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Best Kpop Fandom Light Sticks

Kpop Fandom Light Sticks 2019
kpop lightsicks
Here are some of the most popular or the most interesting Kpop fandom light sticks (as of 2019). Feel free to share your fandom’s official light stick in comments. 🙂

Boy Groups
2PM Light Stick




B1A4 Light Stick

BAP Light Stick<- Click to buy (Discounted)

Big Bang
Big Bang Light Stick

Block B
Block B Light Stick

BTOB Light Stick

BTS Light Stick<- Click to buy (Discounted)

CN BLUE Light Stick

Day6 light band

EXO Light Stick<- Click to buy (Discounted)

Ft. Island
Ft. Island Light Stick

Golden Child

GOT7 Light Stick<- Click to buy (Discounted)

Highlight Light Stick

iKon Light Stick<- Click to buy (Discounted)

INFINITE Light Stick<- Click to buy (Discounted)

Monsta X
Monsta X Light Stick

NCT Light Stick<- Click to buy (Discounted)

Nuest light stick

Nuest W light stick

Pentagon Light Stick

Sechskies Light Stick


SF9 Light Stick

SHINee Light Stick

SHINHWA Light Stick

Stray Kids
Stray Kids lightstick

Super Junior
Super Junior Light Stick<- Click to buy (Discounted)

Teen Top
Teen Top Light Stick

The Boyz
Teen Top Light Stick

TVXQ Light Stick

UP10TION Light Stick

Victon light sick

VIXX Light Stick

Wanna One<- Click to buy (Discounted)

WINNER Light Stick

ZE:A Light Stick

Girl groups
2NE1 light stick

4Minute light stick

AOA Light Stick

Apink light stick

BlackPink Light Stick<- Click to buy (Discounted)

Cherry Bullet
Cosmic Girls light stick

Cosmic Girls
Cosmic Girls light stick

EXID Light Stick

f(x) Light Stick


Girls’ Generation
Girls Generation official lightstick<- Click to buy (Discounted)

IOI light stick

Izone light stick


MAMAMOO Light Stick

Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl
Oh My Girl

Red Velvet
Red Velvet light stick<- Click to buy (Discounted)

T-Ara Light Stick

Twice lightstick<- Click to buy (Discounted)

Akdong Musician
Akdong Musician Light Stick

BoA Light Stick

IU Light Stick

Samuel light stick

Samuel light stick

Which Kpop band has the best light stick? (You can vote up to 3 bands)

Note: The page contains some of the most popular or interesting light sticks (as of 2020). There are for sure many other light sticks out there, but we can’t list them all, since the page and the poll would become too big and wouldn’t load anymore, so please bear with us. If we didn’t list your fandom light stick, please do share it in the comments so the community still notices it! Thanks! 🙂

Which Kpop band has the best light stick (in your opinion)? Feel free to share your fandom’s official light stick in comments. 🙂

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  • gianne

    I like IU’s lightstick the most. looks like a princess’ wand

  • anh


  • Junho-shi

    I’m a hottest and I love our light stick
    2PM forever!!!

  • esther maurice

    I really like seventeen’s lightstick,is beautiful

  • Megan

    monsta x is the best for me. But i don’t even know them.

  • Son Yeoshin’s Panda

    The Panda Lightstick is very cuteeeeee

  • Deolyeonie ♡

    That’s AOA’s old light stick, they got a new one for their concert

    My favorite is infinite’s tho it’s so pretty

  • Park Sooyoung

    Red Velvet is the best for me and reveluvs

  • chanty

    the thing is that the bands will always change the light sticks so the new ones are bought. @[email protected]

    my favorites are VIXX’s, and the ones from MONSTA X and Seventeen.

  • whopwhop

    monsta x’s tbh

  • hangma limbu

    where is Astro’s lightstick???

