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Juhaknyeon (The Boyz) Member Profile

Juhaknyeon Member Profile: Juhaknyeon Facts
Stage Name: Juhaknyeon (주학년)
Birth Name: Ju Hak Nyeon (주학년)
Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper
Birthday: March 9th, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 175 cm (5’9”)
Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Representative Number: 09.

Juhaknyeon Facts:
– He was born in Jeju, South Korea.
– He is half Chinese (Hong Kong) and half Korean.
– He has an older sister (Ju Ukhyung) and a younger sister (Ju Suyeon – born in 2006).
– Haknyeon lived in Hong Kong for a long time.
– Education: Hanlim Art High School (NCT Night Night).
– His nickname is Jeju boy.
– His name (Ju Haknyeon) means Ju: around, Hak: crane, and Nyeon: year.
– Juhaknyeon trained for 2 years and 1 month.
– He went up to Seoul to take an entrance exam for Anyang Arts High School for the theater and film department, and he got casted after he came out from taking the exam (NCT’s Night Night radio).
– His specialty is speaking in Mandarin. He can also speak Cantonese.
– He can speak English.
– His hobbies include skiing and playing badminton.
– Haknyeon’s favorite color is white.
– He likes Mango juice also.
– He really likes to enjoy good food.
– He loves macaroons and his favorite flavor is matcha.
– His favorite Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavor is ‘strawberry that fell in love’.
– He doesn’t like pork that much.
– He hates horror movies.
– He wears a Totoro onesie to sleep.
– Haknyeon’s most cherished object is the camera his father gave to him. (Sound K)
– His special talent are b-boying (self-taught) and making the food he eats look delicious (Pops in Seoul).
– Haknyeon is a big eater. (Making film – I’m your boy) When cooking, he has to try everything.
– He is close to Sunwoo.
– He is Catholic and his Christian name is Simon.
– It took him the longest time to be close to Kevin.
– Brian Ju was his stage name candidate.
– He doesn’t like mint chocolate chip flavour.
– He hates snakes.
– Favourite beverage: Iced Tea
– Favourite subject in school; History
– Haknyeon said he can easily make friends. (The Play Vietnem SP EP.4)
– Haknyeon usually decides what the members will eat in the dorm (NCT Night Night).
– Sometimes Juhaknyeon picks out his outfits but most of the time THE BOYZ’s stylist Soo Kyung picks out his clothes.
– His dream is to go to Europe when he is 50.
– Juhaknyeon has a pig named Ggul.
– Haknyeon’s mom gave him the “Feeding Award” because he did a good job feeding the pigs (His parents run a pig farm) (Pops in Seoul).
– Euiwoong is his best friend.
– He is also friends with Longguo (former JBJ member and former Cre.ker trainee) as they were dormmates.
– During his trainee days, Haknyeon once went to Lotte World with Golden Child’s Bong Jaehyun instead of practicing
– Haknyeon and UP10TION’s Xiao are classmates and both graduated in Hanlim Multi Arts High School on February 9, 2018.
– He is close to Chuu from LOONA because they were in the same school (same development activity class).
– His role model is Rain.
– Haknyeon does radio broadcasts on V LIVE which he calls “Tangerine radio”.
– He and Hyunjae appeared in Melody Day’s “You Seem Busy” MV.
– He was a participant on Produce 101, Season 2 (eliminated ep. 11).
– He and Hyunjae share a room together (Come On! THE BOYZ ep 3).
– Update: After the new dorm arrangement, Hyunjae and Haknyeon still share a room.
Haknyeon’s ideal type: A person who has a kind heart.

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