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Sung Hanbin (ZB1) Profile

Sung Hanbin (ZEROBASEONE (ZB1)) Profile and Facts:

Sung Hanbin (성한빈) is currently the leader of ZEROBASEONE after ranking 2nd on Mnet’s Boys Planet. He is also hosting Mnet’s weekly music show M Countdown since September 7, 2023.

Stage Name: Sung Hanbin (성한빈)
Birth Name: Sung Han-bin (성한빈)
Birthday: June 13, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Nationality: Korean
Height: 179,6 cm (5’10½”)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @sunghanbin_official (official) @beeeeen_0613 (personal)
Twitter: @sunghanbin_twt (official)

Sung Hanbin Facts:
– He is from Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea.
– He has a younger sister born in 2005 who is a member of the National Sports Climbing Team
– His mother owns a cafe in Pyeongtaek where he used to work.
– His family has two Pomeranian pet dogs, named Bori & Gwansim, and his sister made an Instagram account for them @s1_cloudy_inu
– When he was younger he wanted to become a counselor or an elementary school teacher
– He studied at the Department of K-pop Performance at Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts (DIMA KPOP) together with former UNB member Kim Kijoong, AIMERS member Doryun and Produce X 101 contestant Choi Suhwan and can be seen in college vlogs and cover performances on Choi Suhwan’s YouTube channel.
– He used to train at Cube Entertainment with soloist Haneum and fellow Boys Planet contestant Seok Matthew who became his close friend after living together in a dorm.
– He gave up on his dream to become an idol because he felt like he was lacking and worked as a back-up dancer for some time before entering his current company, he can be seen in Wanna One‘s “Boomerang” performance at SBS Gayo Daejeon 2018 and BTS’ “Dionysus” performance at MMA 2019.
– He has been a Waacking dancer since middle school and won many competitions; he can also do Tutting.
– He used to work as a dance teacher.
– His fandom name is ‘allindans’.
– He thinks he resembles a cat.
– He has a driver’s license.
– He wears perfume from Dyptique.
– He got his barista license while he was a trainee.
– His favorite movie of all time is The Greatest Showman.
– He is a big fan of NCT.
– He has two tattoos, one on his right arm and one on his collarbone.
– In 2023 he released his first OST ‘Luv Luv Luv’ together with Jo Yuri for the tvN drama ‘My Lovely Liar’.
– He was a contestant on MNET‘s survival show BOYS PLANET.
– He had 1,888,414 votes in the BOYS PLANET final.
– He ranked 2nd on BOYS PLANET and got in the final lineup of the boy group ZEROBASEONE.
– He debuted with ZEROBASEONE on July 10, 2023.
– He is hosting Mnet’s weekly music show M Countdown since September 7, 2023.

Boys Planet:
– Motto: “All in. I’ll bet my all.”
– Hobbies: writing, reading and choreography
– Training period: 1 year and 8 months
– Nickname: 비니 (Bini), 햄찌 (Hamzzi, cute way to say hamster in Korean)
– Targeted final rank: debut
Languages I can speak: Korean, English, VERY basic Chinese
– My own specialty that no one else has: using my arms well when dancing
– My habit that I only know: I laugh a lot
– Body part I’m confident in: leg length, shoulders
– Favorite song: Honeymoon by PL
– Role model: NCT Jaehyun, Yoo Jae-suk
– On Boys Planet I am: the number 1** in balance
– Catchphrase: “Promise to support me~”
– What I want to show off on Boys Planet: (answer not readable)
– Hashtags: #hamzzi #sharp angles #soft:)
– My charms expressed in one sentence: (answer not readable)

– He was one of four contestants (“Shiny Boys”) featured on promotional pictures released ahead of the first episode.
– He was the center of the K-Group trainees for the 난 빛나 (Here I Am) signal song performance.
– He auditioned as a trainee from Studio Gl1de and performed Beautiful Beautiful by ONF at the first evaluation; he gave himself 3 stars and also received 3 stars from the Masters
– After the second evaluation he was able to move up to 4 stars.
– During the K vs G Group Battle mission he was part of the Love Me Right K team and he got the sub vocal 2 position and the killing part, his team won against G team and received the benefit.
– During the Dual Position Battle mission he was part of the Vocal & Rap Tomboy team and he got the sub vocal 2, sub rapper 2 position and the killing part. The team received the highest score in the Vocal & Rap category and was able to perform on M Countdown.
– During the Artist Battle mission he was the main vocalist of the Say My Name team.
– During the FINAL TOP9 Battle he got the killing part and was main vocal of Hot Summer team.
– He maintained his first place ranking from the start of the show up until episode 11.

Note: Source for the updated MBTI result (Finding Ricky’s MBTI – March 22, 2024).

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