  • gianne

    but it says that just some of the best lightsticks are displayed and we can share other bands lightstick in comments
    so, who don’t you share it with us? (^_^)

  • jenny k.

    DIA lightstick

  • Krolshi

    Honesty top10 in this order imo that are my favs in terms of overall appearance: VIXX, Monsta X, 2NE1, SVT, BAP, BTS, Big Bang, B1A4, APink, Twice

  • ɪɪ JohnJohn ɪɪ


  • Patricia Pandu Rahma

    I really like BTS, EXO and seventeen lightstick

  • Mochiii Jennyy


  • Juliana Bwii

    actually seventeen has the best lightstick their lightstick won in one blog having a most beautiful light stick

  • Jay


  • Lauren

    vixx, monsta x and gfriend’s lightsticks are the best for me

  • Pancake

    Kyuhyun’s one voice tour snowflake lightstick is one of my faves

  • gzyzyzy


  • Chrysalism

    Don’t even listen to UP10TION but that is a great idea for a light stick +10 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8bc47db321ad0d21b8915af9e87822d188ad3d4cbee4ed50ad4b5da87d7e9793.gif

  • Monneko Sentouki

    For me,Monsta X’s lightstick aka mondoongie is the best cos it’s too beautiful to handle(pun intended).. you will definitely agree with me if you see it in real life.The thing i like the most abt this particular lightstick is the colourful lights. It can change from blue to green to yellow to red to pink to purple and then back to blue.. or simply white.. i love how they include all the rainbow colours PLUS it is accompanied with a bluetooth feature so that the concert organizers can control the lightsticks through the bluetooth tower during concerts.. and then the design is 10/10.. the lightstick has seven sides to represent the seven members and they even included the MXMB logo aka monbebe × Monsta X logo(btw you guys can check out Beautiful In Seoul fancams and you’ll see what i meant).. second, will be seventeen’s carat bong and third, will be gfriend’s.. this is the top3 for me😄😄

  • CT


  • rocknrollz

    lol its B1A4 not B1A1

  • Krolshi


  • PAThway

    For me my top 3 for the boy group lightsticks are: B1A4 (BANA lightstick so creative), SVT (CARAT BONG.. it is a goood representation on how your life will shine if you SLIP INTO THE DIAMOND LIFE), VIXX (I like the idea of their light stick)..

  • PAThway

    For the girl group my TOP 3 are: F(x)- it looks so cool with the initials of the member, I also like the color of their light, TWICE- the lightstick is so cute^^, and RED VELVET- the light stick look so dope

  • Keira inaya maharani


  • slayneessii
  • rose’s no 1 fan

    actually many Kpop bands do the same and change their light sticks each year so fans would buy their new light sticks

    it was interesting to see Shinee’s light sticks for different years/concerts *______*

  • Ciel

    Hoshi really is a fanboy of shinee😂😂

  • Ciel

    For me my fave lightsticks are EXO (because its so simple I like it) , SNSD’s (thats the very first lightstick I’ve ever had) , SVT’s (the diamond is 💕) , SuJu’s (idk I liked it..) and RV’s (It looks so dope)

  • for boy groups, seventeen, monsta x, shinee and vixx.. and for girl groups, gfriend and twice, and maybe apink(its cute)

  • Alyshia

    Astro, Pentagon, and A.C.E have come out with their official lightsticks!

  • Joyce Jeong

    I really like infinite’s and bts’. infinite’s looks so luxurious and like a royal person would own it cuz, well, its pearl metal gold and its so sparkly. it also looks like the infinite sign in the middle is saying that “whatever problems we come across, we will be infinite with our fans/idols” meaning infinite will forever be with inspirits and inspirits will forever be with infinite. even if something happens. just the whole thing is so pretty and like I said, luxurious. bts’, however, is so simple but cute and it explains the meaning of “방탄소년단” and “ARMY” well. the color also makes it look so shiny and if you look at it, you’ll know, “ah that’s bts/army’s light stick” it also shows the world map probably stating that their fans are all over the world no matter if it’s the other side of the planet or not.

