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NEXT Member Profile: NEXT Facts
, formerly known as NEX7 (乐华七子NEXT) (when they were still a trainee group), is a 7-member Chinese boy group under Yuehua Entertainment. The group consists of: Zhengting, Wenjun, Xinchun, Zeren, Chengcheng, Quanzhe, and Justin. They debuted as a trainee group (NEX7) on June 21st, 2018 with the album ‘THE FIRST’ I. They officially debuted (NEXT) on November 8th, 2019 with ‘WYTB’.

NEXT Fandom Name:
NEXT Official Colors:

NEXT Member Profile:

Stage Name:
Zhengting (正廷)
Birth Name: Zhu Zhengting (朱正廷)
Korean Name: Joo Jung Jung (주정정)
English Name: Theo (formerly Austin) Zhu
Possible Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: March 18th, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 183 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @theo_zhuzhengting318

Zhengting Facts:
– He was born in Anhui, China.
– Zhengting has one tattoo on his hip.
– He is fluent in Mandarin and Korean.
– He’s very flexible.
– Zhengting has 3 dogs: Wubaiwan, Fuli, and Guoba.
– Zhengting also has 4 cats: Louise, Pipi, Yuumi, and DD. Shiyi died sometime in 2020.
– Even though he owns 4 cats, Zhengting has a cat allergy.
– In 2014, he was admitted to Shanghai Theater Academy as the first Chinese dancer major. In the same year, he won the first Chinese Dance Theater Competition of National Vocational Vocal Skills Competion.
– Hobbies: Dancing, singing, swimming, and reading novels.
– He doesn’t like/doesn’t eat raw fish.
– Motto: “The curtain to life’s stage can be open any time, the key is your willingness to perform or choose to avoid it”.
– Justin, Xinchun, Wenjun, Zhengting appeared on the variety show “Fantasy Restaurant”.
– He participated on Produce 101 Season 2 but was eliminated ep. 8 with a total vote of 330, 058 and placed 51st.
– He was a participant on Idol Producer and placed 6th in the final episode with a vote of 11,938,786.
– He was a member of the project group Nine Percent.
– Zhengting has a room to himself.


Stage Name:
Wenjun (雯珺)
Birth Name: Bi Wenjun (毕雯珺)
Korean Name: Won Jwin (원쥔)
English Name: Bevan (formerly Tom) Bi
Possible Position: Main Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: November 20th, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 187 cm (6’2″)
Weight: 57 kg (126 lbs)
Blood Type:

Wenjun Facts:
– He is from Liaoning, China.
– His nickname is Yoyo Master.
– He’s good at yoyo tricks.
– He has his drivers license.
– He was a participant on Idol Producer.
– Hobbies: Yoyo, singing, and swimming.
– Justin, Xinchun, Wenjun, Zhengting appeared on the variety show “Fantasy Restaurant”.
– Wenjun and Zeren both starred in the web drama “Sweet Tai Chi.”
– Wenjun is also starring in the drama “In a Class of Her Own,” a Chinese remake of the Korean drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.”
– Wenjun is an MC on the second season of “Lipstick Prince.”
– Motto: “The needle did not stab other people, so other people don’t know how much it hurts”.
– Wenjun and Zeren share a room.


Stage Name:
Xinchun (新淳)
Birth Name: Huang Xinchun (黄新淳)
Korean Name: Hwang Shin Chon (황신촌)
English Name: Cary (formerly Monkey) Huang
Possible Position: Sub-Vocalist, Sub-Rapper
Birthday: May 14th, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 183 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)
Blood Type:

Xinchun Facts:
– He is from Heilongjiang, China.
– His nickname is Golden Trainee.
– He was a participant on Idol Producer.
– He has his drivers license.
– His profile picture on Weibo is of G-Dragon’s brand (peaceminusone).
– He was a participant of a Chinese variety singing show called Happy Male Voice.
– Hobbies: Studying from books, reading books, swimming, an eating.
– Justin, Xinchun, Wenjun, Zhengting appeared on the variety show “Fantasy Restaurant”.
– Motto: “Life is simple a challenge”.
– Xinchun & Chengcheng share a room.
Ideal Type: Someone that’s like a mum, she must be filial, cute and sensible.


