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V (BTS Taehyung) Facts and Profile

V (Taehyung – BTS) Profile and Facts; V’s Ideal Type

V (뷔) is a member of the South Korean boy group BTS under Big Hit Music. He is set to make his solo debut on September 8, 2023 with the mini album “Layover“.

Stage Name: V (뷔)
Birth Name: Kim Tae Hyung (김태형)
Birthday: December 30, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 178.8 cm (5’10.4″)
Weight: 63.4 kg (139.8 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Representative Emoji: 🐻/🐯
V’s Spotify list: V’s Join Me
Instagram: @thv
Facebook: @TaehyungV.ThV

V (Taehyung) facts:
– He was born in Daegu, but later moved to Geochang where he spent his life until he moved to Seoul.
– V’s family consists of: dad, mom, younger sister and younger brother.
– Education: Korea Art School; Global Cyber University
– He can speak fluent Japanese.
– V confirmed his current height is 178.8 cm ( 5’10″). (“Let’s BTS” March 29, 2021)
– His favorite color is grey. (According to BTS interview for J-14 Magazine from 170505)
– He’s favorite number is 10.
– V’s favorite items are: his computer, big dolls, clothes, shoes, accessories, and anything unique.
– V’s nicknames are: TaeTae (friends call him TaeTae~ because it’s easy to say), Blank Tae (because he always have a blank expression) and CGV (since his visuals are so perfect and outstanding like the computer game character)
– It is said that when his teaser image was released 5 personal fan clubs were created.
– He has been in the group for awhile, but fans didn‘t know or hear of him until the time around his debut.
– Kim Taehyung has one single eyelid and one double eyelid.
– He has a 4D personality.
– He got his driving license (BTS Run ep. 18)
– He clenches his teeth while he sleeps.
– He can only drink one glass of beer before he gets drunk.
– He doesn’t like coffee, but loves hot cocoa.
– He likes anything that is unique.
– Taehyung can dance in high heels (Star King 151605)
– Taehyung is the pickiest eater out of all the members.
– His favorite artist is Eric Bannet.
– His role model is his dad. He wants to be a dad like his dad, someone who takes care of his children, listen to everything they say and encourage & advise them in their future plans.
– He has the same hobbies with Jin.
– When V has a problem he will share it with Jimin and Jin. But he thinks is more easy to talk to Jimin since they have the same age.
– In an early log (from 130619), V said Jimin was his best friend.
– He is a part of Wooga Squad that is a friendship group, consisting of consisting of Park Seo-joon, V, Park Hyung-sik, Choi Woo-shik and Peakboy.
– He’s also friends with Park Bogum (actor), BTOB‘s Sungjae, GOT7’s Mark, SHINee‘s Minho, Kim Minjae (actor), EXO’s Baekhyun, etc.
– He and Kim Minjae appeared on ‘Celebrity Bros’ in 2015.
– Fans said V looks like Baekhyun (EXO) and Daehyun (B.A.P.). He said Baekhyun is his mother and Daehyun is his father.
– V is one of the mood makers in BTS, along with J-Hope.
– Namjoon said that Taehyung is the 2nd best English speaker in BTS. (“After School Club”)
– Taehyung loves GUCCI.
– The first ever album that V bought was a Girls’ Generation album.
– He has been showing interest in photography lately, if he wasn’t an idol he would probably be a photographer.
– V has a habit of collecting ties. (DNA Comeback Show)
– V’s motto: “I just came up with it but let’s life coolly to the maximum. Since the life happens only once, waking up at ease in the morning and working doing your best.”
– According to Yahoo Taiwan poll, V is the most popular BTS member in Taiwan.
– In the dorm V is in charge of the washing machine.
– When V celebrated his Birthday (131230 at MBC Gayo Daejun), he felt very happy because he able to share birthday with K.Will. K.Will’s waiting room was beside BTS’s room. So K.Will came to him and said, “Hey, is it your Birthday today? It’s mine too! Let’s blow the candle together.
– V likes amusement parks. He especially likes the gyro drop, gyro swing and roller coasters.
– V can climb a tree but he can’t get back down.
– Taehyung is ambidextrous. He was originally left handed, but he’s now ambidextrous.
– V comes from a poor family: “I came from a poor family and I never thought I would become famous.” He grew up under a family of farmers and often takes pictures of the farm they own.
– He revealed in an interview with ‘The Star,’ “[Being an idol is] a lucky chance that will only come once in a lifetime. If I wasn’t in BTS I would probably be a farmer. I’d be pulling out weeds from a farm with my grandmother.”
– Taehyung said his most confident body part is his hands.
– V loves classical music a lot and he always play classical musics when he sleeps.
– He likes Vincent van Gogh.
– V acted in the Korean drama “Hwarang” (2016-2017).
– V sang the OST of “Hwarang” alongside Jin, which is Part 2 – “It’s Definitely You”.
– If he’d get a day off, V wants to see his parents -MCD Backstage 140425-
– V said the 3 requirements for his happiness are: family, health and honor.
– V likes Kyunghoon. (Knowing Brother ep 94)
– As of December 2017, V got a new puppy, his name is Yeontan and it’s a black Pomeranian Teacup.
– V ranked 1st in the “Top 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017“.
– V is ranked 5th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018
– V’s ideal date: “Amusement park. But nearby park is also good. I think that it’ll be nice if holding hands. My ideal is cute dating.
Other members about V
Rap Mon about V’s cooking: “Honestly, we’d love try it. But V’s cooking is too great, we might end up crying. That’s why up till now we haven’t tried it. If V can roll the seaweed a little better, we will definitely give it a try.”
Jimin about V’s cooking, “We’ll try V’s cooking sooner or later. I just hope, V will stop stealing the food when i’m cooking.
Jin ranked V as the noisiest member: “First, there’s V. I’m not kidding.He’ll be sitting in the dorms,then suddenly he’ll run around going ‘HO! HO! HO!’. He’s really weird. He’s like a different species. Do you know what he does alone at our house? ‘Jimin, I love you!! Oppa, I can’t! Jimin, I love you!! (Imitate V’s alone conversation). Seriously..
Jin:Although he seems weird, I think it’s a concept. He asks before he does something, he’s very detailed.
Jungkook:Although he’s a hyung, I have no answer to describe his personality.
Suga: “Compared to his age he’s immature and isn’t able to become serious. It seems he doesn’t care what others think.
Jimin:He has a cheerful personality and really doesn’t notice his surroundings. He likes playing around. He’s innocent.”
– In the old dorm, he used to share a room with Rap Monster.
– In the new dorm he has his own room. (180327: BTS’ JHOPE & JIMIN – MORE MAGAZINE MAY ISSUE)
– He is set to make his solo debut on September 8, 2023 with the mini album “Layover“.
V’s ideal type is someone who takes care of him and loves only him and who has a lot of aegyo.

Note 1: He updated his MBTI result on May 6, 2022. (Source: BTS MBTI 2022 ver.)

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