  • Zyx

    I like exo’s lightstick ( its look so simple), monstax’s lightstick because good color blend, seventeen it looks luxurious

  • Monsta_P!NK

    I love Monsta X’s light stick the most! 😍😍😍 I like Astro’s light stick too but it’s not in the list too bad..

  • Monsta_P!NK

    It’s “Monsta X” actually

  • Monsta_P!NK

    Get to know them and you won’t regret it. 😉

  • Krolshi

    HFS I was full of mistakes;;; Tysm for catching them <333 xD

  • Anne

    seventeen’s lighstick is honestly so b e a u t i f u l!! like it’s a masterpiece to me

  • Mina
  • Alex Phoenix

    Same it looks so coool

  • Jess Yeon

    Lol me too~

  • honeymilk

    Seventeen’s, Gfriend and Monsta X’s lightsticks are super pretty! (tbh i wonder how the BTS lightstick is so high up! I mean i’m a full time army and I still think it’s cute but have yall seen Gfriend’s lighstick!!? Army bomb is pretty normal compared to a lot of these) IU, Red Velvet and Vixx has lovely ones too!

  • Rozhin

    Monsta X lightstick is so beautiful that even the box that it comes with is beautiful too 😍 props to the designer 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Rozhin

    Mondoongi (Monsta X lightstick) and Caratbong (Seventeen lightstick) are practically married like their fandom. The wedding of Monbebes x Carats happened months ago. It’s only naturally that their pictures are almost next to each other 😁❤️

  • Yoonie

    You are dope! Cause I agree

  • Ayako Hide

    Winner’s light stick reminds me of something else. Hahaha. Ikon’s konbat and BTS’s army bomb should really go together in case you need to fight off those haters and crazies. GFriend’s looks like a snow globe…so christmasy, so magical. EXO’s LT is very ‘now’, modern Scandinavian minimalist…very clean and straight to the point. Monsta X’s gives off a very masculine, sexy bachelor’s pad feel scented with just the right perfume. Am I even making sense? LOL Bigbang’s lighstick is one of those that has already made a mark and regardless of your fandom, you know that light stick that looks like a crown belong to the Kings of KPop and they were the very first group to have an official light stick. VIXX looks elegant, very royal with the Gold and the deep blue…and it looks like a star-splashed evening sky. The TVXQ LT is one of those very simple ones when it comes to design (though there were 5 variations before representing each member…cries in pearl red tears). SuJu’s new official light (not the one pictured here) stick feels like when you turn it on, you’re gonna call Super Man. Haha Beast’s LT is also very pretty and is well connected to the B2TY and the Beast theme. A very nice narrative, very classic. SHINee’s Diamond light stick that the Pearl Aqua Blue color is one of the prettiest LT colors and feels like the sky and the sea connived to bring out such beautiful color (and I wish Jong remembered that the pearl aqua blue ocean cheered for him and loved him…sigh). The Candy Bong really reminds of SNSD’s Kissing You and I don’t think it’s just a mere coincidence. It’s cute though but as I wasn’t fond of Kissing You and the giant candy, I’m not sure abot the candy bong, though I have yet to see it in action. BlackPink’s ‘original’ lighstick is genius! Gotta give it to K-Blinks. The HammerStick though, I’m not really sure if it’s real but it’s really cool. 2NE1’s lightstick is one of my favorite designs and color choices. SNSD’s ligh sticks vary but the more solid pink gem-like lightstick for a Japanese concert in 2015 was my fave. APINK’s Pink Panda is adorable! Who doesn’t love a panda? Companies have really came up with unique designs these days but somehow, BigBang’s LT will always be the representative of light sticks for me and this is coming from an SM Stan.