Stage Name:
Zeren (泽仁)
Birth Name: Ding Zeren (丁泽仁)
Korean Name: Lee Ni (이니)
English Name: Devin Ding
Possible Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Birthday: November 19th, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type:
Instagram: @real_dingzeren

Zeren Facts:
– He is from Henan, China.
– His Korean name is Lee Ni.
– He was a participant on Idol Producer
– He has been training for 7 years.
– He is former SM Entertainment trainee.
– Hobbies: B-Box, dancing, and swimming.
– Zeren has a dog named Wang Cai.
– Zeren and Wenjun both starred in the web drama “Sweet Tai Chi.”
– Motto: “Don’t regret the past, don’t worry about the future, and live in the present”.
– Wenjun and Zeren share a room.


Stage Name:
Chengcheng (丞丞)
Birth Name: Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞)
Korean Name: Cheong Cheong (청청)
English Name: Adam Fan
Possible Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Birthday: June 16th, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 183 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 66 kg (145 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @real_fanchengcheng

Chengcheng Facts:
– Chengcheng is from Shandong, China.
– His nickname is Huang Quan Zidi.
– His sister is actress, Fan BingBing.
– Chengcheng has 4 tattoos: on his hand is the famous drawing called “praying hands” by Albrecht Dürerone; on his inner bicep the tattoo says “you are the brightest star in my sky”; the 3rd tattoo is on his inner arm and it contains the words “LEVEL UP” in a bubble box with the number “18” underneath it with an arrow pointing up and his newest is on the side of his left upper arm of what looks like a pistol.
– In 2007, ChengCheng was with BingBing outside, in Berlin International Film Festival event, which is the first time they came to media exposure together.
– He’s played piano since he was 4 years old.
– Chengcheng’s English name is Adam.
– Hobbies: Playing the piano and basketball.
– He has a dog named Chongchong.
– Motto: “I do what I want to do”.
– He was an participant of Idol Producer and placed 3rd.
– Chengcheng is starring with labelmate Cheng Xiao in a drama called “Spirit Realm.”
– Xinchun & Chengcheng share a room.
– He is a member of the project group Nine Percent.
– Chengcheng has returned from solo promotions and is now back with the group as of late December 2019.
Ideal Type: Someone who’s between 165 and 170 cm with fair skin, large eyes and a good body figure.


Stage Name:
Quanzhe (权哲)
Birth Name: Li Quanzhe (李权哲)
Korean Name: Lee Kwon Cheol (이권철)
English Name: Carl Li
Possible Position: Lead Vocalist, Sub-Rapper
Birthday: January 22nd, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 183 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)
Blood Type:
Instagram: @crown_lqz

Quanzhe Facts:
– He was born in Liaoning, China.
– He has a younger sister.
– His nickname is “Little Hamster”.
– He did a cover of BTS’ ‘I Need U’.
– Hobbies: Soccer and basketball.
– Quanzhe’s fans are called LOVELEE, he said it on his Weibo.
– Quanzhe was on Idol Producer season 1, ranking 23rd.
– Quanzhe and Justin share a room.
– Motto: “Follow your heart”.


Stage Name:
Birth Name: Huang Minghao (黄明昊)
Korean Names: Hwang Myung Ho (황명호)
English Name: Justin Huang
Possible Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Visual, Youngest
Birthday: February 19th, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 182 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @justin_huangmh

Justin Facts:
– He was born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China.
– His own fandom name is Justina (Nana).
– His nickname is Jia Fu Gui.
– Justin has a cat called Tinbao
– He’s trained for 2 years.
– He says his charming point is everything from head to toe.
– Hobbies: Writing raps, swimming, and basketball.
– Motto: “People should not always remember the past, instead we must look forward to the future more”.
– His favorite song is BLACKPINK‘s ‘As If It’s Your Last’.
– He doesn’t like seaweed.
– He doesn’t like/doesn’t eat raw fish.
– He likes meat.
– He is fluent in Korean and Mandarin and can speak some English.
– Justin considers himself an expert of cheesy pickup lines.
– Justin, Xinchun, Wenjun, Zhengting appeared on the variety show “Fantasy Restaurant”.
– Was a participant on Produce 101 Season 2 and placed 43rd.
– He was a participant on Idol Producer and placed 4th.
– He is a member of the project group Nine Percent.
– Quanzhe and Justin share a room.
Justin’s Ideal Type: Someone is pretty older girl who’s kind and eats well.
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  • seisgf

    justin was born in 2002. also, zeren is a former SM trainee.

  • Markiemin

    Chengcheng has two tattoos; one on his hand and the other on his inner bicep
    Zhengting’s english name is Theo (formerly Austin).
    Zhengting has one tattoo on his hip

  • suga.topia

    Thank you for the additional info!! I’ll give you credits in the post!! 🙂

  • suga.topia

    Thank you for the additional info!! I’ll give you credits in the post!!

