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KProfiles News of the Week (27th of December – 2nd of January)

KProfiles News of the Week (27th of December – 2nd of January)

Everything you need to know about the Asian media space this week!

Releases(comebacks) *OST not included*: 

Kim Jae Hwan – Unforgettable (Dec. 27)
Ahn He Joon – I will love you without regrets (Dec. 27)
SMTOWN 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS – Hope from KWANGYA (Dec. 27)
BamBam – Who Are You (Feat. Seulgi of Red Velvet) (Dec. 28)
Darin – The Flowerpot (Dec. 28)
GODAK – We couldn’t become adults (Feat. JONGHAN) (Dec. 28)
DGAF – SHADOW (Dec. 28)
THE JAXX – New World (Dec. 28)
KATCHY, Cullinan – Mariachi (Dec. 28)
12Wol – Miss you for a long time (Dec. 28)
LEE YOUNG JAE – Jeong Gwa Jeong (feat. LILLA) (Dec. 28)
Jeong Yubin – Waste (Dec. 28)
GIANT PINK –  PINK (Dec. 29)
The Rose – Beauty and the Beast (Dec. 29)
Goopy – Don’t Kill My Vibe (Dec. 29)
Side-B – Return of the LIfe (feat. Paloalto) (Dec. 29)
Se2 – Aim for the sun (Dec. 29)
BF – ADONIS (Dec. 29)
LYSON – Lost Star (Dec. 29)
Slvckx – 툭 (Tap) (Dec. 29)
Ove – Sorry ; Trapped Dream (Dec. 29)
Moonbyul (MAMAMOO) – Shutdown (Feat. Seori) (Dec. 30)
DONGKIZ – 2021 (Memories) (Dec. 30)
SF9 – Savior (Dec. 30)
JAYDE – Talk To Myself (Dec. 30)
Cheon Dan Bi – Dreamy Romance (Dec. 30)
Ruahnanda – 다른 이름 (Dec. 30)
Yong Lee – Surface of Time (Dec. 30)
Burningsoda – PIT A PAT (Dec. 30)
J-one – WANT (Dec. 30)
DIAWINGS – On The Right Track (Dec. 31)
IZ – 미운꽃말 (Dec. 31)
Moon Sujin – 눈동자 (Nundongja) (Dec. 31)
Jay Park – To Life (Jan. 1)
LALA GIRLS *Debut* – Dimwit (Jan. 1)

(Special credits to https://kpopofficial.com/)


Who had a birthday this week?

December 27

1979HyunSolo (ex-5TION)


December 28

1981NarshaBrown Eyed Girls
1993Rick BridgesSolo
1996Angelina DanilovaSolo


December 29



December 30

1999SeokjuneTHE T-BIRD


December 31

1991Kim Na YoungSolo
1997Son SeoahSolo


January 1

1991Jean PaulBLANC7
1993DPR LIVESolo
2004Harry JuneDKB


January 2

1994Lee JeongminSolo (ex-Boyfriend)


K- Gossip/News:

  • BTS’ Jungkook and Lee Yu Bi’s Agencies both Deny Dating Rumors
  • DAY6’s Dowoon said to Enlist in the Military early to help Minimize the Band’s hiatus
  • All 5 Korean Members of ONF Enlist in the Military
  • MOMOLAND to make their comeback on January 14th
  • MIRAE has confirmed they will make a comeback on January 12th
  • VERIVERY’s Yongseung tests Negative for COVID-19
  • TVXQ’s Changmin to release new Solo Album on January 1st of the New Year
  • BTS’ Dynamite reaches 500 Million on Japan’s Oricon Chart; they are the first male Artist to reach that mark
  • TO1’s Woonggi to take hiatus from group promotions due to anxiety Disorder
  • LOONA’s Heejin denies dating Rumors with D1CES’s Woo Jinyoung
  • Golden Child to make Official Japanese Debut sometime in January
  • HYBE’s Trainee ALeo” and his production team Apologize for horrible and misogynistic lyrics
  • BLACKPINK’s Lisa Voted as The Most Beautiful Face Of 2021 by TC Candler
  • Weeekly’s After School hits 100 Million streams on Spotify
  • The Court rejects Application to ban the Screening of K-drama ‘Snowdrop’
  • The Rose makes Official comeback with Beauty and the Beast
  • Sik-K has been Officially released from Military service
  • Kang Daniel under fire for Mispronouncing MONSTA X on Street Dance Girls Fighter
  • K-Netizens pick ‘Snowdrop’ as the worst K-drama of 2021
  • DAY6’s Jae personally announces Hiatus from Group Activities; JYPE later reveals he will be leaving the Group
  • Jay Park retires as CEO of AOMG and H1GHER MUSIC
  • PSY announces he will be Releasing a new album in 2022
  • Weeekly to sing OST for web drama ‘The World of My 17’ Season 2
  • TWICE’s Stylists under Fire for Dressing member Mina in Too-Tight clothing during the Concert
  • ITZY Announces 1st ever fanmeeting to be held on February 19th
  • HYBE denies rumors of BTS’ RM dating rich woman
  • NCT’s Shotaro continues the SM tradition of their artists performing Only One with BoA
  • The son of a South Korean presidential candidate under fire for sexually inappropriate comments about aespa’s Karina and DJ Soda  ➡ read more here
  • After resigning as CEO of AOMG and H1GHER MUSIC, Jay Park deletes Instagram leading fans to wonder if a retirement is on the way


Profiles of the week:


Small Artist Of The Week

lilli lilli (nominated by minnie)

🌟 Small Soloist Of The Week 🌟

JA!L (nominated by irem from kprofiles editors)

Underrated Song Of The Week

Birthday Party – NCT U (nominated by Restu)

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