  • Shruti Sengupta

    I think bts is the best


    N. Flying’s lightstick is certainly the best haha

  • cool cool

    how are ya’ll really saying BTS has the best lightstick lmao its the blandest one up there i love BTS but ya’ll are literally only voting for it BECAUSE its BTS


    I am a Sone, Exo-L and Army But i think Vixx, Monsta X and Seventeen got really attractive lightsticks

  • Kisa Nao

    Gotta love the 6th one. If I had lots of money, I would probable buy that one for the sake of adding collection. Love that design and colour.

  • Kisa Nao

    Lol the pic for Sechskies, and some others lightstick was kinda bad. Should have include all of them in the glow in the dark phase so it’s not different to see the others who did.
    While I am Yelkies who just adores my own fandom lightstick, I can also appreciate the other fandom lightsticks that catch my eyes.
    I love Seventeen (looking elegant there) and SHINee most in terms of looks. Got7 bird one looks cute. UP10TION looks best function wise could serve as a fan if it’s not heavy.
    Shinwa’s one is nice. I mean it include some hangul there which is awesome to look at under the light.
    VIP one is actually pretty unique and pretty under the light off. No pics on it with lights in the dark kinda disappointed me. It looks best while it’s shining.
    The gg one I seems to like Red Velvet (the colour is pretty ) and Girls Generation (the design pretty much describe them: queen).

    Anyway personally if I had lots of money and collecting lightsticks just for the sake of it; I would like to buy Seventeen and SHINee ones. They looks the nicest here tbh (imo!).

  • Paula Nunes

    I don’t think it’s bad, but there are some that are better… Just because it’s BTS it doesn’t mean it’s the best.. Also what were they think with Got7’s?

  • Willow

    Got7’s lightstick is how it is (a green and white baby bird) because the fandom can be called Ahgase, which means ‘baby bird’ in Korean. Also, the fandom’s color is green and white.

  • fatinhani

    Super Junior’s light stick has changed. I hoped when I saw this list, that I would saw it up there…

  • Paula Nunes

    I didn’t know it represented those things, I know we are called birds and also about the fandom color but I didn’t know the lightstick represented it, looking it again it does look like it

  • Farachen

    From my POV exo,big bang and gg lightstick has their own signature. Even from just one look ((the lightstick)) we could tell that the fandom are big. But tbh i love bap’s lightstick because it is so rare sans cute. Twice’s lighstick is simply cute. IKON’s lightstick is unique.((love that)) but Seventeen’s lightstick is so beautiful!!! I still couldn’t grasp the reason of why bts’s lighstick get the highest vote. ((Their lightstick is simple but nice)) I prefer Seventeen’s lightstick thought. 😂😂

  • テヒョンLOVE 세이라X

    Search D.O.B’s light stick.

    The new boy group, DOB!!!!

  • Gabi H.
  • My Darling❣️
  • aestaethicc

    bts’ lighstick pictures a bomb. it also has its own signature… its not rly the best out there but it’s simplicity is what makes it appealing ( at least to me )
    personally i love monsta x’s lightstick so i vote for that too haha

  • aestaethicc

    as an army i obviously vote for army bomb first but i aint lying when i say monsta x and svt’s lightstick shines the most ❤

  • Kayla Acebuche
  • YunJin
  • seisgf

    don’t forget golden child’s bowling lightstick that one is so funny

  • Ghozydane Ihsan Abdullah

    You forget to add myname, nuest w, samuel, victon,
    And also don’t forget 2ne1, 4minute, ioi and wanna one even though they disband and will they also have lightstick

  • Aurèlià Kènztòn Òrtiz

    NCT.. our lightstick is simple and meaningful. WE love it…. #NCTzen

  • Aurèlià Kènztòn Òrtiz

    SM Stan? then u forgot nct! ♡

  • OhItsLizzie

    Can you please upgrade RedVelvet’s?
    it finally has an official one.