  • Markiemin

    welcome 🙂

  • Markiemin

    also in Quanzhe, you said nikanme instead of nickname

  • julianne

    i think justin is onr of the dance line thoo

  • Jonas200416

    Xinchun said that his ideal type is someone that’s like a mum, she must be filial, cute and sensible.
    Chengcheng’s ideal type is someone who’s between 165 and 170 cm with fair skin, large eyes and a good body figure.

  • seisgf

    justin: i dont like seaweed
    xuanyi: WANNA FIGHT
    (this is irrelevant i just thought it was funny lol)

  • Jocelyn Yu

    Justin according to his birthdate, is a Pisces not a Scorpio.

  • suga.topia

    Lol I’m dying

  • suga.topia

    Oops, my bad. I’ll fix it right away

  • Multi-Fandom Trash

    I’m surprised, I would’ve thought that Idol Producer wouldn’t let Chencheng, justin and zhengting debut w/ nex7

  • crybby

    Wenjun: Main Vocalist
    Zeren: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper
    Chengcheng: Main Rapper
    Justin: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer

  • Wong Si Qi


    zhu zheng ting:THEO-zhuzhengting
    bi wen jun:Biiiiibiwenjun
    huang xin chun:MONKEY_OFFICIAL
    ding ze ren:Dzr_dingzeren
    fan cheng cheng:fanchengchengAdam0616
    li quan zhe:Leequanzhe

  • Vladičkaitė Aistė

    Justin height is 183cm isn’t it?

  • Alexcia

    Quanzhe was also a participant on Idol Producer

  • suga.topia

    Ah, thank you for letting me know 🙂

  • Sukie

    The official colors are red and white (i’m not sure)
    All members are participant on Idol Producer
    NEX7 means “New Energy Unknown possibilities Trend”
    groupe debut with the album “The First”
    NEX7 are muse of MAC(brand of cosmetics)

    (Sorry if i’ts not comprehensible , but i’m French)

  • seisgf

    Probable positions (based on activities in pd101 and ip + the mv):
    zhengting: leader, main dancer, lead vocal
    wenjun: main vocal
    xinchun: subvocal, subrapper
    zeren: lead rapper, main dancer
    chengcheng: subvocal, subrapper, visual
    quanzhe: lead vocal
    justin: lead dancer, main rapper
    and then 9% line as the face? of course this is just a guess though

  • random

    There is Xinchun written like Xunchun. That probably isn’t right, is it?

  • zere

    I was also wondering about our official fan colors but I could only find this post
    it’s a white-bluish banner with a red text on it like a logo, but was it officially announced that those are the official colors? couldn’t find it anywhere 🙁

  • Sarah Zimmerli

    Pretty sure Zeren isn‘t the lead rapper, based on the amount of lines he gets he is more a sub rapper than a lead rapper
    And Cheng Cheng isn’t a sub rapper he is a lead rapper
    Justin is probably their center and face of the group

  • Angela

    I’m not really sure. Cheng Cheng has many lines but in many of them he sings
    Zeren’s parts are all pure rap
    I agree with Justin being the center

  • Mravojed milos

    Quanzhe has a younger sister.He said it in his New year talk or however that thing is called.

  • Tina

    How is Wenjun a Pisces if his bday is in november?

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the info and for providing the source! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    Thanks for the heads up, it has been corrected! 🙂

  • Sarah Zimmerli

    Honestly I’m not sure, a week ago I didn’t even know Zeren could sing but now he seems to sing more than rap. Let’s agree on him being great at anything

    Chengcheng I don’t know, I feel like he doesn’t only have sub positions. I mean a sub rapper would be Xinchun who raps one line in one or two songs. Chengcheng has even more rap parts than Zeren. Like for example in Stay by your side, Zeren sung but Chengcheng rapped together with Justin

  • suga.topia

    I went by what it said on their profiles for Idol Producer. I can’t really just base it on a fans opinion. If the members themselves reveal what their positions are, then I will fix them, promise 🙂

  • 아데라

    Could you please change the video with this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhucI05G1kE that one is posted by a fan, this one is posted by Yuehua’s official youtube channel

  • KProfiles

    Thank you, it has been replaced! 🙂

  • 권유나
  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the info! 🙂

  • Jean Kookie

    My heart. o_O #ScorpioSquad

  • Qi Xiayun

    korean names:

    Zhu Zhengting: 주정정: Joo Jung-jung

    Bi Wenjun: 필문군: Pil Mun-goon

    Huang Xinchun: 황신준: Hwang Shin-jun

    Ding Zeren: 정석인: Jung Seok-in

    Fan Chengcheng: 범증증: Bum Jeung-jeung

    Li Quanzhe: 이권철: Lee Kwon-chul

    Justin: 황명호: Hwang Myung-ho

    no wonder he was so good in dancing

  • 設立

    https://twitter.com/fccarchive/status/1023207081162076161?s=21Chengcheng has gotten a new tattoo! Appears to be on his arm.

