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Haseul (LOONA) Profile and Facts

Haseul (LOONA) Profile and Facts;

Stage Name: Haseul (하슬)
Birth Name: Jo Haseul (조하슬)
Birthday: August 18, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Birthplace: Ansan, South Korea
Blood Type: O
Sub-Unit: LOONA 1/3

Haseul Facts:
– Haseul debuted December 15, 2016 under LOONA with the song “Let Me In”
– Her color is green and her animal is a bird
– She went to Iceland to film her video
– Haseul’s nicknames are Jo Leader and Harvard.
– In her profile, she wrote that her special talent is impersonating Vivi
– Haseul wanted to study opera music in college and wanted to close the gap between pop and opera
– Her music teacher recommended her to join a teenage music festival, where she was casted by Blockberry Creative
– Haseul cried when she was picked as a member of LOONA
– She was a year late graduating because she spent a year studying in the US
– Haseul has a younger brother
– She can speak English
– Even though her animal is a bird, she is terrified of birds (especially pigeons)
– In the audition she got accepted singing IU’s ‘Friday.”
– A secret about Haseul’s body is that her both ears have different shape from the other.
– Haseul can play the guitar and piano.
– Haseul has 1 dimple
– Haseul thinks her charming point are her eyes and her voice.
– Haseul’s speciality is her vocals.
– Her hobby is watching movies.
– Haseul likes her family, her dog, LOONA members and Orbits.
– Haseul hates pigeons and aegyo.
– Haseul’s biggest interest is watermelons.
– Haseul likes mustard color and burgundy color. (According to Loona second NZ story video)
– Haseul is the weakest in aegyo but fans keep asking her to do it.
– Her father always supported her dream of becoming a singer. (Star In eDaily)
– When she was younger she wanted a double eyelids surgery, but now she thinks eyes are one of her charm points.
– Haseul about her charm point: “I love my voice. It is a strong point as a singer.”
– Haseul participated in YG’s survival show MIXNINE.
– Haseul didn’t make it on MixNine. Yang Hyun Suk (MIXNINE judge, owner of YG Ent.) said that Haseul ruined the image of LOONA, which fans immediately took to Twitter and other social media networks to bash him.
– Her idol is IU.
– On January 8, 2020 Blockberry Creative announced that Haseul would be sitting out their album promotions for # (Hash) as well for their album 12:00:( Midnight Festival ), due to anxiety.
– On the 2nd of June 2021, @loonatheworld tweeted out a news article confirming that Haseul’s hiatus was over after a year and 6 months.
Haseul’s ideal type is a guy who is like her father.

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