  • KProfiles

    @seisgf:disqus Couldn’t find any good quality pic of it. =/
    Update: In the end we managed to find a decent one, but if you can provide a better one please do it! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    They have been added. 🙂

  • KProfiles

    Thank you, it has been updated! 🙂

  • Chewed up laces

    I’m a Buddy so I obviously like our lightstick but I also like B1A4, VIXX, Apink, Seventeen, and idk why but looking at Monsta X’s lightstick just made me think of raw masculine elegance.
    So my list is:
    1. Monsta X
    2. VIXX
    3. Seventeen
    4. GFriend
    5. B1A4
    6. Apink

  • Jillian Gwynne Cancino Rufin

    TVXQ and SHINee has a new official lightstick :/ please update this

  • KProfiles

    @jilliangwynnecancinorufin:disqus If you can provide photos with the new official lightsicks, please do so and the profile will get updated. 🙂

  • Ghozydane Ihsan Abdullah
  • Nichole Jeon
  • Ghozydane Ihsan Abdullah
  • death「死」

    stray kids has a lightstick if you would like to add it to your list 🙂 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/298dec927e087d3deef84102b7a75dc174541ec2077c99ea9f733460fdee566b.jpg

  • Kim Nara-shhii

    day6 has official lightband now :3

  • Ali
  • Ghozydane Ihsan Abdullah
  • Bear-Kun

    seventeen’s is so cool ♡♡♡
    gotta love our caratbong uwu

  • Phong Lan
  • Miss Kawaii

    army bomb is okay at best tbh, dont know why its votes are double even second place lmfaoo

  • Sam

    The army bomb isn’t that great. I mean, did you SEE SHINHWAs??

  • spiff

    The army bomb has never seemed all that great to me. Even when I was a huge army, I didn’t feel a strong need to have it cause it just isn’t that nice looking. Anyway, I’m forever grateful for Teen Top FINALLY making a new lightstick cause ver 3 was so fkn blocky and ugly buT LIKE IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO FKN BUY THANKS TOP MEDIA.

  • jungkookie “Allana Henriquez”

    Honestly, Pentagon’s, Seventeen’s, Monsta X’s, and GFriend’s are the best

  • jungkookie “Allana Henriquez”

    multifandom life🤧🤧 i love our carat bong a lot tho sjsjskjdnd

  • Malcolm Ng

    oh my girl’s lightstick is very nice!

  • Binnie’s waist

    Please add Oh My Girl lightstick

  • kei

    I’m a buddy too so it’s kinda obvious. also, Apink’s and Mamamoo’s lightstick catches my eyes as well..

  • deadlydimples

    ppl are so biased here lol i’m an army and yeah sure the army bomb is pretty, not gonna deny it but compared to some lightsticks here… idk i voted for the most original & beautiful ones in my opinion: vixx’s, mamamoo’s and apink’s bc that freaking panda is the cutest hahah

  • Adrianna Salinas

    I agree I’m an army and I feel like monstax’s, mamamoo’s, etc lightsticks are a little more aesthetic pleasing

  • kandyce4ever

    I picked my bae-bae’s
    Seventeen, BTS, and Samuel
    I just couldn’t help being biased when it comes to my bae’s

  • 🌱Recyclables🌱

    Come on guys don’t be biased, I love me some BTS but….

  • Lee Changlix

    Some people are so biases, you cant be serious that you think bts’ lightstick is prettier than monsta x or seventeen. I respect it if you really think that bts’ is the prettiest and most pleasing but come on. Even when I was a HUGE army and had a bunch of posters and photocards (which i gave away) the lightstick was like a ‘meh’ to me. Sure it represents/ or ‘bonds’ you eith the idols, but its really not that ‘aesthetic’ you know? Please no hate though. Just saying, Gfriend’s is alot more creative and beautiful if you ask me

  • Chewed up laces

    Omg yes! Mamamoo’s lightstick is so cute too!