  • Mravojed milos

    Quanzhe’s fans are called LOVELEE.He said it on his Weibo.

  • emel

    source please? how do you know that?

  • Remi

    That’s how their names are read in Korean, but whenever Yuehua writes their names in Korean (on the YH_NewBoyz_CHINA twitter) Chengcheng is written as 청청, Wenjun’s is 원진 and Zeren’s is 이니.

  • KProfiles

    Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source! 🙂

  • han___9a

    Sorry, but some of the korean names are completly off. Wenjun’s is Won-jwin (원쥔); Xinchun’s is Shin-chon (황신촌); Zeren’s is Yini/Leeni/Ini (이니) -it can be romanized a lot of ways; Chengcheng’s is Cheongcheong (청청) and Quanzhe’s is simply Cheol (철).
    Also, their english names are: Zhengting – Theo (formely Austin); Wenjun – Bevan (formely Tom); Xinchun – Cary (formely Monkey); Zeren – Devin; Chengcheng – Adam; Quanzhe – Carl; Minghao – Justin

  • caramel karma

    Justin and Zhengting don’t like/don’t eat raw fish as said on their youtube nimble quiz

  • KProfiles

    Thanks a lot for the help, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • nana

    Nex7 has relasce a new album: the first II with heart full of you, let me be your fire, dream world tour

  • nana

    the have relasce THE FIRST II

  • Sarah Zimmerli

    Yes he trained there for I believe 2 years, starting in 2015
    He should have been a Nct member since he trained together with Hansol, Winwin, Renjun,…

  • shelby ‍

    quanzhe was in etm academy

  • when nct china happens, I BETTER SEE SOME INTERACTIONS

  • chengcheng and quanzhe are so gorgeous 🍑
    when i see them my heart is start beating from outside of my body 💟

  • Foreign Swaggers

    y’all forgot that xinchun has an obsession with minions

  • sakura_mae

    “Don’t regret the POST, don’t worry about the future, and live in the present”
    ???? check your spelling.

  • KProfiles

    Typos happen sometimes, thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  • Mickey Wang

    Bi Wenjun is officially main vocal.

    But the rest I guess from what I notice in Idol Producer, their MV and live in fanmeeting.

    Zhengting – main dancer, lead vocal
    Wenjun – main vocal (official confirmed)
    Xinchun – sub vocal
    Zeren – main dancer, sub rapper
    Chencheng – lead rapper, sub vocal, face of group
    Quanzhe – sub vocal
    Justin – main rapper, lead/sub dancer

    For center, I think it shuffles between Zhengting, Chengcheng, Justin.
    For me, I feel that center is who that stand in center when (1) they’re not own that part (but still be at center) (2) being in center for whole chorus/ long time/ whole verse.

    In “Wait A Minute” – Justin is in center at (1) the start of the song (2) the first chorus (3) the second chorus (4) the first “la la la …” and Chengcheng is in center in the third chorus.

    The third song in fan meeting that I don’t know its name – Zhengting was a center at (1) the start of the song and (2) the dance break until the song ending. Chengcheng was a center at (1) first chorus.

    In NEX7’s version of dream – Chengcheng was clearly center. He was there so many times and for long – (1) the start of the song (2) first chorus (3) second chorus (4) third chorus (5) end of the song.

    In Idol Producer Grade Evaluation Stage – Zhengting was the center, clearly.

  • shelby ‍

    i dont know how tall justin is but he’s definitely taller than quanzhe hes not 5”10

  • oh?

    on idol producer he said he was 182! (almost 6″) he might have grown since then tbh

  • oh?

    xinchun is from heilongjiang* and justin is from zhejiang* there’s a typo — and specifically from wenzhou in zhejiang. they’re famous for having a dialect that no one else can understand!

  • KProfiles

    @xiaolongxia:disqus Thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! 🙂


    Justin’s nickname is Jia Fu Gui, not Jai Fu Gui. There’s a typo

  • Bryn Moow

    OooOOooOoHhhhHh they shmexy

  • Momina Jawad

    Justin , Xinchun , Wenjun , Zhengting appeared on Fantasy Restaurant.

