being direct and being cheerful.
– He is known as a “fashion terrorist”.
– His role model is singer Crush.
– He is currently an MC of SBS MTV “The Show” along with NCT’s Jeno and CLC’s Yeeun.
– He was eliminated episode 10, rank 21 on Produce 101 Season 2.
– He was involved in a controversy as his private Instagram account was hacked, and fans were shocked to see that he overtly expressed his dislike towards the extension of JBJ’s promotions, he posted private Kakao messages sent to fans about gifts that he would want, he showed ‘annoyance’ at the amount of albums he needed to sign for fans, he posted pictures of his date with SONAMOO‘s former member Nahyun, etc.
– As of 2019 along with announcing his comeback, most of the controversies were proven false and Longguo has apologized about the situation.

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