  • kei

    it makes me crave to pineapple even more. 🙂

  • StanStrayKids

    I know right? There are so many pretty light stick but almost everyone is going to choose the BTS one .

  • Chewed up laces

    Wait isn’t it radish?

  • kei

    it looks like an unripe pineapple to me. .🤣

  • kai

    lol… I literally guessed the top 3 and didn’t even look at the light sticks. I didn’t even know who was in the list before I decided. xD

  • Mike Acosta

    To be honest I didn’t even look at the sticks because there are way too many so I randomly choose even though my first choice was 2ne1 🙂

  • SM did NCT dirty

  • Chewed up laces

    lol 😂

  • Nour Assi

    I had a hard time to chose. Seventeen’s lightstick is really good with the diamond in the center related to carats, Monsta X’s one is really cool too along with NCT and EXO’s lightsticks… But I guess my heart goes with Shinee’s. The color, the meaning, the link between shawols, Shinee, and our little angel ❤️

  • autumnseokgi

    so true. honestly , Monsta X ‘s is my fav

  • Apink Meungji
  • Hoseokieluved

    Y’all are so biased. I love BTS so damn much and they’re my ults but you have to agree that Shinee’s lightstick is way prettier. Same with seventeen’s lightstick.

  • Yafreisy Gonzalez

    BTS Fandom Light Sticks N.1!!!!!!!

  • Winny F


  • me

    OH MY GIRL. It’s probably one of the most aesthetically beautiful lightstick out there. It feels so ethereal just like the girls. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5cf1e40b4b37b4c405f134aabb70b861c81f9352ce1309db4ad5e1120541a1ca.jpg

  • me


  • Dechen Osmegska

    They should have posted this pic… Everyone out here in comment section bashing about BTS winning the poll. They don’t know the fact about it’s meaning 😪
    BTS lightstick is the best.

  • vampere vladimir


  • vampere vladimir

    I’m an army but you are biased if you chose bts

  • Ahoshit

    im sorry @KProfiles but DAY6 no longer uses that lightstick. We, mydays are using a “light band” instead. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7c340bf147e726177d14844450fdab5007a3d4758a605f45e23a9d17206ec2a2.jpg

  • KProfiles

    @ahoshit:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @disqus_GAAn3q1lrB:disqus It has been added! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @apinkmeungji:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @binnieswaist:disqus It has been added! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @malcolm_ng:disqus It has been added! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @ghozydaneihsanabdullah:disqus It has been added! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @abxgail:disqus It has been added! 🙂

  • You’re biased if you chose BTS. I love BTS, but I don’t know how you could choose the army bomb over SVT’s or Monsta X’s light stick.

  • Suga

    I agree. I like Shinee and EXO’s light sticks better than BTS but I’m a fan of all three.

  • Running Girl


  • Toxic

    How can you not pick Apink’s light stick. It is sooo cute! I’m not being biased here, I don’t really like Apink, but their light stick is EVERYTHING

  • hazel
  • Juliane Grüneberg

    Two out of the three lightsticks I chose were not even from groups I like but still, they are very beautiful 🙂
    My favourite is still the 10year aniversary version of Bigbang.

    I have a BTS lightstick, but it is actually so big that it blocks the view during concerts. The design could also be a bit more .. hm how to say… more innovative.

  • Silv3rMeili

    The results are so biased, like thing about for a minute, does it really look appeasing to the eye or are you just voting for that just because it’s your ult group. I didn’t even pick my ult group (which is EXO/NCT) because tbh, it’s really bad, it doesn’t stick to you unlike Day6’s, Seventeen’s, Cosmic Girl’s, 2NE1’s, Gfriend’s and Oh My Girl’s light sticks.

