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Changmin (TVXQ) Facts and Profile

Changmin (TVXQ) Facts and Profile; Changmin’s Ideal Type

Stage Name: Max
Birth Name: Shim Chang Min (심창민)
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Birthday: February 18, 1988
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Height: 186 cm (6’1″)
Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @changmin88

Changmin facts:
– Family: Two younger sisters named Shim Soo Yeon and Shim Ji Yeon
– Hobbies: Music, Singing, Eating
– Both of his parents are professors.
– Changmin trained for about two years before debuting and was the fourth member to join TVXQ.
– He had a “scandal” in a Japanese paper with SHINee’s Minho. A journalist spotted them at a concert where Yunho was performing, and since Minho had long hair at that time, mistook him as Changmin’s girlfriend.
– Changmin has the least number of celebrity friends in the group. Most of his friends are around for more than 10 years since elementary or middle school.
– His closest friends outside the group are Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and SHINee’s Minho.
– He’s the only TVXQ member whose religion is Buddhist.
– Changmin a strong desire to learn English. There was a period of time when he was taking unofficial English lessons from Yoochun.
– Changmin used to have extremely poor eyesight until he got LASIK surgery.
– He was the first to get “Snarky Maknae” image in SM Entertainment.
– Changmin is known for his uneven eye smile. When he’s smiling, his right eye becomes smaller than left.
– He likes all movie genres except horror.
– Changmin always said that if he was reborn,would like to be a normal person/non-celebrity.
– He sleep talks, often with no memory of doing so.
– He’s uncomfortable to do cute acts that’s why his image was easily transferred to Junsu.
– He speaks Japanese fluently.
– He cries the easiest/most but show it the least.
– Changmin doesn’t get mad frequently, otherwise he explodes.
– He’s the one who named CASSIOPEIA.
– He’s the best swimmer of the group.
– His favorite number has always been 2.
– Changmin has the highest IQ in Sm Entertainment with a score of 155.
– He’s a big fan of former professional basketball player Seo Jang-hoon who is currently an entertainer.
– Changmin enlisted on military on November 19, 2015, the same day as Super Junior’s Siwon. He discharged from service on August 18, 2017.
– On December 30, 2019, SM Entertainment confirmed that Changmin was dating a non-celebrity woman. They got married on October 25, 2020.
– He made his official solo debut in April 2020 with first mini album “Chocolate”.
– In 2021 he was the MC for the show Kingdom: Legendary War.
– Changmin’s ideal type: “I’d like for her to be someone who I can be comfortable around. I want to have fun with her like a friend, even when we start dating. Oh, and in terms of appearance, my ideal woman for now is Han Yeseul. It changed from Han Ga–in, Kim Tae Hee and Lee Nayoung.”

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