  • KProfiles

    @momina_jawad:disqus Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @yulichin:disqus Thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • Momina Jawad

    Zhu Zhengting appeared on Happy Camp ep 1028 , 1045 , 1047
    Fan Chengcheng appeared on Happy Camp ep 1028 , 1045 , 1047
    Ding Zeren appeared on Happy Camp ep 1028 , 1047
    Bi Wenjun appeared on Happy Camp ep 1047
    Li Quanzhe appeared on Happy Camp ep 1028 , 1047
    Huang Xinchun appeared on Happy Camp ep 1047
    Justin appeared on Happy Camp ep 1028 , 1045 , 1047

  • Mandy Tran

    Wait, how do you know Justin’s favorite song is As If It’s Your Last?

  • hazel

    isn’t quanzhe a lead dancer?

  • Qian Ying Zheng

    wait i don’t understand. so if they debut already, are they still a group? cause some of them are in nine percent

  • Nine percent is a group that will not last long (they have a 1 or 2 year contract that will not be renewed). It’s just like wanna one. So yes both of these groups still excist only NEX7 will not disband (hopefully) while we know for sure that Nine percent is disbanding

  • suga.topia

    I do believe he said so on either Produce 101 or Idol Producer, one or the other

  • suga.topia

    Thank you so much!!

  • suga.topia

    Thank you for the info!

  • Mravojed milos

    Quanzhe is 183cm now.He grew!He said it himself on Weibo!

  • lunaparksunyoung

    wenjun is the visual. yuehua introduced him as the main vocal and visual.

  • gia

    can you give me a link to that interview or whatever where yuehua introduced him as a visual? I knew that Chengcheng is the visual

  • gia

    on his personal Weibo? I searched for it but couldn’t find any post where he said he’s 183cm, can you give me a link to that post please?

  • lunaparksunyoung
  • han___9a


    They released a new album, called Next To You on December 7th, 2018.

  • Kpop obsessed

    All of them participated in idol producer (It doesn’t say so with some of them)

  • KProfiles

    @han___9a:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @disqus_ZMn0mM9jVH:disqus Thank you for the info, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • 設立

    It was said in fantasy restaurant during the English test that Wenjun does NOT have an English name.

  • sarahphelps

    disqus_8ZviROGgpc gg

  • 𝒜𝓁𝑒𝓍

    Justin shares his dorm with Wenjun and if he had the choice to sleep with someone else he would rather sleep alone.

  • 𝒜𝓁𝑒𝓍

    Yes, but when some lady complemented his coffee Jeffery told him to make up a name and that’s how ‘Bevan’ became his name lol!

  • 𝒜𝓁𝑒𝓍

    Well not made up, Wenjun’s English is not very good so he didn’t know what to say and forgot what his English Name is so yes it’s Bevan 🙂

  • xue li

    Oh thank you for correcting me! I must have missed that part.

  • qiasmine

    quanzhe’s full korean name is lee kwoncheol and he’s now 183cm tall (he said it in a livestream from a while ago)

  • uwu _04

    Yuehua still didn’t realease the official profile?
    btw I think Chengcheng is actually the main rapper and Quanzhe also the lead dancer

  • uwu _04

    Wenjun and Xinchun have driving license;
    Zhengting has two dogs: one is called Wubaiwan and the other is Fuli;
    Justin has a cat called Tinbao;
    In november 2018 ChengCheng got a new tattoo: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/16000f16e92f5f3ab5c7b9088bfd7de5506a9d30322297ad6c390153593dbbfd.jpg

  • suga.topia

    Thank you for the info! 🙂

  • Nicole


    1. Zeren changed his English name from Devin to Zero.
    2. He has an elder brother.
    3. His family adopted a rural dog (named “Wang Cai”) and a myna (named “Ba Ge”).
    4. Zeren can play a few instruments: guitar, drum, etc
    5. He is not only a professional dancer, a popper, but also a choreographer.

  • qiasmine

    quanzhe’s english name is lee + he now owns a corgi named luka

  • seungkwanstan

    i think that some of the members’ ig is theo_zhuzhengting318 and justin_huangmh

  • LovelyLqz

    also quanzhe’s insta is crown_lqz

  • LovelyLqz

    also quanzhe’s ig is crown_lqz

  • Rosy
  • Tanni

    Justin Huang has a younger sister

  • Audrey Johnson

    hi sukie i am from savnnah ga and i am 15 teen years old

  • vianne

    guys vote for xin chun he only has 4% of votes. he deserves more cuz he’s also part of NEX7

  • mystical_unicorn