  • Multifandom

    I really like mamamoo’s lightstick, I find it cute and meaningful!! :3

  • Olivia Mathison

    do you guys realize that you vote for the look of the lightstick not the biased band
    i see this everywhere on these polls where if there is bts or someone from bts people will just pick them

  • kimclapz

    I love vixx. as well as bigbang, 2ne1 and twice. but the fact that people these days are just biased to bts and blackpink… It’s just my opinion but I think you’re supposed to choose the lightstick by its looks. and I didn’t choose vixx, bigbang and 2ne1 for how much I love their amazing music (btw im just saying pls stan them). I’m just saying…. bts and blackpink are kind of… getting boring. I’m sorry if I offend some people I just want to share how I feel. And what’s wrong with sharing?

  • mrraro

    kaylaacebuche wrote

  • Nicole Tomala

    I chose bts because I like their lightstick

  • K Nari

    Apink has the best lightstick and I don’t even stan them

  • Zurako
  • Fxxldogssy

    Iz*one lightstick please add. I love iz*one so bad.

  • Fxxldogssy

    Iz*one lightstick please add. I loved them so bad💗💖

  • who am I?

    You’re right but I choose BlackPinks becouse- I WANNA HIT PEOPLE WITH IT OK?! XD I LOVE THEIR LIGHT STICK XD

  • who am I?

    I just choose BlackPinks cuz I love it- I MENA YOU CAN HIT PEOPLE WITH IT XD YNHSSNSO

  • #iloveChanyeol💕

    Is it just me or Mamamoo’s light stick kind of looks like a green onion? *no offence*

  • Lissandra123

    Mamamoo’s Fans are called “MooMoo” which means “Radish” in korean, so it looks like a radish 😂

  • TylerPage

    I totally agree! I don’t actually like BTS lightstick, but I did chose Blackpink’s because I genuinely think it’s cool! I like the idea of a lightstick as a weapon… But I also love unusual lightsticks like I.O.I’s! The ice cream cone idea is super cute to me!

  • kk mat
  • kk mat
  • to the people in the comments saying “pls add this” its already said in the commenst that they cant add it cuz the page will get too big and just share it in the comments https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6587a74e4cf511c4b3895eaa49dd1d9e59e31eff2dcb48ba4134c3213009b2b5.jpg


  • mistery girl

    I love Samuel,Gfriend,Got7,IU,SVT, and Blackpink’s lightstick. They are so cute. Samuel’s has deer antlers,Gfriend’s is a snowglobe (Bassed on the Rough era),Got7’s is a play on. It is a bird because Igot7 in Korean sounds like the korean word for baby bird (Ahgasae) so it is a bird, IU is a mic because she is one of the vocal queens, and SVT is just…..SO PRETTY💙💙💙

  • Emelyn

    I guess they can’t read the title maybe.. They only know how to read their fav groups’ name 😒 I’m a huge fan of Wanna One and EXO, but their light sticks have the common light stick look (???).. And despite voting for both group that I love, my pick is Day6, Seventeen and AOA..

  • smol_chim_chim_

    I love all these light sticks but I’m just too broke to afford them.

  • Cosmic 💫LOOΠΔ💕

    Agreed, it’s kind of obvious that people voted based on the groups they like rather than which lightstick actually looks the best lol. Bts and Exo are my ults, but theirs just look so boring and simple imo, like how can u vote that when there’s lightsticks for groups like Seventeen, Shinee, Monsta X, Vixx, wsjn, 2ne1, and Samuel, etc. I don’t mean to offend anyone as well, but hey it’s true.

  • ☆ ciz ☆

    Like sticks I really love without me thinking about if it belongs to my bias or not- sf9, samuel, Iu , cosmic girls, monsta x, twice, exo, oh my girl.

    My bias is bts by the way but I chose the other light sticks based on their design. (Of course bts light stick has a place in my heart since they are my bias but I picked someone else for this poll )

  • MAE

    My top 3 honest choices are Infinite, Cosmic girls and Gfriend. Not a fan of any of these groups. I just have to admit that their lightsticks are really cool. EXO’s lightstick has cool features too but it looks plain if you’re not in a concert. Runner up would be Apink, Monsta X, Shinee and Oh my Girl.

  • Momoland

    Can u add Momoland?:

  • Momoland
  • Kiera

    I think ASTRO’S light stick is really pretty.

  • Kpop_Trivia

    I didn’t choose it, but what if I liked it?

  • Kpop_Trivia


  • lqmimi
  • lqmimi
  • Katie
  • Erjona Dembogaj

    EXO’s lightstick is the best

  • Erjona Dembogaj


  • Erjona Dembogaj


  • Erjona Dembogaj

    i dont like bts lightstick….

  • Erjona Dembogaj

    golden childs lightstick tho

  • Levi’s girl

    Haha I’m a MooMoo and it’s ok😂😂 actually we’re Radish so that’s why it looks similar to that.

  • Miller Davis

    I’m a big EXO fan but our lightstick looks kinda plain compared to these https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b5b7b29ed70893a3296c8af1c1e7ab6a647e0f8018e5791902c568219ad59166.jpg or Gfriends and Shinee’s lightsticks. Like for real though, these lightsticks are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

  • Linnea Boqvist


  • Erjona Dembogaj

    eh yes for me is it

  • Soofifi Plays

    Konbat is useful, literally

  • loveMoMo

    I also don’t like blackpink lightstick..

  • Erjona Dembogaj

    mmm true

  • Nabongy

    TWICE, faytink!

  • Zoe Pineda


  • Kate

    As much as I love got7, their light stick reminds me of a diva cup.

  • Just Happy

    Have y’all even looked at Oh my girls lightstick. I don’t stan them but dang those are amazing.

  • Flexin’ tuxedo

    Actually,there was nothing special at bts’s lightstick tho….this is my unpopular opinion so yeah.

  • AnimeAiden


  • kayoung

    they just shared their opinion. you make so many anti exo comments… no one wants to hear you bashing someone elses faves. focus on your own ones

  • Barney Laverre

    Why some people don’t like blackpink’s lightstick. I mean it does look unique and since i won’t be able to attend any of blackpink’s concert, i think it would be nice to play with

  • hzo389

    Well, it’s an opinion. If you don’t like what Erjona Dembogaj commented, you can just press the down button.

  • hzo389
  • wjsn

    apink aoa 4minute other whatever

  • OhMyDreamcatcher
  • Amberlie Vu


  • Aevum Kai

    BoA’s should be here now ✨

  • YB

    There are so many comments saying that the results are so biased. I just don’t understand, just because you don’t find army bomb that ‘pretty’ doesn’t mean that others have the same view as you. Just because BTS is first doesn’t mean that everything is biased. Why so many people think that way? Can’t people like the Army Bomb? They can’t like it just because you think it’s too ‘simple’? In my opinion it is one of the best. -unbiased-
    Just if you think that it’s simple and nothing special doesn’t make it any worse than others. You’re saying ‘to be honest’, ‘in reality’ this or that one is the best, but you do realize that everyone has different tastes and what you think is the best can come like nothing special to others too?

    But of course if it’s related to BTS people will say that it’s biased and overrated🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Mia H

    Svt’s lightstick can change color by bluetooth & we can decorate anything inside it (it’s up to our creativity). ♥ Carat Bong

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    She was not bashing anyones faves

  • YoungHan

    SKSKKSKSKS people here are like ‘This list is so biased’ or ‘This group has a really pretty light stick’ and Im just here like “LOL LOOK AT DAY6 GOING FCK LIGHT STICKS TAKE THESE LIGHT BANDS”

  • ncttttt

    lol you can do that with nct’s too

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb
  • sheena

    I also voted for Gfriend and WJSN. Those are on my to buy list.

  • Rurouni Anatinus

    TWICE has a new lightstick and it’s great <3

  • amira boutemri

    MONSTA X for sure <3 <3

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